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LAST UPDATED: January 30th, 2024

Zoey Commerce makes high-end eCommerce technology readily available to merchants regardless of business size or budget. Zoey's mission is to support B2B and wholesale businesses to ensure they can take orders anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Zoey has a mobile app for sales teams that allow them to take orders or generate quotes wherever they are. The app also has a self-service web portal where you can see customized catalog and pricing options, place orders, as well as track previously placed orders. For sellers, Zoey Commerce offers the Zoey Admin app, which allows sellers to manage orders, customers, pricing, and more. 


The Good

  • Options for Small Businesses
  • Personalized Demo
  • Advanced Order Management System
  • Visual Design Editor
  • Mobile App
  • Special Pricing

Options for Small Businesses

While there are eCommerce solutions that require big budgets in order to use, Zoey Commerce has created a platform that small businesses and entrepreneurs can easily use. These sites can take the form of a typical, public-facing ecommerce site, or take advantage of an order portal for B2B sales. For small businesses, multiple team members can set up accounts and use the site to manage the workflow of orders.

Personalized Demo

Prior to making a decision, business owners can try out the features and services available through Zoey through a personalized demo. This allows customers to test out Zoey Commerce for free before determining if it's the right service for them.

Advanced Order Management System

Zoey Commerce makes it easy for B2B businesses to manage orders through its Order Management System (OMS). The company seeks to continually enhance OMS features, ensuring that businesses can more easily manage business transactions. In particular, the OMS invoice features have been recently updated, moving net terms from Orders to Invoices. This change allows businesses to configure net terms and payment methods on each individual invoice, as well as enabling businesses to manage past invoices. Once an invoice is created, net terms and payment methods can be edited and adjusted, and customers will have access to net terms data and reporting.

Visual Design Editor

Zoey Commerce allows merchants to have a say in the design of their website without having to code it. The company’s sites come with branding tools to keep colors and fonts consistent throughout the site as well as easy-to-maneuver design blocks that give structure to the website. 

Some of the design features include customizing product display, image carousels, and video boxes. When needed, these design features allow for an HTML snippet to further customize the site. Site owners can view their website design on both tablet and mobile devices to make sure all aspects of the site fit well on a smaller screen.

Mobile App

Zoey Commerce has created a mobile app to help website owners keep track of their business even when an internet connection is unreliable or unavailable. The app stores all information in a cache when connected to the internet so that it can be accessed offline. 

App users can look up product information, generate sales quotes, look up customer-specific pricing, and review images. Salespeople can even create orders while offline and the app will sink them with their Zoey store when an internet connection is reestablished. 

Special Pricing

Zoey Commerce stores have several special pricing capabilities. Salespeople can choose settings that hide all product prices until a customer logs in. Once logged in, prices can show differently to specific customers. Using the Net Terms capabilities, salespeople can also set credit limits with each customer. This establishes a system of buying now and paying later, but allows the salesperson control over how much risk they want to accept with each customer. 

Salespeople can also set up a split pricing attribute, generating different orders based on the vendors that supply each part of a product. Vendor accounts can also be set up to show orders relevant only to that vendor. Salespeople can also set discounts to occur as more products are ordered as well as set minimum or maximum product orders, such as ordering only by a case of products.

Other pricing features include discounts, free shipping, abandoned cart recovery and more.


The Bad

  • Limited Pricing Information

Limited Pricing Information

Zoey Commerce does pricing based on utilization, so pricing is currently somewhat fluid. Potential customers will need to reach out to Zoey in order to confirm what specific pricing will be available to them based on their needs.


The Bottom Line

Zoey Commerce is ideal for small business owners and entrepreneurs that do not want to pay for their service through transaction costs. The platform is designed for small businesses and entrepreneurs looking to expand and better serve their customers in the B2B and wholesale markets. 

The company offers a comprehensive platform that does not require a big-time business budget with a mobile app for ease of use and several design features available. If the limitations are not too restricting, business owners will most likely be satisfied with their Zoey Commerce service.

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