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LAST UPDATED: August 1st, 2023

Reborn Cabinets originated from humble beginnings when Vinny and Brenda Nardo decided to sell everything and uproot their family in New York City in search of honest work out West. Vinny went into business for himself, offering a new cabinetry service known as “refacing.” This new method was designed to provide a faster and more affordable alternative for those looking for a new cabinet look. 

The original Reborn Cabinets shop was a 1,200 square foot building in Anaheim, California. The couple only had a single $300 table saw to work with. Despite its humble beginnings, Reborn Cabinets quickly grew and by 1989 there were three separate locations with a new 10,000 square foot shop and showroom. 

Reborn Cabinets remained a cabinet only business until 2012 when the company expanded. Reborn Cabinets grew operations to include bath solutions, as well as offering an expanded inventory on window and door services/products. 

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The Good

  • Cabinet Refacing
  • Customization Solutions
  • Cabinet Upgrades
  • Home Upgrades

Cabinet Refacing

The most unique service Reborn Cabinets offers is its refacing service. Refacing is a method used to transform the look of the cabinets in a fraction of the time and for a fraction of the cost. Most cabinetry companies will push clients to order and have entirely new cabinets installed because those types of projects will make contractors more money.

Reborn Cabinets works to provide alternative cabinet solutions, which is where refacing comes into play. Instead of having professionals in the home for weeks conducting the kitchen renovation, refacing can be completed in just three days.

With refacing, Reborn Cabinets helps homeowners achieve a brand new look without spending thousands and thousands of dollars on new cabinet products. With refacing, homeowners can also get creative with color choices and hardware options. 

Customization Solutions

If refacing is not going to give homeowners the look they desire, there is always the option of custom cabinets. This is another specialty of Reborn Cabinets as the company's professionals are qualified to create custom solutions that meet exact specifications. Most contractors will claim to offer custom cabinets, but in reality the products are standard offerings from third-party manufacturers. With Reborn Cabinets, professionals will utilize the state-of-the-art manufacturing facility to build cabinets on a project-by-project basis. 

Since Reborn Cabinets custom solutions are truly customized, clients are bound by no limits. Homeowners can choose from a number of high-quality materials, makes, and hardware to ensure that the project turns out exactly as desired. 

Cabinet Upgrades

When most people think of cabinet upgrades or the need to replace cabinets, the first thing that comes to mind is the kitchen. While Reborn Cabinets offers high-end solutions at affordable rates from kitchen cabinets, it offers these same upgrades for other areas of the home.

Additionally, Reborn Cabinets offers bathroom cabinet solutions but can create tailored solutions in any area of the home where cabinets exist or where the homeowner would like cabinets to be installed. Not all cabinetry companies will take on customized work like this, but Reborn Cabinets does. 

Home Upgrades

While Reborn Cabinets originated as a cabinetry business and remains committed to that service, the company has expanded to include other home improvement solutions. In fact, the company technically rebranded as Reborn Home Solutions and encompasses the following services:

  • Bathroom upgrades, including bathtub replacement, shower replacement, tub to shower conversion
  • Windows, including single-hung, double-hung, slider, picture, casement, awning, garden, bay, bow, and geometric shape
  • Full kitchen and full bathroom remodeling
  • Doors

By expanding operations, Reborn Cabinets has become a full-fledged home improvement service. That is something many cabinetry operations cannot claim nor are they qualified to take on that line of work. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Warranty Details
  • Limited Service Area

Undisclosed Warranty Details

Whether it is through the cabinetry, bathroom, or window department, Reborn Cabinets makes it clear that a warranty is available to clients. Unfortunately, there are no further details, like exactly what is covered and for how long. These are key details that prospective clients appreciate knowing prior to service being done.

Competitors offering similar services also offer warranties, but more often than not, release the details publicly. This is a testament to a provider’s transparency and Reborn Cabinets has failed to meet this criteria. 

Limited Service Area

Despite being “available” in three different states, the reality is that Reborn Cabinets only offers its services in specific cities where its professionals and showrooms are present.

Reborn Cabinets locations include:

  • California — Anaheim, Lake Forest, Torrance, San Diego, Livermore
  • Nevada — Las Vegas
  • Arizona — Phoenix

It is not uncommon for home improvement companies to offer localized services, but there have been comparable operations that have expanded services into larger regions and more states across the country. At this time, Reborn Cabinets solely operates in the listed cities. 


The Bottom Line

Reborn Cabinets provides high-quality and affordable home upgrade services to those looking to bolster aesthetic and quality. The most unique service offered by Reborn Cabinets is its refacing solutions, allowing homeowners to get an entirely new look without breaking the bank.

Those interested in completely remodeling cabinet structure can take advantage of a number of customization services available through Reborn Cabinets. The company offers upgrades in a number of areas around the home, bolstering home value and appearance. In addition to offering cabinet services, Reborn Cabinets also offers a number of other home improvement services ranging from doors and windows to bathroom remodeling. 

Despite offering a number of high-quality services, there are limitations prospective clients should be aware of prior to enlisting the help of Reborn Cabinets. There is mention of a product warranty through Reborn Cabinets, but specifics and details regarding these warranties are not disclosed. Additionally, the service area of Reborn Cabinets is limited to certain cities out West. 

Homeowners interested in improving the look of their cabinets without having to pay for entirely new materials would likely benefit from the services and methods offered through the professionals at Reborn Cabinets. 

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Polson Chemmanoor Lake Forest, CA

We placed an order for Cabinet resurfacing a month back. They were supposed to install the cabinets on July26. Called on the 24th and they say they have to reschedule and they don't give a date. NOBODY is picking up the call. We have a project lead assigned and he is not responding The Sales rep who was very enthusiastic to secure the deal, customer service NO ONE IS PICKING UP CALLS. Every call to a REBORN rep goes to the voice mail.

6 months ago