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LAST UPDATED: October 19th, 2020

Goldstein Market Intelligence is a consulting and market research firm that works to help businesses grow and adapt with the complexity of the global market by making confident decisions through its business solutions. The company consists of over 60 domain experts and over 150 employees that relentlessly work to analyze and process numbers to provide the best consulting solutions and market forecasts to help make clients make well informed and profitable business decisions.


The Good

  • Serves a Variety of Industries
  • Offers a Variety of Consulting and Market Research Services 
  • Rigorous and Systematic Nine Step Research Methodology
  • Instant Access to Reports

Serves a Variety of Industries

Goldstein Market Intelligence aims to extend its services to create adaptive and effective business solutions globally across a wide range of industries. The industries it currently serves include:

  • Advanced future technologies
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Chemicals, minerals, and materials
  • Consumer and retail
  • Energy and resources
  • Entertainment and digital media
  • Food and beverages
  • Gaming
  • Hardware and ICT
  • Healthcare
  • Industrial automation
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging
  • Transportation

Offers a Variety of Consulting and Market Research Services

Goldstein Market Intelligence offers a variety of consulting and market research services to clients that include:

  • Competitive Intelligence and Benchmarking — Goldstein Market Intelligences provides a comprehensive analysis of the business model, strategies, and position of client competitors in the market. The reports consist of opinions from leading domain experts along with effective business strategies to remain competitive.
  • Forecasting and Growth Analysis — The company provides clients with the latest forecasts and analyses to sustain business despite a constant evolving global economy. Analysts gather data from reliable sources and evaluate numbers to provide market insights and growth trends.
  • Market Entry Advisory — To expand business into new segments or enter new regional markets, Goldstein Market Intelligence formulates innovative strategies and robust business models that give clients a cutting edge against existing market competitors.
  • Market Opportunity Assessment — The company’s market opportunity assessments give clients key insights into prospective business and investment opportunities to make informed decisions thus minimizing risk. 
  • Market Scanning and Monitoring — Goldstein Market Intelligence analysts and market experts monitor and assess the market for changes that could negatively affect clients’ businesses. These reports include details covering current market trends with potential highs and lows during the time frame requested.

Rigorous and Systematic Nine Step Research Methodology

The reports and consulting services provided by Goldstein Market Intelligence go through a rigorous and systematic nine step research methodology. Through this methodology, reports and services consistently contain a strong foundation of quantitative and qualitative research, are accurate and relevant, and focus on the needs and challenges of the industry. The nine steps include:

  • Project initiation and team selection — Goldstein Market Intelligence believes that the success of its projects depend on the skills of the team members and on their ability to work together cohesively. Research teams typically comprise of a lead analyst, support analyst, research managers, market consultants, account managers, partners, industry advisors, and key customers. 
  • Prepare data systems and perform secondary research — The research team first prepares for the data collection process and starts secondary research such as collecting data from all sources beyond interviews.
  • Preparation for interviews and questionnaire design — Primary market research is the core of all Goldstein’s research reports. Interviews with industry insiders allow analysts to obtain accurate, current data about market trends, risks, and opportunities. 
  • Performing primary research — Interviews using contacts and information from the secondary research phase provide strategic information to modify market models and cross-verify research and insights.
  • Establishing baseline estimates — The collected information from the primary research phase is synthesized into an accurate overview of the current state of the market.
  • Performing primary research on future growth — The report not only includes market forecasts, but may also include additional commentary on market trends, technological and innovation trends, regulatory trends, reimbursement trends, market maturity indicators, market share movements, market drivers and limiters, new entrants into the market, and consumer demographics.
  • Identify strategic opportunities — The analysts identify broad indicators into companies’ gains or losses within a given market and analyze strategies based on those insights to give clients a competitive edge. 
  • Final review and market release — Through cross-verification and comparison, estimates are verified and refined to help guarantee proficient and accurate results for clients.
  • Customer feedback and market monitoring — Goldstein report and consulting projects are monitored after release for customer feedback and market accuracy. 

Instant Access to Reports

Clients can search by industry and region for an overview of current reports offered by Goldstein Market Intelligence. Report overviews include a market overview, applicable geography, key questions, and reasons to purchase the report. Clients have the option to purchase select chapters allowing them to purchase only necessary and applicable information rather than the entire report. Clients may also request a sample of the report. Once clients purchase a selected report, they can access it digitally instantly.


The Bad

  • Short Time in Business 

Short Time in Business

Founded in 2017, Goldstein Market Intelligence is a relatively new company and may not be as well established as other consulting or market research firms.


The Bottom Line

Although Goldstein Market Intelligence has only been in business since 2017, it is evident the company diligently works to provide clients with relative and accurate forecasts through its robust and numerous offerings of reports across a vast variety of industries. Through Goldstein, prospective clients have the options of purchasing reports that have already been produced or requesting specific business related inquiries ensuring businesses have accurate and relevant information needed to promote growth and lucrative business decisions.

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