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LAST UPDATED: April 29th, 2021
As a car production company, Honda has been in business since 1946 when it was established in Japan. Their American headquarters are stationed in Torrance, California where they have been in business since 1959. Honda Financial Services offers many loan and leasing options to their car buyers. However, their services are not offered to individuals who are not purchasing a car at their dealership. This is typical with a dealership loaning service, most dealerships give you a good loan because you are shopping with them. Loans from Honda Financial Services will include new cars, certified used cars, motorcycles, boats, power equipment, and recreational vehicles. Since Honda Financial Services is a tool for dealership loans, they only offer financial information that pertains to loans or leasing.

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The Good

  • Loan and Leasing Options
  • Advantages

Loan and Leasing Options

Honda Financial Services has many different loans and leasing options for those who are shopping for a car at a Honda dealership. Since you are purchasing a car from their dealership they offer some financing perks to ensure you have the right loan for your car. Honda offers loans in new cars, certified used cars, boats, motorcycles, recreational vehicles, and power equipment. These options are very convenient for customers who want to buy a Honda vehicle.


  • Graduating college students save money on new cars (Current deal: $500 off)
  • Military appreciation discounts
  • Leadership purchase program (lease for 24 months then purchase or walk away)
  • Honda Care service contracts available
  • Online credit pre-approval online
  • Online car shopping

These options, as well as online calculators and in person advice from dealership representatives, make Honda Financial Services a great option for financing your new Honda.


The Bad

  • Loans are Exclusive to Honda
  • Disadvantages
  • Lacks Online Assistance
  • Lack of Transparency

Loans are Exclusive to Honda

Obviously, the worst part about Honda financing is the fact that you must purchase your car from a Honda dealership. Only certified Honda dealerships can offer financing from Honda since Honda Financial Services only wants to loan for certified vehicles. This limits the vehicles and therefore the possible customers who can use the loans and services Honda has to offer. Customers who know they want a Honda vehicle will benefit from the exclusive nature of Honda Financial Services.


  • No online application
  • No free credit check
  • APRs are dictated by current dealership offers
  • Honda vehicles only

Lacks Online Assistance

Honda Financial Services seem to offer reliable loans; however, they are not a banking website so their online assistance and information is limited. You must physically go in and talk to a salesperson at the dealership in order to apply for a loan.

Lack of Transparency

Honda Financial Services is lacking a great deal of information we look for in the industry. This lack of information makes it more difficult for customers to decide if Honda Financial Services is the right fit for them. It is also difficult for our team to accurately rank Honda's services versus other companies in the industry. We would like to see more transparency regarding application fees, loan amount, APR, term length, mileage limitations, early-pay penalties, and bad credit loan options.


The Bottom Line

While Honda may have some great discounts and loan options, there is a lot of information lacking. We would like to see more information on their website regarding loan amounts, APR, term length, and other pertinent information. If a potential customer has their mind set on a Honda, and doesn't mind going into the dealership to find out more information, Honda may be a good fit. Overall, we cannot recommend working with Honda Financial Services at this time.
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Nichole Hiatt Eagle Mountain, UT

We financed a car for 3 years, and never had any issues until it came time to switch our loan over to another company. It took a few different phone calls to finally get the information we needed to close our loan. Other than that, we never had any issues.

1 year ago

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Nishita McLean, VA

I really love driving my Honda Sedan. It was easy to get financial support through Honda, especially since I was right out of college. Their customer service is really good as well.

2 years ago

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Kaitlyn Ogden Aiken, SC

We are now a few weeks into a global epidemic with the COVID-19 virus and this company IS NOT prepared and has no problem risking the lives of its customers. I know that sounds a bit melodramatic, but I am a partial care giver to a 62 year old mother who just had heart surgery and a 73 year old dad who is having surgery today for bladder cancer. I went to check my account today and saw that, while I thought it was on autodraft, my account was SEVERELY behind. 100% my fault, and I understand that, I should have been watching more carefully. But here is where this company became an issue. When I called in to try to resolve it I was told that since it was 90 days late I had already been moved into line for repossession. Of course that was scary and I wanted to correct that immediately. HOWEVER, there is NO option to do this over the phone. Not only that, but the only options for payment are physically going to a western union in Walmart or a Moneygram in CVS pharmacy. Then, once there, the ONLY option was to pay in cash, one of the leading vehicles for disease. And it was made abundantly clear if I didn't do this today I was in immediate danger of losing my vehicle. My kids can't even go to school because of this epidemic but if I didn't go, TODAY to a PHARMACY and pay in CASH, I would have no vehicle. When I called back to speak with someone I wasn't even allowed to speak with a supervisor and was told I would get a call back. Who knows if or when that will happen. I am now scared to death I may have come in contact with something that could potentially endanger the people I love most and their attitude was "oh well". Will NEVER finance with them again and will be refinancing as soon as I am able.

1 year ago

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Donald J Avena Austin, TX

they are rude, unprofessional and bullies- i just turned in my second lease with honda financial- paid 60 months on time.. i turned in my car with 1,000 allowance money for any damage. the car was looked at by first texas honda and i was assured the 1000 would cover the small damage. Honda financial has been threatening me with phone calls and letters to send me to collections because i owe them 360 dollars for wear and tear. they charged my 300 a tire- the manager at first texas honda told me the tires cost less than 100 retail - Honda financial is a disgrace. DO NOT do business with these greedy bullies

2 years ago

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Bob C Marstons Mills, MA

June, 2019 - Total Frustration, poor business practices and lied to on several occasions by Honda Financial Service (HFS). I leased a Honda CRV and my son wanted to purchase the vehicle at end of lease. I sent in my check, odometer statement and any other info requested to initiate purchase on 4/30. The plan was to obtain the title, go to the MA Registry w my son and transfer into his name & register in his name. 5/6 - HFS deposited my check of $17K . 5/21 - I called HFS re status of Title. Advised title was mailed on 5/14 in regular mail. Keep in mind they have no proof of mailing this legal document. 5/29 - I called HFS again - no title received. Can't sell to my son or register in his name without title. I'm still out $17K at this point. 6/3 - I called again- no title. Advised I should wait 4 weeks from date of mailing - before I request duplicate title. 6/6 - I call again and speak w Supervisor - She discourages me from requesting duplicate title as it will void original title (that is missing) and I should wait another week. I say no, order the duplicate now as we don't want to wait another week. She agrees to expedite the duplicate title and will fed ex dup request tomorrow (6/7). As soon as they get Dup Title they will fed ex to me. 6/17 - It is now 7 weeks post sending in my check and Odometer statement and I have no Title. I can't transfer ownership to my son, he can't register the car and I am still out $17K. I call again on status. Let's just say the "HFS Stupid" show erupts. The HFS rep tells me the title was sent to me on 6/12 (5 days ago), confirms my address where it was sent and give me tracking #. I check Fed Ex tracking # and find that the Duplicate Title Request was sent to MA Registry on 6/12 ...nothing sent to me. Fire that incompetent HFS rep. Recap.....On 6/6 the Supervisor discourages me from requesting duplicate Title and suggests I wait till 6/12. I say it now. She says ok but then waits till 6/12 (wasting 5 days) to send it in anyway. She down right lied to me. They send it Fed Ex and it take 5 days to get to the registry. Why not send it 2 day fed ex and save 3 . Now they have wasted 8 days when they know I am begging to get this Title. Recap point 2 - My responsibility is to get check and odometer statement to them. Their responsibility is to get the Title to me. No excuses...just get me the Title. Why mail the title (a legal document) regular mail? Did they even mail it? They have zero proof they mailed it. I received 36 monthly lease bills from HFS with no issue. I received 5 end of lease notices from HFS with no issue. I received 2 property tax bills from HFS with no issue. I received 2 plate cancelation notices from HFC w no issue. Bottom line I have no problem w my mail when HFS wants something but the one time they allegedly send me a legal document that I gets lost in the mail. I doubt it. Never mailed. Still 6/17 - I ask to speak w a supervisor again...none available at the moment but I do get a call back approx 15 minutes later. I am on the phone for over an hour with this supervisor & he blames everyone but HFS for this title problem. They blame me, the post office, the MA registry, Fed Ex etc etc. They take no blame. He tells me that HFS has "followed their process" despite the fact their telephone reps and the previous supervisor may have given incorrect info....code phrase for LIED! He actually said the correct process is more important than what the previous Supv and Rep said. I guess actions are more important than LIES. Unfortunately their actions have been poor also. I suggest they send an Employee or someone from a MA Honda dealership to the registry to expedite this...Answer NO! I suggest they compensate me $500 for the aggravation, loss of use, interest etc they have caused and continue to cause....Answer NO! I asked if they would return my check and take the car back...Answer NO! I request to speak with a Manager or someone above the Supv...Answer NO! Bottom line, they are not willing to do anything but "follow the procedure" despite their failure to perform & despite my frustration. So where are we? I was told to wait another 4-6 weeks! I sent in my check on 4/30....HFS now says I may have my Title by 7/29......some 13 weeks later. Tell me how this is fair, reasonable, equitable or even legal?? One last point.....reverse this scenario.... what if I am simply late on a HFS monthly lease payment or refuse to return the leased vehicle for 13 weeks after the lease expired. Maybe I mailed to a wrong address or maybe I did not mail it at all (since I have no proof). Maybe I forgot where the dealership was for 13 weeks. Do I get to blame the world or do I have to take responsibility for my failure to perform. You get the picture. HFS is simply wrong and refuse to accept their responsibility and legal obligations!

2 years ago

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Mohamed Sami Los Angeles, CA

the update : 12/20/2016 i called the company and they confirmed that they never sent or contacted me in anyway, and after their confirmation they said we aren't obligated to do so and they won't remove the mark despite they confirmed i didn't know anything. ----- i am a co signer on a car, never received any thing from them, then while getting anew car i found three delayed payment, i called then and the customer service was rude and refused to help at the end she is like ok i may make a case but not garentee, she took my new adress and next day she said we wont remove anythiing despite i never received anythign from them when i called them again they confirm that they didnt contact me and desoite that they refused to help. and they claiming they can't do anything about that which is lie i submit case again and waiting their reply

4 years ago

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Lars Hamilton Carmel, IN

Not the best rates. Even with excellent credit. Also, I hate the buying process. So slimy. They get you with financing to get to your negotiated price, but you have to really watch the total paid cost by the end of the loan as they make a ton more there.

10 months ago

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Franky Fort Lauderdale, FL

Worse Financing company... these people only do one thing right and is rip people off. Not regard for anybody or anything just money and more money they’re worse than banks and credit card companies.

7 months ago

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Angeline Mansi Burnaby, BC

I talk to one lady name shaina. She was so stupid asking like 8 question for just one letter. When I ask her to transfer to supervisor she put me on hold and came back said manager name eryn is busy. Are u guys doing your job or just let customers wonder about your policy. I can't wait to return this car to Honda next year. Worse customer service I seen.

1 year ago

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Melanie Clearwater, FL

I have had financing with this Honda Financial Services for about two years now. We recently refinanced our car for a lower interest rate. Honda Financial Services has had the payoff check for six days and has still not processed the check. They continue to require I pay the interest accruing on the account because they aren't processing the payment they have already received. Horrible customer service when I call just telling me "maybe it will post today. I won't know until tomorrow." Absolutely awful service here. I will never finance through them again.

2 years ago

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Alexia Morris Clinton, MD

Honda Financial Services Sucks!!!!! I spoke two representative there and one supervisor Jane, Sam and Brian(supervisor) there rude nasty and not honest. They repo my car saying I was three months behind and the amount that was requested was not equal to three months, They never called me, nor wrote me. After I made a payment on 01/05/19 they took my car on 02/18/19. When I called Sam told me to call the police to see if the car was taken. The worse services in America

2 years ago

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Rhonda stewart Queen Creek, AZ

Love to drive a Honda. Easy to finance good customer service. Our lease through Honda was handled professionally. Their website is easily navigated

3 years ago

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Carri Gulley

Any emails i send them they respond in a timely manner, i had to change my payment date and they never argued the situation.

3 years ago

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Serpil Panorama City, CA

They were not helpful at all when had my stroke.. this is not the company you want to go with when you need help they are not there to help and keep getting transferred if they call they don't live any msg they are very unprofessional and un helpful

4 years ago


Review Source

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Jim Stewart Queen Creek, AZ

Leased an Accord with HFS. Customer service was always over the top for being helpful and friendly. Highly recommend

3 years ago

star star star star star

Norma M. Wells

Easy to make payments. Always available when I have questions.

3 years ago

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Nina Santo Sanford, ME

my credit score dropped for no reason even through they are the only loan i have and i always paid them on time so i wont ever fiance a Honda via Honda Fiancial Services

4 years ago

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jack vierling

because they gave me a good rate and are easy to workwith.

3 years ago