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LAST UPDATED: December 12th, 2022

Complete Shooter is the premier basketball training organization in the state of Utah. The Complete Shooter organization currently trains 700+ basketball players per week, in 26 gyms, from St. George to Cache Valley. During his time as a basketball coach, Complete Shooter owner Kirk Miles realized that most players only rely on one or two of the four ways of scoring in a game. Kirk set out to help players become multidimensional scorers, and in 1998 the Complete Shooter system was born. The Complete Shooter philosophy maintains that hard work, practice, and long-term commitment will help basketball players master all of the mental and physical skills they need to become confident shooters and succeed in basketball and in life.


The Good

  • Measured Performance
  • Private and Semi-Private Lessons
  • Works with Players of All Ages

Measured Performance

To help players keep track of their performance and progress, Complete Shooter keeps track of every shot taken and sends weekly stats to the players and their parents. 

Additionally, Complete Shooter holds a semi-annual recognition night where all players are recognized for their improvements over six months. 

Private and Semi-Private Lessons

Players work with one of Complete Shooter’s trainers for one hour per week. The lessons are focused on teaching players how to attack the basket, foul shooting, mid-range shots, and shooting threes. Complete Shooter’s lessons are semi-private, allowing players to get instant feedback and constant course correction. 

Works with Players of All Ages

Complete Shooter works with athletes of all ages across 23 gyms from Springville, Utah to Cache Valley. Parents can enroll their elementary-aged children (third grade and up) into the program and high school students. College-aged players are welcome to sign up as well. 


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Information

Undisclosed Information

Unfortunately, there is no information on the website about how much Complete Shooter’s training program costs, contract lengths, or additional fees. Not disclosing this information on the website means that parents or players interested in signing up for the training program will have to call in order to get more information. 


The Bottom Line

Complete Shooter is an excellent resource for anyone looking to boost their basketball skills. The training program works with athletes of all ages and focuses on teaching players to be multi-dimensional shooters. Complete Shooter offers private and semi-private lessons to help players get the one-on-one attention they need. 

However, there is little to no information about how much it costs or how enrollment works. Consumers are left wondering if they are to pay a one-time fee or if Complete Shooter works on a monthly payment plan. While consumers can call Steven Miles and find out the answers to these questions, it would be nice if Complete Shooter would provide this information directly on the website.

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David Nielson Pleasant Grove, UT

Before my son met Kirk Miles and started working with Kirk and doing his shooting drills on a regular basis he had never been the leading scorer on any of his teams. During his junior year in high school he averaged 1.2 points per game playing varsity. After working with Kirk and employing his shooting techniques my son became one of the high scorers on his varsity high school team. I have had three boys work with Kirk and they all love working with him and have gained confidence and have improved in their technique. He loves to see them succeed as much as their parents.

1 year ago

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Brendon Morris Pleasant Grove, UT

Before I worked with the Complete Shooter team I thought my shot was complete, my numbers were good, I felt I had the complete shot but I in fact didn't reach my full potential until I started working with Coach Miles and Complete Shooter, they found and helped me fix the small things that really improved my shot as well as other aspects of my game, and made my percentages skyrocket! I recommend every player work with the Complete Shooter team if they are serious about improving their game and pursuing a future in basketball!

1 year ago

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Kyle Colingsworth Pleasant Grove, UT

The techniques and shooting systems that Complete Shooter has developed helped me to build confidence in all areas of my game! For instance I was a 57 % foul shooter so at the end of the game I wouldn't attack the basket because I didn't want to shoot a foul shot, I was afraid I would miss at the line and cost my team the game. The Complete Shooters foul shooting system change that for me!!! They helped become a 80% foul shooter!!! So now I attack the basket at all points of the game. I would recommend Complete Shooter to anyone that is serious about the game!!!

1 year ago Edited November 30, 2022


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Landon Taylor Three Forks, MT

They have a organized and thoughtful system that has been developed over many years of experience. Their trainers are dialed in with the system so the quality of training is top notch. Also love how they track results and provide a leaderboard to add a competitive flair. Awesome program!!

1 year ago