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LAST UPDATED: July 7th, 2020

BeLiteWeight was created in 2004 by passionate weight loss surgery patients who wanted to help others in their weight loss journeys. With 20 patient counselors and administrators, BeLiteWeight has an experienced and dedicated team committed to connecting patients to surgeons for affordable bariatric (weight loss) surgeries. 

BeLiteWeight has been the affordable weight loss surgery industry leader for more than 14 years and has served over 14,000 patients. With full-service hospitals in multiple locations in the United States, Mexico, and Europe, patients have access to a full spectrum of affordable weight loss surgeries:

  • Gastric Sleeve
  • Vertical Sleeve Gastrectomy
  • Lap Band (Gastric Band)
  • Gastric Bypass (Roux-en-Y)
  • Mini Gastric Bypass
  • Duodenal Switch (DS)
  • Gastric Plication (Gastric Sleeve Plication)
  • Metabolic Surgery for Diabetes
  • Revision Weight Loss Surgery


The Good

  • Provides In-House Financing or Lender Options
  • Works with Medicare Coverage
  • Provides Patient Counselors 
  • Surgeons Disclosed 

Provides In-House Financing or Lender Options

Some states have laws that require insurance companies to cover bariatric surgeries if it is deemed medically necessary and if the patient meets the criteria set by the National Institute of Health. 

To qualify for coverage, a patient’s doctor needs to submit a Letter of Medical Necessity to the insurance company that includes information such as the weight and Body Mass Index (BMI) of the patient, how long the patient has been overweight, medical conditions related to obesity, and diet and weight loss programs attempted in the past.

Although certain insurance plans may cover bariatric surgeries, the qualification documentation may take years and requests for coverage may be denied. In cases where a patient’s insurance does not cover bariatric surgeries, BeLiteWeight has options available to make the surgery a possibility. If a patient has a down payment available and can make at least $150 per month payments, they may qualify for BeLiteWeight’s in-house financing. 

In addition to in-house financing, BeLiteWeight lists lender options through Citerra Finance, Financing Solutions, and United Medical Credit that may also help patients acquire funds for their weight loss surgery.

Works with Medicare Coverage

In 2007, BeLiteWeight expanded to provide a Medicare Coordination Department. This department helps patients with Medicare A and B coverage coordinate Lap Band, Gastric Sleeve, and Gastric Bypass surgeries. BeLiteWeight streamlined the process of meeting Medicare requirements for weight loss surgery approval, cutting time down from years to as early as four to six weeks.

Provides Patient Counselors

For each patient, BeLiteWeight provides Patient Counselors who are experienced and dedicated to helping people receive weight loss surgery. Many of the Patient Counselors have had weight loss surgery themselves or have a family member or friend that has gone through the process.

Patient counselors work with patients and their unique medical situations to find an affordable weight loss surgery solution and create an individualized plan of action. BeLiteWeight Patient Counselors additionally support the patient by following up after the surgery. 

Surgeons Disclosed

BeLiteWeight discloses the surgeons it partners with on its website. Potential patients can read profiles on each surgeon that includes information on their education, certifications, experience, research, professional organizations, and achievements. This may offer potential patients confidence and reassurance that they will be well taken care of during their surgery and recovery.


The Bad

  • Some Facilities Undisclosed
  • Price Ranges Undisclosed

Some Facilities Undisclosed

BeLiteWeight states that it is partnered with bariatric surgeons in multiple locations in the United States, Europe, and Mexico. However, under the facilities section for the United States, it does not state the name of the hospital or hospitals. Under facilities abroad, it gives details for two hospitals in Tijuana and Juarez, Mexico. There is no information disclosed for facilities in Europe. 

Price Ranges Undisclosed

There are no price ranges disclosed on BeLiteWeight’s website for the bariatric surgeries offered due to unique medical conditions and needs of each patient. For this reason, it is unclear how much more affordable weight loss surgery is through BeLiteWeight’s partnered surgeons in comparison to other bariatric surgeons. To obtain pricing information, potential clients need to fill out a form and discuss surgery options with a patient counselor.


The Bottom Line

For patients apprehensive about traveling abroad for medical care, we recommend asking BeLiteWeight about its United States locations or recommend looking into other weight loss surgery options. 

BeLiteWeight is a good option for patients interested in weight loss surgery who need affordable options without insurance. For interested clients apprehensive about weight loss surgery, BeLiteWeight is unique in that it provides personal patient counselors that support patients each step of the way from financing to recovery.

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