1. Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction

Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction is a design-build firm that has provided a variety of residential architecture and construction services to homeowners in the Princeton, New Jersey area since 1987. 

The company provides full-service architectural and contracting services which include various home renovations, home additions, and the construction of new homes. 

According to the company’s website,Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction has received a few noteworthy awards and recognitions. 

The company was “voted Best Residential Construction Company by BUILD Magazine” and is the winner of “NARI’s Regional Contractor of the Year 2020 for Residential Additions.” 

Additionally, Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction offers a detailed, step-by-step design process as well as a one-year warranty. 

Read on to learn more about Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction services.

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The Good

  • Detailed Design Process
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Full-Service Team 

Detailed Design Process

Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction provides the following straightforward design process: 

  • Initial Consultation — This is the first step in the design process. This step helps the Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction team get to know the consumer’s design desires and goals. 
  • Schematic Design — According to the company’s website, the initial consultation “discussion becomes the basis for a schematic design that leads to further discussions and refinement.” At this step, consumers will choose the best design for their situation. 
  • Construction Document Preparation — Once consumers choose their design, the company will work together to prepare construction documents based on the project’s budget and timeline. 
  • Construction Details — This step involves the construction contract, permitting, and additional construction detail finalizations before construction occurs. 
  • Construction — During construction, the company works to answer customer’s questions and works on change orders when necessary. 
  • Summary — Once construction is completed, the company provides the customer with a specification book that summarizes the products, finishes, appliances, and other details that went into the project. 

Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction has a team of licensed architects, lead contractors, and project managers that work on each project. The company’s co-founder and owner, Marc Brahaney also oversees each project. 

Those interested in Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction services should note that the company only provides services to residents in the Princeton, New Jersey area. 

1-Year Warranty

In addition to the specification book that customers receive after construction is completed, the company provides customers with a one-year warranty. 

This type of warranty can provide customers with a peace of mind if they happen to not be satisfied with the final results. 

Although the company does not provide much online information about this one-year warranty, customers can easily contact Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction owner and co-founder, Marc Brahaney, during business hours to get more detailed information. 

According to the company’s website, Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction is open Monday through Thursday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Fridays from 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

Potential customers should note, however, that the company is closed on Saturdays and Sundays. 

Full-Service Team 

Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction has a full-service construction and architecture team. 

The design-build firm has multiple licensed architects, experienced carpenters and estimators, and organized project managers on staff. 

By having all of these different types of workers under one roof, both the company and the customers can have a stronger-level of constant communication and active collaboration during projects.

The Bad

  • Service Location Limitations 
  • Limited Website Information 

Service Location Limitations 

As mentioned previously, Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction only provides construction and architectural services to those who reside in the Princeton, New Jersey area. 

Those who are interested in the design-build firm’s services who live outside of this New Jersey area will have to work with a different company in order to fulfill their construction and architectural needs. 

Limited Website Information

Although Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction does offer a solid amount of information regarding its construction and architectural services, the company does not appear to disclose the following information on its website: 

  • Consultation costs 
  • Average project rates, estimates, and costs
  • Average length of time of service 
  • 1-year project warranty details 
  • Customer requirements and design preparation 

Potential customers who are looking for this information will need to contact the design-build firm directly via phone call or online email message form. 

It’s important to note that Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction may not be able to provide the information mentioned above on its website because each project may be different and each client may have different service needs/desires.

The Bottom Line

Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction has provided residents of the Princeton, New Jersey area with complete construction and architectural services for over 30 years. 

The company has received a few noteworthy recognitions and awards, and sports a full-service team of licensed architects, carpenters, estimators, and project managers who focus on communication and collaboration in order to provide a seamless project experience. 

Additionally, the company’s co-founder and owner, Marc Brahaney has an active architecture licence as well as an undergraduate degree and graduate degree in architecture. And, according to the company’s website, Marc oversees each project that the company takes on. 

In terms of design work, Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction offers a detailed-oriented design process that starts with an initial consultation. 

The company also provides customers with a one-year warranty and a specification book when the project construction is completed. 

Unfortunately, the company only provides residential construction and architectural services to those who live in the Princeton, New Jersey area. The design-build firm also does not appear to disclose some important information on its website regarding costs, customer requirements, and more. 

If you reside in the Princeton, New Jersey area and are looking for construction and architectural services, we recommend that you contact the company, visit the company’s main website, and read over a few Lasley Brahaney Architecture + Construction customer reviews to learn more about what the design-build firm can do for you.

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