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LAST UPDATED: December 13th, 2023

In a world inundated with information, Perigon stands out as a beacon of clarity. This AI company specializes in contextual intelligence, unraveling the complexities of vast and dynamic information landscapes. By analyzing, distilling, and connecting the dots across 133,000+ sources daily, Perigon empowers individuals and businesses alike with a deeper understanding of the information they consume.


The Good

  • Contextual Intelligence
  • Global Insights, Local Impact
  • Trusted by Leading Brands
  • Founder Expertise

Context is Everything

Perigon's core strength lies in its commitment to contextual intelligence. With a comprehensive approach, the company embraces a 360° perspective, leaving no stone unturned. This dedication enables users to gain a nuanced understanding of information, ultimately revealing the complete story.

Global Insights, Local Impact

Perigon's technology aggregates real-time insights from every corner of the web, providing global, national, and local coverage. This extensive reach ensures that users receive a diverse range of perspectives, enhancing the relevance and applicability of the information for both consumer and business applications.

Trusted by Leading Brands

With more than 340 million articles analyzed, 1 million unique stories, and 134,000 sources monitored, Perigon has earned the trust of leading brands worldwide. The high fidelity, structured data enriched by AI sets Perigon apart, making it a reliable choice for startups, major corporations, researchers, and government entities alike.

Founder Expertise

The founders, Josh Dziabiak and Josh Rickel, bring a wealth of experience to the table. Josh Dziabiak, the CEO, is a serial entrepreneur with a track record of founding successful tech companies. Josh Rickel, the COO, is a multidisciplinary leader with over 20 years of experience across various sectors. This seasoned leadership is a testament to Perigon's commitment to excellence.


The Bad

  • User Interface Complexity
  • Limited Industry Focus
  • Data Integration Challenges

User Interface Complexity

While Perigon's contextual intelligence is a strength, the user interface could be more intuitive. Navigating the platform may pose a learning curve for some users, impacting the overall user experience. Streamlining the interface to enhance user-friendliness would significantly improve accessibility.

Limited Industry Focus

Perigon's current emphasis on media, news, and AI may limit its appeal to industries outside these domains. Expanding its applications to cater to a broader range of sectors could broaden Perigon's market reach and appeal to a more diverse clientele.

Data Integration Challenges

While Perigon excels in providing enriched contextual data, some users have reported challenges in integrating this data seamlessly into their applications. Enhancing the integration process and providing robust developer resources could alleviate these challenges.


The Bottom Line

In conclusion, Perigon emerges as a powerhouse in the realm of contextual intelligence, offering unparalleled insights into a vast sea of information. With a commitment to revealing the complete story, Perigon's technology has garnered trust from leading brands globally.

The founders' expertise further reinforces the company's credibility. Despite some user interface complexities and integration challenges, Perigon remains a top choice for those seeking rich, contextually driven data.

Perigon is best suited for businesses, researchers, and government entities looking to harness the power of contextual intelligence. Startups and major corporations alike can benefit from Perigon's global insights, making it an invaluable tool for informed decision-making.

While there are areas for improvement, Perigon's strengths make it a frontrunner in the field of AI-driven contextual analysis.

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