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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Employee turnover is an issue for many companies, particularly those that employ hourly workers. Keeping a fully staffed team can cost businesses a substantial amount in training and hiring costs. Workstream was founded to combat these issues and provide businesses with a streamlined tool to keep businesses running smoothly. 

With automated texting and SMS technology, Workstream has developed a product that allows managers to communicate with, interview, hire, and even onboard hourly employees. This allows companies to save time by completely streamlining and automating the hiring process, something that used to consume significant company time. 

The following brands have trusted Workstream: McDonald’s, Subway, FedEx, Jamba juice, IHOP, ACE Hardware, Dunkin’ Donut, Marriott, Sylvan Learning, Taco Bells, Jiffy Lube, Crumbl Cookies, Popeyes, 7 Eleven, Jimmy John’s, Applebee’s, Auntie Anne’s, Cinnabon, and Built. Workstream has helped these companies affordably staff their teams with qualified candidates. 


The Good

  • Workstream Product
  • Hiring Resources
  • Combats Turnover

Workstream Product

The technology produced by Workstream is designed to manage three key components of managing hourly workers. All businesses that utilize the Workstream product will be able to do the following all from a mobile device:

  • Hire — Managers can quickly source, screen, and even interview qualified applicants.
  • Onboard — Businesses can obtain new hire paperwork and collect digital signatures on important documents. 
  • Integrate — Companies can connect data collected in Workstream and communicate with HR platforms for seamless connection. 

Workstream has created a product that solves a decades old issue in high turnover rates among hourly workers. Companies using Workstream have experienced up to 30 hours of saved company time by streamlining the hiring process with automated technology and features. 

Hiring Resources

In addition to offering a streamlined hiring process that utilizes text messaging and SMS technology, Workstream also offers a number of resources, like hiring guides with practical solutions and best practices when drafting job descriptions or conducting quality interviews. 

Combats Turnover

Workstream is attempting to eliminate the pain points associated with high turnover rates. By nature, hourly positions tend to experience more turnover than salaried positions. High turnover rates can cause a number of issues including understaffed teams, rushed training, and poor customer and employee experience. 

The technology available through Workstream helps combat turnover as managers are able to identify and communicate with quality potential hires rather than taking whatever is available through traditional hiring practices. 


The Bad

  • Limited to Hourly Workers
  • Industries Serviced

Limited to Hourly Workers

The solutions designed and offered by Workstream are specifically for businesses that employ hourly workers. Workstream products are not designed for companies in need of hiring salaried professionals.  

Industries Serviced

The Workstream product is specifically designed to help businesses that operate within particular industries. Outside of these markets/industries, Workstream will likely not be a quality solution. Workstream has designed solutions for the following industries:

  • Restaurants
  • Automotive
  • Manufacturing
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare
  • Warehousing

Companies that do not fall into one of these industry categories will likely not benefit from the products and solutions offered by Workstream. 


The Bottom Line

Workstream is helping solve a familiar problem for many businesses. Workstream products allow companies to utilize texting to hire, onboard, and integrate teams. This technology has saved managers and business valuable company time that used to be spent trying to keep teams fully staffed and functional.

Another benefit of Workstream is the available resources like hiring guides and job description help. The biggest draw to Workstream is its ability to combat problems caused by high turnover rates commonly found in hourly work situations. 

While there are a number of reasons business should consider what Workstream offers to clients, there are limitations to Workstream's target audience can serve. Currently, the Workstream product is solely limited to hourly workers not salaried professionals. The company targets specific industries for its workplace solutions.  

Companies and managers who face problems caused by high turnover rates among hourly workers would likely benefit from the products and technologies offered through Workstream.

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