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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

The Best Rep App is Best Company’s proprietary application designed for sales representatives. The app allows sales reps to easily request and manage referrals, as well as build a personal brand and online reputation via customer endorsements, all in one place.

Best Company developed the Best Rep App as part of its mission to empower businesses, consumers, and sales reps to make informed purchasing decisions, especially on big-ticket home services such as solar, home security, and pest control, among other industries. 

Since many home service industries employ a large team of door-to-door sales reps, Best Company saw a need for these reps to be able to easily manage their contacts, referrals, payouts, and personal reputations, both at the point of sale and throughout the sales journey.

Because of its unique expertise in reputation marketing, Best Company was uniquely positioned to develop the Best Rep App. It was released in 2022 and continues to improve according to the needs of sales reps in various industries. 

Read on for a full review of the Best Rep App and its key features.


The Good

  • Request and Manage Referrals and Endorsements
  • Build Your Personal Brand as a Sales Rep
  • Messaging Feature
  • Payout Feature

Request and Manage Referrals and Endorsements

The Best Rep App allows sales reps to request and manage referrals and endorsements. Sales reps can simply navigate to the Request tab within the app and input the contact information for the person from whom they are seeking either a referral or an endorsement. Requests can also be sent to multiple contacts at once.

The next step in the process, which can also be managed on the Best Rep App, is for the sales rep to determine the payout he or she wants to give the person who submits a referral. Sales reps can choose different payout amounts for referrals vs. sales (i.e., You send your contact $5 for each referral they give you, but an additional $20 if any referral becomes a sale.)

Sales reps can personalize the message that gets sent over text to the person receiving the referral or endorsement request. The app provides the option to choose from personally created templates or type a unique message each time.

Once a sales rep sends off a referral or endorsement request, the conversation is kept in the Message tab of the app, allowing sales reps to easily see all of their communications, referrals, and payouts in one place.

Build Your Personal Brand as a Sales Rep

One unique and exciting feature of the Best Rep App is that each individual sales rep within a company can have his or her own profile on the app, where their personal endorsements, awards, and bio is housed.

This profile has a couple of important benefits. For starters, sales reps who go door to door can use their profile as proof of credibility and include evidence of endorsements in their sales pitch. Additionally, since this profile is unique to the sales rep and not to the company at large, sales reps can use their profile to legitimize their success as a rep, even when switching companies or in between jobs.

A sales rep’s profile on the Best Rep App can also be linked to the rep’s social accounts, including LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Sales reps receive a personal star rating based on the average rating of their endorsements and can publicize this rating if desired to further prove their success and capability as a rep.

Messaging Feature

One convenient feature of the Best Rep App is its Message tab. When sales reps send messages within the Best Rep App to customers, referrals, or anyone else, those messages are delivered as text messages to the recipients. And, when recipients reply to the messages, the sales rep receives the replies in the Best Rep App.

This ability to text within the app allows sales reps to easily see who they’re texting, what payouts were promised, and who the person they’re talking to was referred by. The Message tab is also where reps can easily click Yes or No to send a payout.

Payout Feature

Managing payouts can often be a pain point for sales reps, due to a number of reasons such as the rep forgetting the payout amount, having to write personal checks and send them off in the mail (which is time consuming and inefficient), or having complicated internal reporting procedures surrounding payouts.

The Best Rep App solves each of these problems by providing a payout structure that is simple for the sales rep and convenient for the person receiving the payout. Essentially, all the sales rep has to do is click Yes or No on whether to send a payout, and Best Company handles the payment on the backend by charging the rep’s credit card and sending the money to the recipient through a method of their choice (Venmo, Amazon gift card, or check in the mail).


The Bad

  • New and Unproven

New and Unproven

The Best Rep App has only been on the market a few short months and doesn’t yet have a proven track record of success. Newer apps also tend to have more bugs that need fixing and require a lot of updates before they really run seamlessly.

This doesn’t mean the app isn’t worth trying, but sales reps may experience some bumps along the way trying to incorporate the app into their day-to-day process.


The Bottom Line

The Best Rep App is proof of Best Company’s commitment to empowering businesses and individuals to make smart connections and purchasing decisions in the home service industries. 

The app provides a simple and easy-to-use platform for sales reps to manage their referrals and payouts, receive endorsements, and build their personal reputations. While the Best Rep App is still fairly new and is sure to have some bug fixes along the way, any sales rep looking to level up their door-to-door approach or streamline their sales and payout process would do well to download the app and create a profile today.

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