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LAST UPDATED: September 14th, 2023

Ryder Toys designs and produces one of the most elite ride on car products within the toy industry. The entire operation started out as a side business when a father, John, was on the hunt for a fun toy to get his son Ryder.

Disappointed by what was available to him, John set out to create his own products using quality materials that would last and provide hours of fun for both him and his son. From there, Ryder Toys was officially born with a mission to provide parents with quality toy options.

Ryder Toys is still a small, family-owned operation with all products designed and manufactured within the United States. 


The Good

  • Impressive Inventory
  • Secure Shipping
  • Product Guarantees and Warranty
  • Premier Manufacturing

Impressive Inventory

Even though Ryder Toys specializes in specific toys like ride-on cars and go karts, the inventory also includes jeeps/UTVs. The company's leadership has designed a number of high-end products that kids of all ages can enjoy and even offers parts in the event that something needs to be replaced. 

Models for cars include both one-seater and two-seater vehicles at the 12-volt level. Those interested in 24-volt models can choose between available go karts and ATVs. Whatever a parent is looking for, there are likely ride-on options offered through Ryder Toys. 

Secure Shipping

Considering the weight of the Ryder Toys products, shipping is something many prospective clients are concerned with. However, Ryder Toys prioritizes safe and fast shipping practices. Most orders through the Ryder Toys website are shipping out within 24 to 48 hours, with some exceptions for weekends and holidays. FedEx Ground is utilized for shipping, which is how Ryder Toys guarantees product safety and secure delivery.

Once an order ships, customers will receive a notification complete with all shipping and tracking information. Nearly 90 percent of all orders are on the doorsteps of customers within just three business days. For a smaller operation, these shipping speeds and practices are on par with some of the largest toy manufacturers in the country. 

Product Guarantees and Warranty

Each product sold by Ryder Toys is protected by the “smile guarantee.” While it sounds whimsical, the guarantee actually holds some weight. All Ryder Toys are guaranteed to “bring a smile to you and your little one's face.” 

Even though the return window is limited to 30 days, there is a 90 day warranty on all Ryder Toys products, and satisfaction falls under this warranty. Additionally, there is lifetime support available to all Ryder Toys customers. Not many customers will find toy producers that are willing to offer lifetime support on products, but Ryder Toys does. 

Premier Manufacturing

All of the products sold through Ryder Toys boast best-in-class design and the manufacturing efforts are on par with those designs. All ride-on toys sold through Ryder Toys are manufactured in the United States and done so through premium facilities.

Most toy companies have products manufactured overseas and are not nearly as concerned with the overall quality of the finished product. That is not the case with Ryder Toys as the quality of the car is of the utmost concern. 


The Bad

  • Limited Return Window
  • Product Price

Limited Return Window

Return policies vary by company, industry, and product type. While some return policies are extremely flexible and offer customers unlimited return times, others are far more strict and require customers to decide quickly whether or not a particular product is worth keeping. For small, family-owned operations like Ryder Toys, a more limited return policy is common.

Ryder Toys will accept returns on products for any reasons within the first 30 days following the original purchase. The product must be in the original packaging and has to be in an unused and resellable condition. Any products that do not meet these restrictions will not be eligible for a return. Toy companies that operate on a larger scale generally have a more flexible return policy than the one enacted by Ryder Toys. 

Product Price

All Ryder Toys products are designed and manufactured in the United States. The quality of the products used are also more “upscale” when compared to comparable ride-on cars. The products' high quality is reflected in a higher price point. 

For the typical plastic, ride-on car sold through larger retailers, customers can expect to pay anywhere from $150 to $300. However with Ryder Toys, the cheapest ride-on car is $275 with the most expensive product costing $1,899 before shipping.


The Bottom Line

Ryder Toys designs and produces some of the best ride-on toys and vehicles available on the market today. The inventory at Ryder Toys spans from traditional go carts to realistic ride-on models with replacement parts also available directly for purchase.

All products sold through Ryder Toys are shipped through secure methods at faster than average speeds even with the increased weight of the products. Each Ryder Toys product is backed by the product satisfaction guarantee and applicable warranties.

All Ryder Toys products are manufactured in the United States.

Despite offering a high-quality product line, there are limitations to what Ryder Toys can offer its clients. The return window, for instance, is limited to 30 days after purchase. That means if a client encounters an issue after this window, there will be no refund options.

Additionally, the Ryder Toys products are more marketed as high-quality items and are priced accordingly.  

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Our car arrived just a few days after placing out order. It arrived just in time for our child's birthday party. Unfortunately the custom license plate took about 6 days to arrive, which was after the birthday party. We were bummed out the the custom license plate arrived separately from the car. Outside of that, our child loves her new ride! It's been great watching her drive around the drive way and back yard.

3 weeks ago


Review Source

star star star star star

Gin San Diego, CA

Extremely please with our all wheel drive buggy! Customer service was great with helping us order a custom license plate for our granddaughter!

1 week ago

star star star star star


Purchase the all wheel drive buggy for my boys - and let me tell you this truck has been awesome. It has all the bells and whistle to keep the boys entertained this summer. Our backyard is a bit rough (filled with holes and mounds) and this truck has been doing great. High quality product and highly recommend to other parents.

2 months ago

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Katie Peoria, AZ

Cautionary tale, 4 months, still no functioning toy. If things go well with this company right from the start, you may have a good product and no issues. If anything goes wrong at all, send it back immediately and go somewhere else. Our toy was delivered without a steering wheel or hubcaps. They should have had the part in the mail within a week, or a replacement sent out and a shipping label sent to us to return the defective product. Neither occured. Multiple calls and emails later, still no resolution. The reviews on their website do not reflect reality, they do not post any negative reviews, if you want reality, go to the BBB website.

2 months ago

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Gerry Stark West Lebanon, NH

Toy broke within a week. Ryder Toys has been promising to replace the part for 3 months now. Keeps saying it will be shipped in two weeks. I've got that same response multiple times now with no replacement part.

1 month ago

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Jason Polcaro Walpole, MA

Axel broke after 2 hours and haven’t received part in 3 months. $800 later and still no resolution.

1 month ago