1. Forever Pumpkin

Forever Pumpkin is a 100 percent natural pumpkin preserving spray. The solution is safe for children and pets, as well as good for the environment. The product is simple to use, as customers simply spray the solution on their freshly cut pumpkin, extending its life up to 10 extra days.

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The Good

  • Extend the Life of Your Pumpkins
  • Getting the Best Results
  • Reasonable Prices
  • Made in the United States

Extend the Life of Your Pumpkins

Forever Pumpkin’s product is 100 percent natural, and the company boasts that its Pumpkin Preserver will extend your pumpkins life by up to 10 days. 

Getting the Best Results

The company recommends users spray their pumpkin with the Pumpkin Preserver at least once every day

Reasonable Prices

Currently, Forever Pumpkin sells three bottles of its Pumpkin Preserver. Customers can order a 4-ounce spray bottle for $7.99. The medium bottle is 8 ounces and costs $9.98. The largest bottle is 16 ounces and costs $15.99.

Made in the United States

Forever Pumpkin is founded in the United States. The company proudly manufactures and distributes its products to members of the community as well as all over the country.

The Bad

  • Vague and Missing Information

Vague and Missing Information

Unfortunately, there is a lot of vague or missing information on Forever Pumpkins website. The company states that its products are 100 percent natural, however, there is no mention of the used ingredients anywhere on the site. Even when clicking on the product, there is no way to view the used ingredients. 

In the company’s FAQ (frequently asked questions) section, a consumers asked how long a pumpkin will last after being treated with the solution. Forever Pumpkin gave a fairly vague answer, stating that it depends on the climate and temperature. While we are sure this is true, it would be nice, if the company would have done several tests to at least be able to give a general answer. 

Consumers should also be aware that there isn’t a lot of information about the company’s shipping or return policies. It is possible that the company offers free shipping or has a generous return policy, but customers will have to contact the company directly to find out.

The Bottom Line

Fall enthusiasts, gardeners, and Halloween buffs will want to check out Forever Pumpkin’s products. The company sells natural pumpkin preservers that extend your pumpkin’s life an extra 10 days. The spray prevents mold from growing and stops your pumpkin from decaying (making sure your jack-o-lantern stays smiling or snarling for the spooky holiday). We recommend consumers contact the company before finalizing their purchase as there is little information in regards to the company’s shipping and return policy.

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