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LAST UPDATED: September 9th, 2023

In today’s digital society, parents may find themselves in a stage where they need the convenience of instant communication with their child, but are hesitant to give their child a phone because of risks associated with smartphone usage such as exposure to adult content, bullying, screen addiction, and online predators. 

The Cosmo Smartwatch, as a child’s first device, is a bridge into the digital world for children and parents. With the smartwatch, parents and children benefit from the convenience of instant and secure communication while simultaneously offering children a sense of independence. The Cosmo Smartwatch includes the following features:

  • 4G connectivity on U.S. networks
  • Real-time GPS tracking
  • SOS alert mode
  • Geofencing
  • Secure phonebook
  • Locked-down internet
  • Wi-Fi enabled
  • Waterproof

The Good

  • Instant Communication Without Internet Access
  • GPS Tracking and Geofencing
  • Secure Phonebook
  • Durable and Waterproof
  • Free with 12-Month Subscription Plan
  • 30-Day Return Policy

Instant Communication Without Internet Access

Although there are apps and smartphones with parental control features, smartphones may still pose a risk to children through its core features such as internet browsing, social media, unrestricted messaging, and app stores. In contrast, the Cosmo Smartwatch does not have internet access or apps, easing monitoring concerns for parents. The smartwatch enables instant communication through voice calls, text messages, voice messages, and video calling on 4G LTE networks in the United States. The smartwatch also has an SOS alert mode where a child can ping their parents’ phone with an urgent alert and call emergency contacts.

GPS Tracking and Geofencing

The Cosmo Smartwatch provides real-time GPS tracking so parents can know their child’s location at all times. In addition to the GPS tracking, the smartwatch also offers geofencing where parents can set up safe zones and receive an alert if their child leaves the zone. Location accuracy depends on which method is being used to report the child’s location. When outside in an open area, the accuracy is between five to ten meters. When indoors connected to Wi-Fi, the accuracy is between 50 to 100 meters. Location Based Tracking (LBS) triangulates the watches position by using cell towers; the accuracy of LBS is between 500 to 2,000 meters. LBS is only used when both GPS and Wi-Fi are unavailable. 

Secure Phonebook

Through Cosmo Smartwatch’s secure phonebook, children are only able to call saved contacts. The phonebook can store up to 30 contacts enabling safe communication between the child and multiple family members and friends. Additionally, there is a block stranger calls feature in which calls from unknown numbers are blocked. 

Durable and Waterproof

Designed for children in kindergarten through eighth grade, the Cosmo Smartwatch is durable and waterproof. It has no glass features and is comfortable to wear. The watch is rated IP67: it is protected from dust and is waterproof in up to three feet of water for up to 30 minutes. The watch can withstand daily functions such as washing hands or rainy days, but it is recommended to remove before swimming or showering.

Free with 12-Month Subscription Plan

The Cosmo Smartwatch is free with free annual upgrades when parents sign up for a 12-month subscription. When parents opt for a 12-month subscription, they also receive a 30 percent discount on subscription services. Cosmo Smartwartch’s subscription includes unlimited 4G data, calls, and messaging. If parents do not want to commit to a year, they can sign up for the month-to-month subscription service and buy the device for 75 percent off. 

30-Day Return Policy

If parents are unsatisfied with the Cosmo Smartwatch, they can return the smartwatch for a refund of the initial activation fee, return shipping costs deducted, within 30 days of receipt.


The Bad

  • Short Time in Business
  • 6-Month Limited Warranty

Short Time in Business

There is no clear indication as to how reliable the smartwatches or services are as Cosmo Smartwatch has only been in the industry since June 2020.

6-Month Limited Warranty

Although a six-month warranty is included with the Cosmo Smartwatch, its competitor, the LG GizmoGadget, has a 12-month warranty.


The Bottom Line

The Cosmo Smartwatch provides parents and children a first device that is a simple and secure method of communication without the litany of risks associated with smartphone usage at an early age. The smartwatch has all key features desired in a smartwatch phone for children: calling, video calling, messaging, GPS enabled, geofencing, secure phonebook, durable, and SOS alerts. The overall cost of the watch and subscription services is similar to the LG GizmoGadget, but has the added benefit of unlimited 4G data, calls, and messaging that isn’t provided for the GizmoGadget when enrolled through Verizon Wireless.

Cosmo Smartwatch is new to the industry, and although it provides a six-month warranty, it is not clear how reliable the smartwatch or services are as it's only been in business since 2020. Parents are able to return the smartwatch within 30 days of receipt if they are unsatisfied with the services.

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RoJaLa Albany, GA

This watch is VERY cheaply made. It is difficult to navigate through the options - and at the same time, it is extremely easy to make an incorrect selection (like, accidentally changing the language to Korean when trying to change something else in the settings). Additionally, the watch has never worked correctly. It would never make nor receive calls - and the texting feature is very limited. It did not accurately track my child's location either - often showing him several states away, when I knew for a fact that he was just at our neighborhood park. Overall, pretty unhappy with the purchase and will just send my child out with a walkie-talkie as that is a better option than this watch.

2 years ago