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LAST UPDATED: April 14th, 2022

Mynd Property Management is a rental management company based in Oakland, California. Mynd Property Management manages more than 7,000 rental homes in 25 markets, including in the Bay Area, Southern California, Sacramento, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Colorado, Texas, Oregon, North Carolina, and Georgia, with more to come.

Invesco Real Estate was the lead investor in a $40 million financing round for Mynd Property Management. With that investment, Mynd is set to become the largest buyer of single-family rental homes in the United States.

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The Good

  • Pricing
  • Rental Income Protection
  • Available Markets
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Referral Program
  • Online Services


Mynd Property Management offers three different plans, each of which includes all of the company’s services. No matter which plan a customer chooses, Mynd Property Management will help them find renters; provide a network of vendors for repair and maintenance purposes; and maintain information on the property’s service requests, lease applications, and rent collection. The only difference between the plans is the amount of pet damage protection, eviction protection, and rental income protection. The listed pricing for each package is the full price; there are no additional, hidden fees.

Rental Income Protection

The Peace of Mynd Plan includes $5,000 of rental income protection in case a tenant can’t pay or a property remains vacant. This rental income protection keeps a rental owner’s income steady, even when there are obstacles along the way.

Available Markets

Mynd Property Management manages more than 7,000 rental homes in 25 markets, including the Bay Area, Southern California, Sacramento, Washington, Arizona, Nevada, Florida, Colorado, Texas, Oregon, North Carolina, and Georgia.

Additionally, Mynd Property Management has plans to expand into Indianapolis, Memphis, Birmingham, Jacksonville, and even more cities.

Customer Satisfaction

According to the data provided by the Mynd Property Management website, the company’s customers, whether owners or residents, experience higher satisfaction than customers of other management companies. 

Mynd Property Management boasts a higher-than-average resident quality score, with less than 2 percent rent delinquency. Additionally, Mynd leases properties faster than other companies on average, and the company responds to owners within four business hours, and residents within eight business hours.

Referral Program

Mynd Property Management customers can refer others to the company to receive a referral bonus. After the referred person signs a management agreement, the referrer will receive $300 in their property’s operating account.

Those interested should note that the terms of this offer may change based on the state, and it is not available at all in Oregon and Washington.

Online Services

The Mynd Property Management website hosts several free, helpful tools. One is the rental return calculator, which helps rental owners figure out how much income they can generate with a rental property. 

The website also lists properties available for rental owners to invest in, as well as rental properties available to rent.


The Bad

  • Limited Availability

Limited Availability

While Mynd Property Management is available in 25 markets across the United States, with more to come, it still isn’t available in many areas. For example, the company doesn’t offer its services in any Utah markets.


The Bottom Line

Mynd Property Management helps rental owners find tenants, maintain their properties, and manage their finances. The company is poised to become the largest buyer of single-family rental homes in the United States; it currently manages more than 7,000 properties in 25 rental markets across the country.

A major advantage to using Mynd Property Management is that its plans aren’t complicated; each one includes all of the services the company provides. Pricing varies by location, but there are no hidden fees — the listed price is what customers will pay. The only difference between the plans is that the cheapest offers only pet damage protection; the mid-tier plan offers pet damage protection and eviction protection; and the most expensive plan offers pet damage protection, eviction protection, and rental income protection. The $5,000 of rental income protection keeps a rental owner’s income steady in case they can’t collect rent, for whatever reason.

Mynd Property Management customers, whether owners or tenants, are more satisfied on average than those of other management companies. Mynd Property Management responds quickly to owner and resident communications. Furthermore, rental owners will be happy to note that the company has a rent delinquency rate of less than 2 percent, and it leases properties faster than other companies on average.

Depending on their state, customers who refer others to Mynd Property Management may even be eligible to receive up to $300.

Additionally, visitors to the Mynd Property Management website can access a variety of free tools, including listings of rental properties available to rent or buy, and a rental return calculator that can help owners figure out their income potential.

While Mynd Property Management is available in many markets, with plans to expand into more, there are also many places where the company’s services aren’t available. Those who are interested in Mynd Property Management should ensure that it’s available in their area.

For those who live within the areas Mynd Property Management serves, the company is an option worth considering.

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Chelle K Houston, TX

Mynd has been a been a complete unprofessional business to deal with. Their communication and business ethnic with tenants and owners alike is terrible. The contractor hired by Mynd to replace my carpet did a terrible job and I have written documentation in the Mynd system that they agreed to remove the carpet and not invoice me. We received two separate charges on 3/28/2022 for $375 and $850 for carpet replace/trash out. We emailed our property manager multiple times about this and I have messaged this via the Mynd online platform with no acknowledgment of how they will resolve this situation. I have pictures of the poor quality install from Delux contractors and I spoke with the president, Emerson and the project manager, Richard both stating they could not complete the work as they did not know how to do it. We have since had to hire a new company to install the carpet because Delux ripped the carpet out, with our original padding (costing me additional money), and told us to hire someone else. Do not ever use this company for renting or property management. They steal your money as shown from other complaints and refuse to fix the situation

5 months ago

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Jasmine Washington Atlanta, GA

If I could give this company negative stars I most definitely would but for all the viewers that come to read the reviews of this company this One star is actually a (Negative -3 Stars) FYI!!! This has been a very bad experience off rip. Since I have I been in here (March 23, 2022) I have yet to speak to a real Resident coordinator and this has been the most unprofessional property management company I have ever dealt with. Yall scammed me out of almost 6 GRAND to move in by charging me a high deposit thats equivalent to Rent twice. Not once did a representative ever communicate/Clarify how my security deposit was broken down. Communication is soooo poor with them. They only text and email(RED Flag) Apparently none of my deposit totaling twice the rent even goes to my 1st month's rents (RED Flag) This the first of me hearing my deposit doesn't go towards my 1st month's rent. They charged me prorated rent to move in 3/23 which I did under the impression that I covered my rent for April only for them lock me into a lease and then charge full rent for April. (Security Deposit: $5890-2x rent but doesn't go toward any rent payments; Pro-rated rent for March $916; AND NOWWW April Rent $2445) YALL DO THE MATH!!! TOTALLING= $8000+ And I've only been in here for TWO WEEKS!!!! And Yall have intentionally miscommunicated with me to only get me to sign a lease and start asking for money immediately. I will make sure I leave a disgusting review on all platform regarding Mynd Property Management business. Yall are not handling my ALREADY maintenance request (AC not working; No window screens on my windows; smell coming from my wash room closet but they don't provide a Washer/Dryer (RED Flag) and per the reviews yall do this to EVERYBODY tenants and owners. I am completely unsatisfied with this entire process from paying my deposit , to moving in to paying RENT! My house is new and nice (New Construction) but that's not good enough to be be scammed and mishandled as a tenant/customer. For anybody that is considering renting from Mynd..RUN RUN RUN AS FAST AS YOU CAN!!!! Don't get scammed like me! Angelica L is supposedly my Resident coordinator and the broad never even returned any messages I left her. I hope this review get back to her so she can know how awful of a coordinator she is. But I will end this review with this: GOD will always provide and make a way so GOD got me!!!

5 months ago

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Fan Zhang Bellevue, WA

If you are a home owner and consider renting your property out with Mynd, PLEASE DON'T! I ended my contract after working with them for 2 weeks. The only thing they did during those 2 weeks was an inspection after I pushed for it several times. I bust my ass out to empty the house within 2 days so that they could start their work asap. But they just wasted my effort and time. I don't know if they don't have the resources to pay enough attention to each customer or they just don't take it seriously. The worst part is the communication. Don't get fooled by their fancy webside and messaging page. I could never get a response to my messages within 2 days. I had to message the property manager, email and call her boss, even pretend to be a new customer to contact their sales team to get an answer to my questions. Because they wasted 2 weeks, it was almost Thanksgiving when I had to change to a new property management. I cannot rent my home out this year since no one moves during holidays. After all this, they still charged me the management fee for a full month. This is definitely the worst experience of my life by any means.

9 months ago

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Erickson Baniaga Medellín, ANT

TLDR: If you want your PM to be competent with leasing and available to answer your questions, AVOID MYND. You are charged way too much for extremely little service. I currently rent out a property in Austin, Texas. I'm going to break this into two parts because I received two services: Leasing and actual Property Management. Both services aren't going well at all. Leasing Experience: The market in Austin is hot, my property sat on the market for over 3 months, despite me being sold that the average was 10 days. This was in part to a leasing account manager who was utterly useless and didn't realize the market AND the fact that they took really horrible photos before the unit was ready for leasing. I had a realtor reach out to me personally and requested I pay them to lease the home as they had interest generated without even having to market. Meanwhile Mynd had no interested applicants. The realtor also advised that I was overpriced, something that shouldve been apparently obvious by Mynd, but since they take a % of the lease, they'll obviously push for more rent if they can, EVEN IF THIS MEANS YOU LOSE OUT ON RENT EACH MONTH. This is because while they are leasing you, they are charging you for property management - something they don't have to actively do until a tenant actually arrives. When I requested a partial refund of the fee given the leasing account manager's incompetency for keeping it open on the market, they said they couldn't do it. Their incentives aren't aligned and they clearly did not care about the owner. Property Management: All of my account managers for my property have actually been unavailable for more than 3+ days. Every question I have asked and every request I have sent to them have gone DAYS unanswered. My most recent account manager doesn't respond sometimes for over 7 days. How this can be acceptable to me is beyond my comprehension. Overall, if I could find a more competent and available PM I would! They lock you into a contract and will charge you the fees if you decide you aren't going to continue on with them. Something I'm contemplating because they simply aren't worth the money.

8 months ago