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LAST UPDATED: August 1st, 2023

Low Cost Cabinets provides affordable and accessible services to homeowners looking to make upgrades to their kitchen, bathroom, or other areas of the home. The company has a substantial inventory, complete with high-quality, ready-to-install cabinets. 

Low Cost Cabinets aims to provide quality and competitive cabinet supplier and sales services. The company offers its collection of wholesale cabinets at wholesale prices, something not traditionally offered directly to the consumer without some sort of middle man. Clients can easily filter and sift through the Low Cost Cabinets inventory online.

To further assist clients to identify ideal cabinetry options, Low Cost Cabinets offers virtual design tools so that customers can determine the best look, feel, and functionality of the products available. From there, clients can connect with contractors, designers, dealers, and builders to move forward with home upgrade projects. 

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The Good

  • Wholesale Cabinet Supplier
  • Variety of Products Sold
  • Financing Available
  • Design Assistance

Wholesale Cabinet Supplier

Low Cost Cabinets has established a reputation of providing high quality cabinet products at affordable rates which saves clients money in the home upgrade process.

Not only does Low Cost Cabinets cut out the middleman and sells cabinet products directly to homeowners at a wholesale value, it also offers a wide range of makes, models, colors, and designs to choose from. That is something not many cabinet providers can replicate. 

Variety of Products Sold

Cabinets are not the only product available through the supplier. In addition to selling premium kitchen and bathroom cabinets, Low Cost Cabinets also offers shakers, hardware, and installation accessories directly for homeowner purchase.

Customers who need more than the ready-to-install cabinets will likely find a solution through Low Cost Cabinets. Not all cabinet providers offer these varying types of products as part of its inventory. 

Financing Available

To accommodate a wide range of financial and budget needs, Low Cost Cabinets offers a number of financing and payment schedules. 

Financing Details

  • Application completed online
  • Approval in seconds 
  • No obligation to purchase
  • Zero impact on credit score
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Pay in full at any time
  • 3, 6, 12, 18, 24, and 36-month payment schedules
  • Competitive rates
  • 0% APR on some loans

Regardless of a customer's financial circumstances, Low Cost Cabinets is committed to creating flexible and affordable options.

Design Assistance

While Low Cost Cabinets offer a uniquely affordable sales service, that does not always mean that homeowners know exactly what they want in terms of cabinet selection or what will be best for a particular space. That is where the design assistance aspect of the Low Cost Cabinets operation comes into play. 

Whether it is through the virtual design tool available online or through the design assistance feature and service, homeowners can receive the help they need to identify the best products. Not all cabinet providers will offer this service. Instead, they may utilize aggressive sales tactics just to get customers to purchase the most expensive product offered. That is not the case with Low Cost Cabinets. 


The Bad

  • No Installation
  • Limited Customization

No Installation

Generally, cabinet companies offer sales and installation services to homeowners looking to make home upgrades. These companies will help clients navigate their inventory, mock-up the design they want for their kitchen or bathroom, and then dispatch their own installation professionals to finish the project.

Unfortunately for Low Cost Cabinets clients, the company solely offers cabinet sales. While Low Cost Cabinets has relationships with contractors and designers, the company itself does not provide the installation work. Homeowners looking for a cabinet supplier that offers end-to-end project management will not find that through Low Cost Cabinets. 

Limited Customization

The products shipped and sold through Low Cost Cabinets are designed for “ready-to-install” purposes. This means that upon arrival, the cabinets sold should immediately be able to be put in place by a qualified contractor without much additional assembly required. This should also help homeowners save some money on the back end as contractors will not be billing for hours of cabinet assembly.

While there are benefits to this ready for installation format, there are downsides as well. The ability to customize to certain spaces is not always going to be possible. Most of the products offered through Low Cost Cabinets are more “cookie-cutter” type makes and models. If a homeowner has space that requires deviations to standard measurements and sizes, then the inventory offered through Low Cost Cabinets may not measure up. 


The Bottom Line

Low Cost Cabinets provides a direct-to-consumer product that eliminates the need for a middle man and increased associated costs. As a wholesale cabinet supplier, Low Cost Cabinets is able to provide some of the most premium cabinet solutions on the market all at a wholesale rate, saving consumers money in the long run.

The products sold through Low Cost Cabinets include solutions for both the kitchen and the bathroom as well as an assortment of cabinet accessories. For those concerned with the finances portion of the home upgrade process, Low Cost Cabinets offers financing solutions to make virtually any budget work. Finally, Low Cost Cabinets offers design assistance to those looking for expert advice during the purchasing process. 

Despite offering a uniquely beneficial direct sales product and service, there are limitations to what Low Cost Cabinets provides its clients. Those looking for an end-to-end provider will not find it with Low Cost Cabinets, as the company itself does not offer installation services.

Instead, contractors can be arranged through the company but it is not part of its main service. Additionally, the cabinet inventory through Low Cost Cabinets is designed for installation and is not customized for certain spaces. 

Homeowners looking to save money on actual cabinet products and goods should consider utilizing the services offered by Low Cost Cabinets. However, those looking for cabinet sales and installation to all be completed by the same provider will likely want to look elsewhere for assistance. 

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kim bradfield Phoenix, AZ

Great quality, good price Fairly easy to put together Would recommend these cabinets

11 months ago


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Rudan van Eck Phoenix, AZ

Friendly service and strong construction of boxes

1 year ago

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Reply from Low Cost Cabinets

Thank you for the kind review! We look forward to servicing any of your future cabinet, countertops, and flooring needs.

Jul. 13th, 2023