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LAST UPDATED: August 6th, 2020

Queppelin is an augmented reality and virtual reality development company founded by serial entrepreneurs who are proud geeks. 

This augmented and virtual reality development company offers innovative solutions to clients across various industries, including manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, real estate, training, and education.

In 2011, Quepellin showcased its tech platforms at the Mobile World Congress, an event where innovators, creators, and business leaders gather to share their vision for the future.


The Good

  • Offered Services
  • Animation Solutions
  • Augmented Reality Mobile App Development
  • Industries
  • Founder Experience

Offered Services

Queppelin has a plethora of services for clients who wish to fulfill all their technology needs under one roof. Queppelin’s augmented reality app development services have helped hundreds of clients achieve their business goals. 

Additionally, Queppelin introduced a virtual reality app development service to help clients launch products in a more advantageous 3D environment. The AI analytics, developers, designers, and software architects take special care in providing artificial intelligence development services to make sure its client’s computer systems run efficiently and are capable of performing human-like tasks.

Animation Solutions

Queppelin offers a 3D animation service to the following animation fields:

  • 3D Architecture Animation Services
  • 23 Animation in the Medical Field

The company also offers a variety of motion graphics services in the following fields of work:

  • Motion graphics for corporations
  • Motion graphics for business 
  • Video production
  • Education and medical videos

Augmented Reality Mobile App Development

Queppelin offers mobile application development services for companies to introduce them and satisfy the needs of modern users. The company has mastered advanced technologies to make its mobile applications more useful for users. Its services include creating, maintaining, and developing applications of different domains, from gaming to photo editing. 

Industries Served

As stated before, Queppelin is an excellent option for businesses of all types. As of late, augmented reality has become popular in the following industries:

  • Real estate
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Education
  • Retail
  • Gaming

Mixed reality has recently made an appearance in the education, engineering, healthcare, and entertainment industries. And virtual reality has become increasingly popular in the automotive, healthcare, tourism, architecture, and entertainment industries. 

Founder Experience

Queppelin’s founders have come from varied fields of tech, internet, real estate, telecom and have raised more than $4 Million from marquee VCs.

CEO and cofounder Dr. Pulkit Mathur has vast experience in the advanced aspect of Spatial Computing, Augmented and Virtual Reality and Mobility solutions. 

Cofounder, Prafulla Mathur, began his entrepreneurial journey in 2010 with the founding of Queppelin. Prafulla has raised more than $4 million in investments from marquee investors like Mangrove Capital Partners (Netherlands) and Simile Ventures (Luxembourg).


The Bad

  • No Pricing Information

No Pricing Information

Queppelin doesn’t include any pricing information on its website, meaning consumers will have to directly call the company. While this is standard for companies that offer quote-based pricing models, it can be frustrating for clients who like to gather information and compare companies.


The Bottom Line

Queppelin is a relatively young company, but don’t let that fool you, this company offers unique, cutting-edge services. Queppelin’s primary goal is to help clients leverage the potential of Augmented, Mixed, and Virtual reality to engage customers. The company’s tech platforms were showcased at Mobile World Congress and have been impacting millions of users worldwide. 

Queppelin’s services are not limited by industry, so no matter what your business sells or offers, Queppelin has something for you. There isn’t any pricing information on the site, which is frustrating, but you can call Queppelin for a quote. 

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