IndeeLift aims to safely and effectively assist lifting individuals with reduced mobility who have fallen and cannot get up through its Human Floor Lift (HFL). The IndeeLift HFL aids a variety of users: users at home, personnel in the emergency medical services, and personnel in professional healthcare services.

The company’s line of human floor lifts lift people from the floor to a chair height enabling the fallen to stand or be transferred to a wheelchair or bed. Its line of Human Floor Lifts are designed to meet the standards of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and have features such as:

  • Lifts a person weighing up to 300 or 400 pounds to a height of 21 inches
  • Beveled seat-front for slide-on access
  • Wired remote for convenient operation
  • Rise assist handle grips
  • Weighs 63 to 65 pounds
  • powder coated for easy cleaning
  • Battery powered
  • Optional chest and waist belts for added safety

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The Good

  • Helps Maintain Independence for the Elderly
  • Small Footprint and Portability
  • Eliminates Manual Lifts and Chance of Injury

Helps Maintain Independence for the Elderly

The IndeeLift helps maintain privacy and dignity by allowing individuals with difficulty standing back up to get on their feet with little to no assistance. The patented design includes a mounting ramp seat that eliminates ever having to lift an individual off the floor. This simple seat also doesn’t require complex harnesses allowing recovery from a fall to be done independently and quickly.

By keeping the IndeeLift in a central area of the home, the fallen can scoot themselves over to the lift, ease themselves into the seat, and simply operate the remote to lift themselves up without requiring outside help. Alternatively, another person, inside or outside of the home, may wheel the HFL over to the fallen.

Small Footprint and Portability

Other lift systems used in places such as rehabilitation centers and nursing homes are bulky, complex, and difficult to navigate. In contrast, the IndeeLift Human Floor Lift is portable, lightweight, and easy to maneuver. Through a lithium battery pack, the IndeeLift HFL can be moved beyond the constraints of an outlet. Its compact design enables it to be wheeled into many positions or locations other lifts are unable to fit. After use, it can be stored in a closet, similar to a vacuum.

Eliminates Manual Lifts and Chance of Injury

When a person with physical limitations falls, care givers, care providers, and emergency service personnel are faced with the challenge of lifting them up without risk of injury to either person. Lifting fallen individuals manually may cause serious back injuries. The IndeeLift Human Floor Lift is designed to eliminate manual lifts, reducing risk of injury to both the responders and the patient.

The Bad

  • Price Starting at $2,195.00
  • Warranty Information Undisclosed

Price Starting at $2,195.00

The IndeeLift Human Floor Lift may not be attainable for the average household with its residential line pricing ranging from $2,195.00 to $2,545.00 depending on the model selected.

However, the prices for the IndeeLift HFL for professional care providers and emergency services are comparative to other lifts, such as the Hoyer. The IndeeLift HFL for professional care providers costs $3,750.00, and the IndeeLift HFL for emergency services costs $5,750.00.

Warranty Information Undisclosed

It is unclear if there is a warranty available for the IndeeLift Human Floor Lift for residential use and professional care providers because warranty information is undisclosed on the website. The IndeeLift HFL for emergency services has a one-year warranty.

The Bottom Line

The IndeeLift Human Floor Lift may be a good option for caregivers of individuals with reduced mobilitywho need regular assistance with standing back up. The HFL may also give elderly individuals peace of mind knowing they have a method to get themselves back on their feet with or without assistance. For personnel in the emergency and healthcare services field that frequently respond to fall-assist situations, the IndeeLift is a good option to protect both the responders and patients from injury. We recommend asking for warranty information for the residential use and professional care use lines before purchasing.

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