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LAST UPDATED: August 18th, 2023

As Utah's exclusive medical arts clinic, Still SLC embodies a supportive and empowering environment, providing personalized health and beauty solutions that merge science and art. Under the leadership of Dr. Julie Nielsen, Still SLC transcends its clinic status, evolving into a community where individuals can redefine their distinct concept of beauty.

While many clinics focus solely on specific treatments, Still SLC takes a comprehensive approach, addressing both aesthetic and overall well-being. The clinic's founder, Dr. Julie Nielsen, brings a unique blend of medical expertise and artistic vision, setting Still SLC apart from other establishments. Additionally, Still SLC's commitment to fostering a sense of community adds an extra layer of support that competitors may not provide.


The Good

  • Industry Expertise
  • Comprehensive Approach
  • Supportive Staff
  • Diverse Services
  • Positive Client Feedback

Industry Expertise

Dr. Julie Nielsen, a trailblazer in the medical aesthetics realm, established Still by uniting medical proficiency with a passion for empowerment. With a comprehensive background of over 15 years in injections, Dr. Nielsen possesses dual roles as a Family Medicine Doctor and a nationally recognized expert injector. Her artistic discernment, coupled with a dedication to health and aesthetics, gives rise to a clinic that transcends conventional boundaries.

Comprehensive Approach

The philosophy of Still revolves around holistic wellness, recognizing that authentic beauty emanates from within. The clinic goes beyond conventional medical norms, treating each patient individually, encompassing all aspects of their beauty and wellness journey. The holistic approach of the clinic amalgamates aesthetics, health, imagination, cooperation, and community, fostering a sense of belonging where genuine beauty radiates.

Supportive Staff

Enter the refined and inviting setting of Still's office, a genuine haven committed to your transformation. Outfitted with cutting-edge technology and staffed by affable professionals, the space ensures a sense of belonging as you embark on your self-improvement expedition. Whether seeking aesthetic injections, weight loss management, or communal discussions about life, Still provides the necessary tools and support.

Diverse Services

Still boasts a diverse spectrum of services to fuel your health and wellness expedition. From Botox injections to dermal fillers, weight loss management, and intramuscular wellness injections, each service is overseen by industry experts and personalized according to individual needs. Whether interested in facial rejuvenation, body contouring, or comprehensive well-being, Still possesses the expertise to help attain your aspirations.

Positive Client Feedback

Still has received a number of positive reviews on Google, which speak to the following:

  • Expertise and Skill — Customers appreciate Dr. Julie Nielsen's expertise and skill in injectable treatments like Botox and fillers. They trust her knowledge and experience, feeling confident in her ability to provide great results.
  • Personalized Consultations — Many reviewers mention how Dr. Julie takes the time to understand their individual needs and desires. She provides thorough consultations, educates them about various treatment options, and tailors her recommendations to their specific goals.
  • Comfort and Welcoming Environment — Customers feel comfortable and at ease during their visits to Still. They mention the welcoming and friendly atmosphere, which helps them feel relaxed and confident in their choices.
  • Effective Results — The reviews highlight the positive outcomes customers experience after their treatments. Whether it's smoother skin, improved energy levels from wellness injections, or enhanced facial features with fillers, customers are pleased with the noticeable and natural-looking results.
  • Exceptional Customer Care — Dr. Julie's personalized approach and genuine care for her clients stand out. Reviewers mention her compassionate demeanor, willingness to answer questions, and follow-up after appointments. This high level of customer care contributes to a positive overall experience.

Overall, the combination of Dr. Julie's expertise, personalized approach, welcoming environment, effective results, and exceptional customer care makes Still a highly recommended destination for injectable treatments and wellness services.


The Bad

  • No Verified Still SLC Reviews
  • Limited to One Location

No Verified Still SLC Reviews

The absence of verified reviews could potentially pose a disadvantage for Still SLC. Verified reviews play a crucial role in building trust and credibility among prospective clients. In today's digital age, consumers heavily rely on online reviews to make informed decisions about products and services. Without a substantial number of verified reviews, potential clients might be hesitant to choose Still SLC for their beauty and wellness needs.

Verified reviews provide a sense of authenticity and transparency, helping to showcase the real experiences of previous customers. In the absence of such reviews, potential clients might be left with uncertainty, which could hinder their willingness to engage with the clinic's offerings.

Limited to One Location

The lack of multiple locations could present a challenge for Still SLC. Operating from a single location may limit the clinic's accessibility to a wider client base. In a competitive market, having multiple locations can enhance visibility and convenience for clients across different areas. Potential clients residing farther away from the current location may find it less convenient to access Still SLC's services.

Moreover, having multiple locations can contribute to a sense of expansion and establishment, potentially attracting a broader audience. The absence of additional locations might hinder the clinic's ability to tap into diverse markets and capitalize on varying demographics, limiting its overall reach and potential growth.


The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Still serves as a beacon of empowerment, guiding individuals on their expedition towards a more youthful, beautiful, and empowered self. Embracing a holistic approach, guided by a visionary leader, and enriched by a supportive community, Still offers an unparalleled encounter that distinguishes it within the realm of medical aesthetics. As the clinic continues to progress and augment its offerings, it is poised to trailblaze in the industry.

For those seeking a transformation towards a more youthful, beautiful, and empowered self, Still offers an exceptional opportunity. 



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