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Auto Credit Express is a lead generation company that was started in 1999. Here is how it works: thousands of proactive individuals visit the website because they have credit problems, then they fill out an extensive loan application, lastly Auto Credit Express takes their information and finds a bank or dealer that will supply you a loan. In this way, people with bad credit don't have to search around for a place that offers a bad credit loan. Instead, they can apply on Auto Credit Express who can then sell their application to a company who is willing to give the loan. Auto Credit Express has a goal of rebuilding America's credit, and they do this by helping each individual successfully take out a loan that they qualify for.

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The Good

  • Help for individuals with bad credit scores
  • Financial education
  • Pre-qualified in about three minutes

Financial Education

The best part of Auto Credit Express (ACE) is they are willing to find you a solution for your bad credit score. Additionally, ACE's goal to rebuild Americas credit makes them very invested in your loan. ACE provides a lot of education on their website about different financing options and the pros and cons of each. ACE explains financial lending company titles so you can understand the benefits that each lending company has. Typically if you have bad credit, ACE is going to be the best place to go to. They can help you find options from places where you could qualify for a loan. ACE can connect you with the best financial lender for your situation.

Quick Pre-qualification

What we especially like about ACE is that there is a lot of potential. Every bank or dealership will have different options. If ACE can do all the leg work for you and find the best deal, it may be worth applying. You can apply easily online and even get pre-qualified for a loan in about three minutes.

The Bad

  • Not a lender
  • Lack of information

Not A Lender

The drawback to Auto Credit Express is that they are simply a leads generation company. Because of this you cannot find any advertised information about loan terms and APR before you apply for a loan. You simply have to submit your application and hope that ACE can find a company out there that has an auto loan suited for you. Unfortunately, ACE cannot search every company that offers bad credit loans (they are partnered with about 1,100 dealers) to see what your best deal would be. You simply have to hope that the sponsored companies ACE provides will accept your application and have the best deal for your credit score. Another thing to keep in mind is location. Although ACE has a lot of bad credit dealers in states like California, if you live in Colorado or Oregon they only have one or two dealer options for you. If that dealer doesn't have a loan that works for you then you're out of luck.

Lack of Information

Because Auto Credit Express is not a lender, they do not provide a great deal of the information we look for in this industry. It makes it more difficult for potential customers to know any information before applying. It also makes it difficult for our team to rank them among other companies in the industry.

The Bottom Line

Auto Credit Express is only a good solution if you have poor credit. They are not a lender, and therefore lack a lot of information potential customers should look for. If you have a good credit score, you should apply directly to a lender and not use a third party comparison tool.

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