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LAST UPDATED: April 23rd, 2024

Mesa Revenue Partners (MRP), formerly known as Commercial Collections of America, is a Colorado commercial collections agency that helps businesses recover revenues and streamline cash flows. The company provides commercial collections, debt collection litigation, asset investigation, and international collections services for the construction and transportation industries. Businesses can request a free quote and there are no fees for service unless money is recovered. The MRP team is made up of four collections experts, including a collection attorney, setting the company apart from other agencies in the country.

In 2016, MRP formed a partnership with Altus Receiveables Management. As a result of this partnership, all MRP collections accounts are handled by Altus staff that are certified and endorsed by the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) and the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC).


The Good

  • Construction and Transportation Industry Services
  • Range of Collections Services
  • Multi-Layered Reporting
  • Contingent Pay Program
  • Mesa Revenue Partners Online Dashboard
  • Free Quotes

Construction and Transportation Industry Services

MRP provides services exclusively for the construction and transportation industries. For construction companies, MRP provides commercial debt recovery services domestically and internationally. For transportation companies, MRP provides asset investigation, debt collection litigation, 1st part outsourcing, 3rd party collections, and B2B collections services.

Range of Collections Services

MRP provides the following services:

  • Commercial debt collections 
  • Debt collection litigation
  • Business credit reports
  • Asset investigation
  • International collections

It’s worth noting that MRP provides international commercial collections services, as not all collections agencies offer international services. MRP agents are experienced and knowledgeable in international collections, and agents are also qualified to pursue international collections litigation, if necessary. Through smart collections outreach, a targeted and strategic approach to contacting businesses about collections activity, MRP agents are able to more efficiently communicate with international corporate collections, resulting in optimal outcomes for businesses.

Multi-Layered Reporting

Throughout the entire recovery process, MRP provides live notes and up-to-date information, ensuring that you’re kept informed through each step of the process.

Contingent Pay Program

MRP fees are contingent upon collection, meaning that you don’t pay any fees for MRP’s services unless your money is recovered.

A contingent payment model is common in the collections industry, ensuring clients that they’re only paying for service through which they’re benefiting from. Thus, if you’re not pleased with the collections agency’s services before money is recovered, you can choose not to proceed and you won’t be responsible for any service payments.

Mesa Revenue Partners Online Dashboard

All MRP clients have access to the company’s online dashboard, through which you can keep track of all accounts, payments received, live notes from MRP agents, email notifications, and more. You can access the online dashboard at any time, allowing you to manage and track the collections process on your own schedule. 

Free Quotes

If you’re interested in MRP’s collections services, you can get a free quote on the company’s website. Requesting a free quote will allow you to describe your business’ needs and to ask any questions that you may have. After submitting a quote request, a MRP representative will contact you by phone or email to discuss your collections project.


The Bad

  • External Partner Dependency
  • Confidentiality Concerns

External Partner Dependency

In some cases, relying on a third party, such as MRP, for critical revenue management functions can create dependency and reduce internal business control over certain processes. Where collections are concerned, however, most businesses may benefit from working with a collections agency, as an agency will have certain connections and relationships with key players that can recover lost revenue faster and more efficiently.

Confidentiality Concerns

When you work with a third party, such as a collections agency like MRP, you will likely be required to share some sensitive business information to allow the agency to do its work. Especially where business finances are concerned, you’ll want to ensure that you understand your contract/agreement with MRP and that you feel comfortable with the agency’s data security measures. 


The Bottom Line

Mesa Revenue Partners (MRP) is an affiliate of Altus Receiveables Management and provides collections services to construction and transportation businesses across the country. MRP provides a range of collections services, including international collections and international debt litigation. As a MRP client, you won’t be required to pay any fees for service unless your money is recovered; thus, you can rest assured that you’ll only be paying for service that is directly benefiting your business.

When working with a third party collections agency, it’s important to keep in mind that you’ll likely be sharing sensitive business information necessary to recover your lost revenue. With this in mind, it’s advisable to closely review your contract/agreement with MRP and ensure that you’re comfortable with the company’s services and data security measures.

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