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LAST UPDATED: July 25th, 2022

MeetMe is an online dating site that allows members to meet new people and play games to get to know each other while creating relationships and dating. MeetMe has a free version available either online or available by mobile download on iOS or Android. MeetMe believes that human connection is key to a happy life. Whether the company's customers are looking for casual friends or a lasting romance, MeetMe wants to get people talking. MeetMe boasts more than 4.5 million daily active users, 190,000+ new members per day, and 74+ million chat messages sent per day. 

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The Good

  • Site Features
  • Local Emphasis
  • High Mobile Ratings
  • COPPA Compliant
  • Average Safety and Verification

Site Features

This online dating service is feature rich, with fun games, and messaging options that let people get to know each other even better while having more fun too. Other profile features include the following: 

  • Upload Images - Include a profile photo, and photos to include on your member profile.
  • User Information - Share information like gender, birth date, country, ethnicity, etc.
  • Preference Setup - Save location, gender preference, physical specs, "looking for", children, marital status, interests, longest relationship, smoking/drinking habits, religion, profession, pets, dating intentions, income, family info, etc.
  • Profile Tags - Headline, description, interests, and a bit describing you.
  • Misc Profile Questions - Include interesting facts, or other information most people may not know about you.
  • Search & View - Allows members to browse and search the MeetMe member database. Easily view profiles of members you'd like to meet.
  • Favorites & "Viewed By" - Set your favorites by including any members you're interested in, and refer to your "Favorites" anytime. See which members view your profile with the "Viewed By" feature.
  • Matches - Find your Secret Admirer with the "Match" tool.

Local Emphasis

MeetMe allows members to search for matches locally that live within so many miles of their set location. This allows for smoother dates when members decide to meet up in real life. Local dates help members get to know people they may be interested that already live nearby, rather than focusing on people everywhere. Most online dating sites allow users to search locally but Meet Me, makes this the main focus of their website and while on the member profile. 

High Mobile Ratings

Users can download the MeetMe app through Google Play or the App Store. Both apps have a large number of reviews and high ratings: 

  • MeetMe: Chat & Meet New People for Android.This app has 715k reviews and an average rating of 4.2/5 stars 
  • MeetMe - Chat and Meet New People for iOS. This app has 86k reviews and an average rating of 4/5 stars

Many users say the app is safe and enjoyable - an overall great way to meet people. Major complaints include that the app frequently freezes and crashes.

COPPA Compliant is in compliance with COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act). The MeetMe system is made to restrict any children/teens under 13 years old from using the site, which keeps the site more safe overall.  

Average Safety and Verification

Users can block and report a person, but MeetMe does not perform background checks or sweep their site for bots. Luckily, to join the site, customers must verify their email address or social profile - but this is very easy information to fake. One unique feature MeetMe has the SocialVerify Badge. It is used to authenticate profiles and rid the site of bots. SocialVerify is free and only takes connected to a Facebook account with at least 50 friends. The site is littered with spammy ads, which makes the site look even less trustworthy and raises some red flags. 


The Bad

  • Limited User Information
  • Need to Upgrade

Limited User Information

Information on the member profiles is pretty standard and does leave much room to add answers or to explain more about themselves to other members.  This site has more of a friend approach and isn't set up to be the most specific matching or dating site available. This site is meant to spotlight singles and give them an opportunity to meet up and interact online. The mobile version of MeetMe is loaded with ads and seems to offer limited search options compared to what users get on the actual website. 

Need to Upgrade

Although MeetMe is free to join there are features that only VIP members get access to. Without paying some of the features won't even work. Paid features include more "lunch money," increased priority with "owned" photos, more match potential, more games with max limits, and increases on profile and friends. 


The Bottom Line

This is a fun dating site if customers are looking to join online daters today.  This is one of the most popular online dating sites available today and offers unique dating options just by providing more casual ways for members to connect and meet new people. The app is available for download on Android, iPhone, and iPad devices in the Google Play and iTunes store. MeetMe is easy to use and offers fun features that help members connect to dates quickly and casually. MeetMe strives to keep people connecting in fun and engaging ways and creating genuine relationships.

However, users should be aware that while the app and site are free to join, some features won't work. Also, the site has spammy ads which might raise some red flags. Overall, the site doesn't cater to just dating, those looking to chat or make friends are also welcome. If customers are looking for a genuine dating site, MeetMe might not be the answer. However, the site does seem to have some potential for users in the dating aspect. 

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Johni D Hendon, BNE

Rubbish! I live in the UK and get 95% of people messaging me from the US. No matter what I do I can't stop that. I am in my 60s and get all manner of invites from people from 18 - 40 who clearly have no other interest in me other than to scam me. Don't bother!

3 weeks ago

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S T Slidell, LA

I have used this app way back before it was launched as meetme it started off like a decade ago as myyearbook.. and changed to meetme probably a year or so later. This app was bomb af when it first launched and serval years after.. it wasn't until they started offering live streaming.. and gifts to top when this app started going down hill fast! As a guy writing this review, girls only come on this app for diamonds period. Diamonds translates to cash.

4 months ago

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NFC Outdoors Wichita, KS

If I could give less than 1 star I would. Site is full of spam/fake accounts, often using images of porn stars to draw people in. They then try to get people to go to webcam chat sites that require credit card information in order to rob you blind. No matter how many accounts like this I report, MeetMe does nothing about it. They seem to actually support these accounts, giving them free premium accounts. Instead I get blocked from messaging any real person I do find on the site for an undisclosed amount of time, and cannot be given a reason as to why. The people who run MeetMe need to be arrested for promoting sex trafficking and theft.

8 months ago

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Simon McCarthy Kelowna, BC

This is a scam of an application who will not listen to hundreds of emails about a troll I picked up using their app who trolled me because I wouldn’t give him diamonds and reported him to the police gave them evidence of him admitting to being a troll a jealous troll at that and who recorded my stream and proceeded to upload me on other media outlets which I believe is illegal to do and meetme do not care how this has affected me I’ve wrote hundreds of emails to them and still do showing the evidence and this troll Kevin M M aka kB aka Ghost aka M O D B O T is still on their application and trolling people still for diamonds who is also a convicted criminal and allowed to do what he does “troll streamers for diamonds” if you have any sense stay away from the “Meet Group” they don’t care about hard evidence of a troll admitting he’s a troll I’ve sent them many emails now proving it……it’s a scam app for trolls and fake streamers like Kevin M M

10 months ago

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EDNA Douglasville, GA

There are some fraudsters opening accounts with other peoples photos and names to extort money from people. I have encountered many of them and most of them are from Nigeria. So ladies especially be care those you chat with. Some will use military men photos to pretend its them. they use white male often. always ask questions and check their response well. I just feel the app should be able to suspect a phone number or internet source that open several account with them and also check their photos and background if possible. The app has become a playground to these criminals to use to dupe people.

4 years ago

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6 months ago

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ArtforLife Longview, TX

Complete and utter garbage. Shouldn't even be allowed to be on the play store. Constantly receiving messages and likes from bots, incessantly persisting you click a sketchy link that goes who knows where. Pretty sure people are prostituting there, and flagging the actual real profiles that actually want to date. The positive reviews are mostly all bots, judging by how short most of them are. The bots send nudes without any issue. They get banned, then come right back. Huge gaping hole in their security. It's dog shit, but honestly I think I'd prefer the dog shit. At least I could fertilize stuff with that.

1 year ago

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Nefarious Inicuo’s Ellicott City, MD

Meetme would delete your account for no reason, and you won't get support getting your account back; most women and men are dating each other already or dating other people. Everyone on this app is a streamer and only cares for the diamonds. If you don't gift, they won't pay you any additional attention unless they think you're going to gift them(which they called showing support). Still, they might not support you depending on your status, or if they think you got mental problems, they might feel sorry for you and even then understand you don't have a chance. This isn't a dating app, and if you like to be spoken to like a child, it's the perfect app for you—other than that, most of the people are fake celebrities with alarming personalities And poor conversations(which adults shouldn't be having these types of discussions still). The streamers only care about the money on your debit card or credit card. You could gift as much as you like and still get played. Don't be telling people all your business on here. They don't care about finding anyone to date, and Most of the time, you are the joke. The levels mean nothing to the rich, so don't be spending money you don't have because your account would disappear, and now you wasted money on the app for nothing.

1 year ago

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Kayla Carr Arcadia, CA

I signed up with the facebook using validate with facebook feature. i didnt create a profile or upload pics. it seems facebook allowed them access to my picture folder within facebook, meetme is using something for m profile pic that is not consistent with my FB profile pic, nor is it a likeness of me, i learned this latter same day when i started getting replies. I am unable to log back into site no matter what i do. also tried creating a new account using another email address just so i could see my profile as others see it. so i am a member of a dating site that i cant log into, they are showing inaccurate representation of me and nothing i can do about it. also i bought there stock about a week before signing up, there stock is performing better than their website

6 years ago

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It would appear that Meetme is effectively stealing account information from unsuspecting Facebook users, through vacuous links to a site about Horoscopes. I know of at least four people who clicked this link and within days started getting email notifications from Meetme. When they opened the mails it took them to their account on Meetme, an account they didn't open. More disturbingly there were photos of their family and children stolen too. Anyone who has spent more than 20 minutes on Meetme will be aware that this is NO PLACE to post photos of children!! The site is rife with scammers and predators! It is also worrying that last year Meetme changed its TOC to say that if you upload photos, the site effectively owns them even if you delete your account, your pics will stay on there servers for them to do with what they wish. There are literally thousands of these accounts being opened every week on Meetme and most are unaware that their Facebook profile has been abused in this way. The app information says you have to be 17 to download it yet the TOC says children as young as 13 can open accounts. The mild sexual content they describe is actually being inundated on a daily basis with men sending pics of their gentialia! The block button is useless unless the person you block, blocks you too. There is absolutely no support from admin and Meetme are only concerned with membership numbers. They also frequently advertise sex and dating sites. Please, please keep your kids away from here!

6 years ago

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Victor Escobar ,

If I could give MeetMe zero stars, I would. They have a huge problem with fake profiles--I'd say at least half the accounts on there are fake. The remaining 50% largely consists of people promoting their IG/SC profiles and trying to get followers, or prostitutes looking to turn tricks. MM must know about the problem, it's just that they refuse to do anything about it because fake profiles still mean increased traffic and more members.

1 year ago

star star star star star

Jason Kokomo, IN

Seems like everyone gets on here to complain. It’s not a bad app and better than most others. You can always find entertainment on there.

2 years ago

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silvia lewis

Been on this site for a few yrs. Apparently they delete your profile and you wont be able to try making a new account. I made friends with a couple. One was a 76 yr old who looked up to me and we shared our expeirencek with this horrible site. I feel bad we no longer have connection. She had gone some serious series of cancer treatments and now this horrid site has deleted our profiles and any communications with any of our old friends.

5 years ago

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Pamela Williams Columbia, SC

i have had two accounts by this site, both closed for no reason. what kind of site takes your account for talking about football and work, with friends. and their only response is that i violated TOS, how I'm not sending nude pics, or stalking anyone or harassing anyone, I'm talking about football. If your suppose to meet people using this site that's great but it goes no further after that, no phone numbers, or email address or contact information is allowed to be exchanged, Someone complains about you and they accept it and ban you with no reason for it.

6 years ago

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Facebook members are appearing on MeetMe.........Without them knowing.......Same name/photo but wrong location................These people do not know they are on MeetMe..........They clicked on a Facebook link that had nothing to do with any social media site and it has copied them onto MeetMe.............Photo's of babies/children etc or whatever the persons main Facebook photo is are appearing on the site

7 years ago

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Brenda Hillman Prairieville, LA

I been on meetme for years and theirs been many scammers.Now they flagged me .I tried their face verification it said verified then a pop up came up said couldent verify. That’s bull flagged for no reason and can’t verify yourself! The app sucks and so does the site!

1 year ago

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CC Big Stone Gap, VA

They don’t deserve any stars. I was on here for less than 24hrs & they closed my account for violation of terms. All I did was reply to messages. I want back in my account so I can delete my pictures. This site needs to be shut down & I will do everything I can to make sure that happens.

4 years ago

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Harley Hank Smithville, OH

I've been a member for awhile and they keep blocking me from sending messages! I've been blocked for a week and just got back on today and sent two message and was blocked again for sending too many message for an entire month. How are you suppose to find someone if you can't send message? This site really sucks...

4 years ago

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Jennifer Haley Sun City, AZ

I signed up for MeetMe and was on it for a week or 2 and all of a sudden i get an email saying that my account has been flagged...they didn't even give me a reason, but i tried to get it back and i couldn' was MY account it wasn't a fake profile..i don't understand

4 years ago

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I would rate this site below zero. It is beyond just and awful online dating site--it's actively diminishing the success of our society. One trip through the new feed will demonstrate exactly why--the blind and stupid leading the blind and stupid.

7 years ago

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Saxxpotts Venice, FL

Site is worthless for actually meeting people because site caters to con artist and constantly mutes people after marking people as spammers!

7 months ago

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Taylor Newell Saratoga Springs, UT

Bots, spammers, scammers, complete trash.

2 months ago

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My account got flagged for no reason,and I verified everything.There are so many fake profiles and now I'm one of them?Fml

4 years ago

star star star star star_border

Missy Ryan West Jordan, UT

Super easy to use, and I've met tons of cool people using this app. Lots of creeps, though.

2 years ago

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Greg San Pedro, CA

Scam !! Scam !! Scam !! I saw a lot of fake message and profiles

7 months ago

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Vick stone

The app is buggy and there are a lot of chat bots. I was getting several messages a day from bots and fake profiles.

4 years ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Yay a Jonesboro, GA

Awful, it's a terrible website. There's no one worth mentioning unless you want nudes

6 years ago


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Hannah Barth Tallahassee, FL

The people on MeetMe are not genuine. There are better dating websites.

9 months ago

star star_border star_border star_border star_border

Dodge Fan 4 life Chicago, IL

The app and site both suck got banned for no reason

1 year ago