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LAST UPDATED: December 8th, 2023

Nissan Finance, or Nissan Motor Acceptance Corporation, is the Nissan car company's financing division. Consumers can get payment estimates, local dealer quotes, and a trade-in estimate through the Nissan website. Shoppers can get pre-approved online to speed up the shopping process and get in contact with a local dealer carrying the model they want.

Special rate offers, like 0.0% APR and bonus cash offers are available; however, they depend on your approval and your geographical location.

Shoppers can choose to buy or lease with NMAC. With two basic plans: Nissan SignaturePURCHASE and Nissan SignatureLease.

SignaturePURCHASE for new and pre-owned Nissans:

  • Terms 12–72 months
  • APRs: 4.54%–17.9%+


  • Terms: 24–60 months

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The Good

  • Low Rates
  • Special Savings

Low Rates

For well-qualified buyers, Nissan offers good financing terms and the option to buy or lease. It also offers special deals with 0 percent financing for certain terms, if you meet the requirements.

Special Savings

Nissan offers special savings programs for college grads and military personnel. If this sounds like you, you can print out a certificate online and bring it with you to the dealership.


The Bad

  • Not Meant for All Credit Types
  • Co-Applicant Applications
  • Need More Information

Not Meant for All Credit Types

When you look into financing options through Nissan's payment calculator, the lowest credit rating bracket offered is Poor (600–619). So, while many buyers will be well-served by this program, if your credit score is less than 600, its probably going to limit your financing options. You probably won't get approved without a co-signer.

Co-Applicant Applications

If you want to apply with a co-signer, you have to do it at a Nissan dealer. Only single-applicant financing is available for pre-approval online.

Need More Information

At this time, we need more feedback from customers before we can recommend this financing company.


The Bottom Line

Nissan offers financing and lease options for customers with a variety of credit ranges, but no promises if you are below 600.

Have you bought or leased a car through NMAC? What was your experience like? Let us know with a quick review below.

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Niaha Hampton, GA

If only I could give a -0. This is by far the absolute worse lender I have ever worked with. It's like they make it extremely difficult to have simple questions asked. They seem to intentionally give customers a hard time. Worse service ever. These people barely understand English so leaning on them to help you fill out a applications or any of their paperwork is NOT a good idea and a an absolute waste of time.

7 months ago

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Tom Jefferson, OH

My wife and I recently purchased a Nissan Sentra. We love the car, but we made the mistake of financing it through Nissan Financial. They are a disaster. Every month when I go to make a payment I have problems logging on. I have called repeatedly and it doesn't help. They told me to try a different browser and it worked once. Next month same problem. I have tried several different browsers on several different computers and they all have the same problem. Their web site sucks. By all means by the Nissan, but finance it through a bank with a competent I.T. department. The people at Nissan Finance couldn't find their butt with both hands tied behind their back.

1 year ago

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Nissan Stinks Sherman Oaks, CA

What a JOKE!!! I have an Infiniti (2nd one) and it is leased thru Nissan/Infiniti. Anyway, I went to trade in the car on a competitive brand and Infiniti will no longer allow you to trade your car in (have the other dealer payoff and buy the car). I have leased for over 30 years and never had a problem trading in car at a different dealer/brand. They said I have to buy the car, register it and pay sales tax then trade to the new dealer and pay another tax and registration for the new car. PATHITIC COMPANY!! No wonder nobody wants their cars any longer. Soon to go the way of the Edsel.

2 years ago

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Charles Bithos Chicago, IL

Nissan Financial web site does not work. I tried to build my account with them and their Regenerate verification link to setup the account does nothing for hours. When it does send the link to your email so much time has passed it is so old they did not accept it. When I tried to chat with with them only their computer chat answered which could not fix the problem and when I want a person no one is available. I have wasted hours trying to build the account wish I never have to do anything with them on idea how I will pay my loan when they con do their end so I can build the account.

2 years ago