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LAST UPDATED: June 12th, 2023

Sanels Wholesale Cabinets primarily specializes in customized cabinetry solutions while also providing reputable flooring, countertop, and other remodel services. Since its founding, Sanels Wholesale Cabinets has provides quality interior installation and replacement services. The professional staff at Sanels Wholesale Cabinets takes pride in providing best-in-class installation on top-tier remodel products. 

The professional staff at Sanels Wholesale Cabinets will provide completely tailored design and craftsmanship work particularly when crafting and installing cabinetry. Regardless of the style, make, and size necessary for a space, Sanels Wholesale Cabinets will create cabinetry matching all required specifications and ensure lasting durability for years to come. Other installation services include sink and range hoods to transform kitchen areas. 

To date, Sanels Wholesale Cabinets has serviced thousands of customers throughout Arizona. In 2020, Sanels Wholesale Cabinets expanded to Utah to provide clients throughout the state with quality cabinet, flooring, and countertop services. Prospective clients can take advantage of the free estimates available through Sanels Wholesale Cabinets. This estimate will provide detailed pricing information and offer various options for certain products.

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The Good

  • Cabinet Services
  • Visualizer Tool
  • Flooring and Countertop Solutions
  • Alternative Financing Options

Cabinet Services

The cabinet services offered through Sanels Wholesale Cabinets are the bread and butter of the company’s operations. Deciding on which cabinets to have installed can completely transform a kitchen or bathroom turning a once cluttered area into a functional space. Whether a homeowner is looking for shaker, louvered, distressed, or a completely different style of cabinet, the professionals at Sanels Wholesale Cabinets want to provide next-level professionalism and quality of service. 

One of the biggest benefits of the Sanels Wholesale Cabinets service is the detail and professional advice its technicians can provide undecided clients. Whether a homeowner is looking to improve the look, aesthetic, or functionality of the home, Sanels Wholesale Cabinets professionals are available to help. Regardless of the color, size, or texture desired, the Sanels Wholesale Cabinets can design a cabinetry option to fit all needs. 

Visualizer Tool

For interested clients, Sanels Wholesale Cabinets offers a visualizer tool. This helps those consumers still unsure about what style or functionality they need in their cabinetry design. With the visualizer tool, Sanels Wholesale Cabinets clients can quickly view examples of cabinets in the area of the home where upgrades are going to be made. 

Not all home improvement companies are as helpful or provide the resources Sanels Wholesale Cabinets does to assist clients. Rather than try to sell prospective clients on the latest and greatest or most expensive product, Sanels Wholesale Cabinets help customers see firsthand what certain products will look like in the kitchen or bathroom. 

Flooring and Countertop Solutions

While Sanels Wholesale Cabinets is known for its cabinetry operations, the company also offers reputable flooring and countertop productions and services. The flooring side of the Sanels Wholesale Cabinets service utilizes a process that allows for meticulous attention to detail while providing expert advice regarding flooring options in a particular space. Flooring solutions offered through Sanels Wholesale Cabinets include the following:

  • Engineered hardwood flooring
  • Laminate flooring
  • Tile flooring
  • Vinyl flooring
  • Carpet flooring
  • Flooring and baseboard installation offered

The Sanels Wholesale Cabinets team also offers reputable countertop services. Countertop products include granite and quartz countertops, as well as full countertop installation.

Alternative Financing Options

Sanels Wholesale Cabinets does not want the finances of a project to keep homeowners from accessing those needed upgrades. The company offers alternative financing options in order to get the project going. The most common form of financing requires a 30 percent deposit, followed by a 30 percent payment when half the project is completed, and finally the remainder of the balance is due two months after the project is fully completed. Additionally there are two financing options to choose from:

  • 12-month financing
  • 24-month financing

This financing is available through a bank partnership with Wells Fargo and offers convenient and flexible monthly plans. The application process is quick and easy and most clients are approved in a matter of days. Not all home improvement companies offer alternative financing let alone flexible options to meet a wide range of budget restrictions. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Product Costs
  • Service Area

Undisclosed Product Costs

While Sanels Wholesale Cabinets will disclose costs after meeting with a potential client, certain cabinet prices and other product costs are unknown until that initial meeting takes place. Some home upgrade companies will provide pricing information for certain products like cabinets or flooring per square foot, but Sanels Wholesale Cabinets has not released that information. 

By not disclosing product costs or estimates, it is difficult to determine the affordability of Sanels Wholesale Cabinets inventory and services. This comparison is generally important to interested customers as prices determine final purchasing decisions in most circumstances. 

Service Area

Another limiting component of the Sanels Wholesale Cabinets service is the geographical service area in which the company provides its services. Originally, Sanels Wholesale Cabinets solely served clients in Arizona before expanding its operation to Utah. That being said, there are still limited cities in those two states that Sanels Wholesale Cabinets will offer installation services. Specific city information is available on the company's website. 

Outside of these cities, Sanels Wholesale Cabinets will not be able to offer sales or installation services. While home upgrade companies are generally more regional in nature, other providers in the same space who offer services in an expanded geographical area. 


The Bottom Line

Sanels Wholesale Cabinets provides a range of remodel solutions specializing particularly in the cabinetry space. The professional team at Sanels Wholesale Cabinets will provide design, build, and installation services for those looking to have cabinets put into kitchens, bathrooms, or other areas inside the home.

Prior to making any decisions, Sanels Wholesale Cabinets offers prospective clients the chance to see what the product will look like with the visualizer tool. This will help narrow down options and solidify a particular look.

In addition to providing reputable cabinetry work, Sanels Wholesale Cabinets also offers dependable flooring and countertop solutions. Prospective clients can choose from some of the best products on the market and have them professionally installed with Sanels Wholesale Cabinets. If financial concerns are keeping interested customers from making necessary home upgrades, Sanels Wholesale Cabinets offers a number of alternative financing options to help ease the financial burden commonly associated with home improvement projects.

While there are a number of reasons to consider Sanels Wholesale Cabinets for a number of home upgrade needs, there are limitations to what the company provides as well. For those concerned with the costs for services and products, it is difficult to determine the affordability of the Sanels Wholesale Cabinets services as costs are undisclosed until the estimated stage of the process.

Additionally, the Sanels Wholesale Cabinets service is restricted to certain cities within the states of Arizona and Utah, limiting who the company can help. 

Homeowners looking to transform their home through upgraded cabinetry, flooring, or cabinet products should consider the professional services offered through Sanels Wholesale Cabinets. The reputation and quality of services and products makes Sanels Wholesale Cabinets a viable option for residents of Utah and Arizona. 

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