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LAST UPDATED: December 29th, 2023

Kamoto.AI provides users and professionals with the ability to create and monetize AI characters for a wide variety of digital uses. The platform was designed to make the creation and “training” of AI characters simple and straightforward. 

Founded in 2023, Kamoto.AI is a recently launched AI platform that not only allows users to create new characters, but also utilize well-known personalities including celebrities and influencers. The Kamoto.AI tools provide tools that craft AI characters allowing users to create characters with specific behaviors, personalities, and mannerisms. With these abilities, users are able to use characters to satisfy specific digital tasks or fill designed roles. 

The draw for many AI creators to the Kamoto.AI platform is the monetization model it provides. Once a user has created a character, that AI character can then be rented out on a “per-usage basis” for desired purposes. By creating and subsequently renting out AI characters, users can create their own income stream on a completely digital marketplace.

Celebrities and influencers can also profit off of the Kamoto.AI platform by authorizing AI personas of themselves. This extends fans the opportunity for digital interaction not previously available. Celebrities and influencers that license out their personas are compensated on a usage basis. 


The Good

  • Monetization Capabilities
  • Licensing Streams
  • Application Integration
  • Data Protection

Monetization Capabilities

One of the key selling points for many users when selecting an AI character platform is the monetization aspect of the service. That is an area where Kamoto.AI excels, providing users with an easy way to monetize their AI development and work, offering a stream of income not guaranteed by other platforms. 

When a user creates an AI character, they can in turn rent them out on a per-usage basis on the Kamoto.AI Characters and Personalities marketplace. Due to the proprietary nature of the licensed celebrities and influencers feature, AI creators can develop personalities and interaction capabilities of some of the most popular individuals in the world that others can rent out for a wide variety of purposes.

Users/creators also have the ability to set their own per usage price and can work to maximize their creator reach for those in gaming or private corporation use. 

Licensing Streams

Celebrities and influencers can essentially license out their AI personas so that users can create and train those characters. This allows celebrities and influencers to reach a wider audience, increase engagement, and subsequently monetize their AI performance. 

Application Integration

Creating an AI character/persona on a platform is only as effective as its integration capabilities allow. With Kamoto.AI, all characters created on the platform can then be fully integrated into other apps through the use of an API. The ability to integrate with other applications provides a level of flexibility to users in need of cross promotion and display. Most Kamoto.AI users integrate characters into gaming, healthcare, education, and even legal services/applications. 

While many users associate AI character creation with the ability to interact with well-known personalities, industry professionals are starting to figure out how to effectively use AI characters to lead industry progress. AI allows professionals to provide unique educational opportunities and training with a more back-and-forth immediate response set-up.

By creating a unique character on Kamoto.AI, users can both integrate those personalities seamlessly and satisfy an industry need. This is not always an option with other character AI companies as integration across applications and other digital platforms is not compatible. 

Data Protection

Like many digital platforms, there is a common concern among users as to what information is kept secure and how data is protected. This is also an initiative important to the Kamoto.AI platform. The service has taken charge to ensure that data protection is available to all of its users.

Kamoto.AI remains dedicated to complying with all relevant data protection regulations. This is accomplished through security measures that protect all user and licenser data. The only time Kamoto.AI claims to utilize data is to improve user experience and functionality of a created AI personality/character. Data is also never shared by Kamoto.AI without prior user consent. Not all AI character creation platforms make this guarantee or hold these protection standards. 


The Bad

  • Pricing
  • Character Options


The pricing model and monetization percentages available with these pricing models is also worthy of additional consideration. The following three pricing packages are available to users:

Free: $0 annually

  • Basic capabilities
  • 3D avatar
  • Monetization of AI characters
  • 50% commission on revenue

Starter: $49 monthly

  • Advanced customization capabilities
  • All features in “Free” pricing package
  • Stock voices
  • Chat widgets
  • Auto generation and scheduling of social posts
  • 30% commission on revenue

Professional: $199 monthly

  • All that is included in other pricing packages
  • 20% commission on revenue
  • 10 team member access
  • Higher included quota in voice and avatar
  • Hyper-realistic talking avatar
  • Cloned voice
  • Chat and APIs monetization

While it is nice that there is a free version and two different paid versions to choose from, it is difficult to ignore the massive cut Kamoto.AI takes of its users’ profits. That cut digs into what a user could potentially make on the AI market. The commission cut on Kamoto.AI is a bit more than other comparable services. 

Character Options

The marketplace on Kamoto.AI provides thousands of well-known characters to choose from. There are over 200 popular athletes, well over 1,000 fictional characters, and an additional 200+ entrepreneurs and business leaders available for design. These character libraries are decently sized.

However, due to the Kamoto.AI licensing model, there are drawbacks to be aware of as well. If a professional or individual user needs to create a celebrity or influencer character that is not already available in the marketplace, there is no ability to move forward with that well-known person in mind.

Users can only access these well-known characters that are readily available. This has been particularly frustrating for particular users hoping to utilize specific personalities in a more professional setting with an intended audience and purpose. 


The Bottom Line

Kamoto.AI has found a way to carve a niche into the ever-growing AI market and satisfy a need among professionals and individuals. While the Kamoto.AI platform is relatively new, the service has provided groundbreaking services to both users/creators and well-known personalities alike.

There are monetization capabilities for those that create AI characters through a rental marketplace, something not available through every creation portal.

Additionally, celebrities and influencers can essentially monetize their face, mannerisms, and behaviors by licensing out their persona. These characters can then seamlessly be integrated into other applications and digital platform uses through an API.

Lastly, Kamoto.AI remains committed to protecting user data, adhering to all industry standards. 

Despite offering a service that allows a variety of entities to profit off of their work, there are drawbacks associated with the Kamoto.AI platform. While there is a free version of Kamoto.AI, it is relatively limited in terms of what is available.

There are two alternative pricing packages but the ability to monetize on work in these packages works off of a percentage system.

Additionally, the character options rely on the licensing of well-known personalities which can be limiting for those wanting to create and design a particular celebrity or influencer not available through the marketplace. 

Considering all that Kamoto.AI offers through its character creation service, those looking to develop and design AI characters or monetize work through AI should consider the services available through Kamoto.AI. 

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