1. Round Barn Labs

Round Barn Labs, founded in 2014, is a growth marketing agency that offers paid marketing services, conversion rate optimization services, and affiliate marketing services. 

The agency has worked with a variety of well-known clients including Amazon, Facebook, ModCloth, Stanford University, and more. Round Barn Labs also sports a number of certifications from Moz, Hubspot, Google Adwords, etc. 

According to the agency’s website, Round Barn Labs’ vision is to “help clients move beyond just feeding the funnel to create powerful and sustainable growth loops.” 

Read on to learn more about Round Barn Labs’ growth marketing services.

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The Good

  • Marketing Services 
  • Online Resources
  • Staff Credentials and Certifications

Marketing Services 

Round Barn Labs offers the following three growth marketing services: 

  • Paid Marketing — Round Barn Labs works to help clients get the most from their paid marketing budget and spending. According to the agency’s website, the Round Barn Labs staff uses data to “determine the right channel mix to deliver scalable results efficiently.” 
  • Conversion Rate Optimization — Round Barn Labs formulates a “rigorous regimen of A/B testing” to help clients develop a “culture of experimentation and testing within their organization” which can lead to revenue growth and improved conversions. Additionally, the agency’s website states that it has a 70 percent A/B test win rate. 
  • Affiliate Marketing — Round Barn Labs works to expand clients’ marketing reach “by recruiting and maintaining a network of closely aligned affiliates.” 
    Round Barn Labs provides a large amount of information on its website regarding each of the services mentioned above. Those interested in these services can visit the agency’s website and contact the agency to learn more. 

Online Resources

In addition to the information that the agency provides about its offered growth marketing services, the agency also offers a few helpful online resources on its main website. 

Round Barn Labs has an active blog and a page dedicated to case studies. Potential clients can reference both the blog and the case studies to learn more about the agency’s growth marketing services. 

Staff Credentials and Certifications

Round Barn Labs provides detailed information on its main website about its staff members. By viewing this section of the website, potential clients can get a feel for who is behind the Round Barn Labs brand and what each person is capable of. 

For instance, the agency’s founder and CEO has 15 years of experience with data-driven performance marketing and has worked at well-known companies like Amazon, eBay, and more. 

In addition to impressive staff credentials, Round Barn Labs also showcases several certifications. The company has a Facebook Blueprint certification, a Google Analytics partner certification, a Google Adwords partner certification, an Optimizely certification, and more.

The Bad

  • Limited Services
  • Limited Website Information 

Limited Services 

In terms of services offered, Round Barn Labs only appears to offer the three growth marketing services mentioned above. 
Those who have other or additional marketing services in mind may not be able to get everything they are looking for with Round Barn Labs. 

Limited Website Information

Although Round Barn Labs does offer a significant amount of information regarding each of its three offered services, the agency fails to disclose some other information on its website including the following: 

  • Refund policy
  • Service trial options 
  • Average length of services 
  • Service cost and payment options

Those who are looking for this information will need to contact the agency directly.

The Bottom Line

Round Barn Labs, located in San Francisco, Seattle, and Denver, provides three efficient growth marketing services that are designed to help clients have long-term revenue and conversion rate success. 

Although the agency does lack in disclosing some important information like service cost and payment options, Round Barn Labs provides a good amount of information regarding its paid marketing services, conversion rate optimization services, and affiliate marketing services. 

The agency also has a number of impressive certifications and has worked with a variety of well-known clients like Amazon, Facebook, and eBay. 
Additionally, the agency’s staff has strong credentials, experience, and evidence of success. 

We recommend that you visit the agency’s website, read client reviews, check out the agency’s case studies, and contact the agency to learn more about Round Barn Labs’ growth marketing services.

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