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LAST UPDATED: November 27th, 2021

Kabinart is a company built on strong personal relationships with customers and employees. The company works with local businesses to avoid dealing with the big national companies that sacrifice quality for quantity. Kabinart partners with these local businesses to provide the most affordable and quality experience for each customer.

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The Good

  • Helpful Blog
  • Experience
  • Family Owned

Helpful Blog

The Kabinart blog contains useful articles for customers who are still deciding which style of cabinets to go with and what layout to choose. Though there isn’t a great variety of content on the company blog, the articles will help customers find their feet as far as planning and design.


Kabinart opened its doors in 1963, so its employees have plenty of experience and expertise making cabinets to go in any room in your home.

Family Owned

Owner Shane Murray Jr. and his daughter Carter work together to uphold the company's values and provide customers with quality products. They are joined by over 200 employees who want to help families create a beautiful and comfortable home.


The Bad

  • Average Warranty
  • Poor Social Media
  • No Pricing Information

Average Warranty

Though Kabinart’s warranty is a bit better than average, customers do not have to look far in order to find a company that offers a better warranty. The company’s 10-year warranty might be satisfactory to the average customer, but potential new cabinet customers should keep in mind that there are many companies that offer limited lifetime and lifetime warranties.

Poor Social Media

Kabinart has a Facebook page but is not regularly active in posting and engaging with customers. Potential cabinet customers will be hard-pressed to find other Kabinart customers through social media or see what experience others might have had with the company.

No Pricing Information

Perhaps because the company partners with local businesses, it does not provide customers with estimated pricing information. No matter the reasons why, customers have no way of knowing how much each cabinet might cost by looking at the Kabinart website.


The Bottom Line

Kabinart is a smaller company in the industry that does seem to be sincere in fulfilling its mission to make personal connections with its customers. Its website provides customers with an easy-to-use experience and a range of helpful information. However, the lack of pricing information, its poor social media activity, and the average warranty make Kabinart a lackluster choice for new cabinet projects. If customers are considering Kabinart for their new cabinets, we recommend they compare it to other top cabinet companies before making a decision.

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Gloria Williams Memphis, TN

I just purchased these. They were custom made for another customer. I am so happy. I have gotten so many compliments. I’m just amazed. I got these beautiful cabinets

2 years ago

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Stephen Smith Asheville, NC

After spending over $20K on cabinets for my kitchen, Kabinart has wasted THREE weeks sending damaged and defective cabinetry. My entire remodel project has been delayed two weeks, waiting for their TN facility to manufacture ONE cabinet box and about 12 doors/drawer fronts, and they have screwed them up TWICE. Parts are showing up with damage and defects that happened prior to painting, then they painted right over the defects. It's obvious there is no quality control at their facility; they are allowing garbage to go out to customers. We are now waiting for the third set of parts, which will take another week. I highly recommend you DO NOT use Kabinart; their quality has gone down the toilet and they cannot manufacture a single item and get it out their doors without damaging it,e either in the factory or in transit.

6 years ago