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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

BVW Designs has provided custom jewelry solutions and other services in northern Nevada since 2005. BVW Jewelers customizes and tailors jewelry from designer brands like Fana and Parade. BVW offers both natutal diamonds and lab-grown diamonds. 

The BVW Jewelers specialize in providing custom engagement rings. Fine jewelry and other diamond solutions are available to BVW Jewelers clients. 


The Good

  • Customization Details
  • Diamond and Brand Selection
  • Firearm Work
  • Additional Jewelry Services

Customization Details

There are several benefits of working with BVW Jewelers when it comes to customizing jewelers in comparison to other providers in the industry. Most jewelry stores take 6-8 weeks to get a customized ring to the client, but BVW Jewelers gets those same rings to clients in as little as 30 days. All customization treatments are done in the store, there is no outsourcing or sending rings off to other professionals. The ring will not be turned over to the client until they are 100 percent satisfied with the work BVW Jewelers has provided. This level of care and expedited service is not often replicated within the jeweler business. 

Diamond and Brand Selection

One of the more impressive aspects of the BVW Jewelers service is its selection of diamonds and brands. For a local jeweler, BVW Jewelers has an impressive reach in both areas. Designers or brands that BVW Jewelers works with include the following:

  • Fana
  • BVW Designs
  • Danhov
  • Kattan
  • Parade
  • Lilly V.
  • Lashbrook

Clients interested in an engagement ring or other fine jewelry will likely find a brand, designer, and cut that suits their needs. 

Firearm Work

The most unique service offered by BVW Jewelers is its custom-designed firearms solutions. Clients interested in personalizing firearms or getting them engraved can utilize BVW Jewelers. BVW Jewelers will do work on the following types of firearms:

  • Colt
  • Rock Armory
  • Citadel

Not many jewelers will offer customized solutions or engraving services to clients looking to add an extra flare to a favorite firearm, so this service sets the company apart.

Additional Jewelry Services

BVW Jewelers offers the following additional services:

  • Jewelry repair
  • Jewelry appraisals 
  • Jewelry cleaning
  • Engraving services

While many jewelers will focus heavily on selling new jewelry, BVW Jewelers ensures that those high-end jewelry receive proper care and attention.


The Bad

  • Limited Service Area
  • Limited Ring Styles

Limited Service Area

As a locally owned and operated company, BVW Jewelers remains committed to serving the greater Reno, Nevada area. That means that those outside of this service area will not be able to utilize the customization solutions offered by BVW Jewelers. Other large brand jewelry stores have a more national reach, but BVW Jewelers remain committed to its northern Nevada service area. 

Limited Ring Styles

While BVW Jewelers offers customized solutions to clients looking for engagement rings, there is a limit to what ring styles can be incorporated.

Currently, the only ring styles available to BVW Jewelers clients include halo, classic, solitaire, and engraved. Other jewelers may have more ring styles for clients interested in purchasing or designing an engagement ring. 


The Bottom Line

BVW Jewelers provides a number of customized solutions for clients who want unique jewelry pieces. Additionally, the quality and number of diamonds and brands available to BVW Jewelers clients is impressive, especially for a smaller operation. The most unique solution provided by BVW Jewelers is the customized firearm service. Lastly, VVW Jewelers offers a wide range of jewelry services outside of design and creation, particularly in the maintenance area. 

While there are a number of reasons clients would want to work with BVW Jewelers for customized jewelry, there are limitations to be aware of as well. As a smaller jewelry provider, BVW Jewelers is limited in its service area only servicing northern Nevada, particularly the greater Reno area. Also, prospective clients should be aware that the ring styles that BVW Jewelers works with are more limited than other providers.

Clients interested in customized options for jewelry or firearms living in northern Nevada would find the services offered by BVW Jewelers to be high quality and efficient.  

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