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LAST UPDATED: August 2nd, 2021

Feniex is an innovator, manufacturer, and distributor of Feniex police and emergency vehicle lights, sirens, and control panels. The company’s headquarters is located in Austin, Texas and the company serves customers nationwide. Fexniex currently owns 13 patents on its products and designs and continually strives to innovate new and more effective lights and sirens for its customers.


The Good

  • Large Inventory Selection
  • Integrated Control Panel
  • Sleek, Compact Design
  • Bundles
  • Warranties

Large Inventory Selection

Many companies like Feniex only manufacture police or emergency vehicle light bars or specialize in sirens or other products; however, Feniex has an exceptionally large selection of them all. The company’s products range from lighboards, lightsticks, surface mounts, lights for dashboards or deck, scene lights, sirens and controllers, speakers, and brackets. This can be especially helpful for customers who need to fully furnish one or a fleet of emergency vehicles by allowing them to purchase all needed accessories in one location.

Integrated Control Panel

One of the most unique products Feniex offers is the Feniex One, which acts as an integrated siren and lights dashboard and processor. It allows all lights and sirens in the vehicle to be connected to one main processor and allows the driver or controller of the vehicle to control all functions through a sleek touchscreen. This is very helpful for those who purchase all their equipment from Feniex and want to have full, easy control over everything.

Sleek, Compact Design

While not all Feniex’s products are as sleek as the newest models, generally the company’s merchandise has a sleek, compact look. Most metal is dark gray or black and the light bars are flat and slim. The overall appearance is professional and stands out against the sometimes bulky, clunky products from other companies. 


Feniex offers great bundle package deals for customers who want to outfit an entire police or emergency vehicle from one spot. This is extremely valuable for customers who know little about these products or who want the ease of being able to order them all at once. Few other emergency or police vehicle equipment outfitters offer these types of package deals. 


All of Feniex’s products are warrantied for a minimum of two years. A list of other products are warrantied for five years. This gives customers peace of mind about purchasing a product at Feniex knowing it is warrantied and guaranteed to function properly. Additionally, Feniex offers a 30-day return policy on unused merchandise (with a 20 percent restocking fee after seven days). 


The Bad

  • Expensive
  • Second-Party Dealers 


Most of Feneix’s products range on the expensive side of things when compared with other products on the market.

Second-Party Dealers

Customers can order products right from Feniex’s website; however, others may order from an authorized dealer of Feniex products. In this case, communication about those products generally needs to be taken up with the dealer instead of Feniex, potentially creating confusion or problems by having a middle man. This can be mitigated if customers choose to purchase directly from Feniex or by finding a trustworthy dealer of its products.


The Bottom Line

Feniex is a competitive emergency or police vehicle equipment outfitter based in Austin, Texas, serving costumes nationwide. The company’s wide range of products makes it an attractive place to purchase and equip entire fleets of vehicles, especially with a bundling option offered almost exclusively by Feniex and the new Feniex One product designed to integrate lights and sirens into one place. Additionally, Feneix offers a great two-year warranty on all products and a five-year warranty on selected products.

Products at Feniex are slightly more expensive than others on the market, but the products’ quality makes up for the cost by having sleek, compact, and very modern designs and functions. Some problems may occur if customers purchase through a second-party dealer, but these can be avoided if customers purchase directly through Feniex online.

Overall, we recommend this company for your emergency or police vehicle equipment needs.

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