Availability: Loans only offered to US military and their families.
For nearly a decade, USAA has been providing banking, investment, loan, insurance and loan services to military personnel and their families. Auto financing is one of USAA’s most popular services because of the many car loan discounts and incentives the company offers.
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The Good

USAA has a history of providing military and their families with many services, while also striving for excellent customer service. In the 2015 Temkin Customer Service Ratings, USAA’s banking services came out on top, ranking number one overall for customer service.

  • No application fees
  • Low APRs
  • No car mileage limit
  • No early-pay penalty
  • Loans for poor credit

USAA frequently offers incentives and special offers on the site. For example, if USAA members buy through the USAA Car Buying Service before a designated date, they can receive discounted loan rates. The USAA website states that previous members have already saved an average of up to $3,485 on their MSRP simply because they are signed up with the USAA Car Buying Service.

USAA also offers discounts for clients who sign up for their automatic loan payment system, and they offer exclusive manufacturing incentives. USAA does not penalize members for paying off their loans early, nor do they charge application fees

The Bad

  • Must have a military affiliation
  • No free credit score check

Borrowers who do not already have a USAA account or any military affiliation are unable to qualify for USAA services. This limits who can apply for loans with USAA.

When applying for auto loans, it’s good to know your credit score so you’re aware what type of APR you might be offered. We’d like to see USAA add a free credit score option, so members can know where they stand before applying for a loan.

The USAA website offers minimal information about auto financing, the loan process, explanation of APR and other similar details that borrowers find helpful. Borrowers who choose to work with USAA will want to clarify the process, terms of the loan and other details with a USAA representative before they finalize their loan so that they can ensure they understand what they’re committing to.

The Bottom Line

For military personnel and their families, we recommend USAA as a great option for a car loan. USAA offers an easy online application, low APRs, quick approval times and several ways to get discounts.

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