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LAST UPDATED: May 16th, 2024

Balance 7™ is a health and wellness company that specializes in a unique liquid dietary supplement aimed at maintaining the body's pH balance. Marketed as an alkalizing solution, the product claims to boost energy, improve digestion, and enhance overall health by neutralizing excess acidity in the body.

Balance 7 was founded in 1999 by Al Siamon who was inspired to create Balance 7 after overcoming personal health challenges, including cancer and heart surgery. The current CEO of Balance 7 is Dr. Ahmad Nooristani, a health professional with over 15 years in the medical field and a focus on holistic medical approaches.

The Balance 7 supplement claims to revitalize the immune system in just three days and has been featured in Forbes Health, the Wall Street Journal, ABC, and Yahoo.


The Good

  • Product Concept and Innovation
  • Range of Balance 7 Products
  • Free Shipping on All Orders
  • Marketing and Outreach

Product Concept and Innovation

Balance 7’s development of a liquid supplement that is easy to consume and integrates seamlessly into daily routines offers a significant advantage over pill-based supplements. Thus, if you prefer liquid supplements over pills and/or have a difficult time swallowing pills, the fact that Balance 7 is a liquid supplement could be beneficial for you.

In addition, Balance 7's focus on pH balance is a distinctive niche within the health supplement market. The idea of alkalizing the body to promote wellness may be appealing to health-conscious consumers looking for natural and preventive health solutions.

Range of Balance 7 Products

Balance 7 has a range products, including the following:

  • Balance 7 — the innovative alkaline concentrate supplement intended to boost the immune system and support energy levels, body detox, and digestion
  • Best Brew — a creamer/sugar replacement for coffee that reduces acid
  • My Smooth Skin — a skin conditioner that balances, relieves, exfoliates, and cleanses
  • Rapid Response — a soothing alkaline wound wash that cleanses and relieves pain

All products are available in a range of sizes and bundles. The Balance 7 product offers the most flexibility in size/bundle, allowing you to customize your order to how you use the product.

Free Shipping On All Orders

Shipping is free on all orders placed on the Balance 7 website. Some products and product bundles have a high price tag; for example, one 32 ounce bottle of Balance 7 (11 day supply) is $39.99. In most cases, you can save more money if you buy bundled products, such as a pack of four 32 ounce Balance 7 products, which is priced at $76.99. Based on these product costs, it can be helpful to save a little bit of money on shipping costs.

Marketing and Outreach

Balance 7 has employed a robust marketing campaign that leverages social media, influencers, and testimonials from high-profile users, which effectively boosts the brand's visibility and credibility.

The company provides informative content about the importance of pH balance and the benefits of their product. This educational approach helps consumers make informed decisions and understand the product's benefits.


The Bad

  • Scientific Backing and Transparency
  • Pricing and Accessibility

Scientific Backing and Transparency

While Balance 7 promotes the benefits of pH balance, the scientific backing for the specific claims made about their product is limited. More comprehensive clinical studies would enhance credibility and consumer trust. In addition, providing more detailed information about the ingredients and the science behind the formulation would be beneficial. Transparency in sourcing and manufacturing practices could also reassure customers about the product's quality and safety.

Pricing and Accessibility

The product is relatively expensive compared to other supplements, which may be a barrier for some potential customers.

In addition, the availability of Balance 7 is limited at retail locations, making it difficult to know where to purchase the product. However, Balance 7 and other products are all available online and can be shipped to nearly any location nationwide.


The Bottom Line

Balance 7 is a promising company with a unique product that addresses a specific aspect of health and wellness. The Balance 7 supplement is an innovative liquid supplement that is designed to balance the body’s pH levels, while also improving digestion and boosting energy. The supplement is available to purchase at some retail locations, but is most easily purchased online through the Balance 7 website, through which you can also secure free shipping.

It’s important to note that the Balance 7 supplement and other Balance 7 products may be priced higher than other supplements in the industry. However, the product quality is renowned and has been featured in a variety of publications and platforms, including Forbes Health and the Wall Street Journal.

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