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LAST UPDATED: July 9th, 2021

Aya Healthcare is one of the largest travel nursing agencies in the United States.

With healthcare workers in high demand, Aya is reimagining healthcare staffing and workforce solutions. Aya's online platform allows healthcare facilities to view the largest pool of available contract clinicians in the country.


The Good

  • Resources for Healthcare Facilities
  • High Retention Rate
  • Resources for Employees
  • Scholarships
  • Thousands of Open Jobs

Resources for Healthcare Facilities

If you're a healthcare administrator, you are well aware of how being short-staffed can domino into a whole slew of problems; that's where Aya comes in. Staffing problems can be resolved easily with Aya. The online platform is a fantastic resource for all healthcare providers as it provides you with access to one of the largest sources of contract clinicians, traveling nurses, locums, and more — with 475,000 weekly jobs viewed and 45,500 weekly travel assignments self-selected by clinicians. 

As you work with Aya's Locums* Division, you can expect the following benefits:

  • A single, dedicated team member that will help assign qualified candidates
  • Access to a nationwide network of pre-screened and vetted providers
  • An experienced locum recruitment team
  • Competitive rates 
  • Detailed invoicing
  • No administrative, daily, seasonal, or additional fees

Whether your healthcare facility needs travel nurses, therapists, allied healthcare professionals, locums, or all of the above, Aya can help. The company supplies each of its clients with dedicated account management, clinical, credentialing, and support teams. Plus, you'll work alongside the recruiting force to ensure you receive quality travel nurses and healthcare professionals to your facility.

*Locum tenens physicians fill in for other physicians temporarily for a range of a few days to up to six months or more.

High Retention Rate

Aya Healthcare boasts that it has one of the highest retention rates in the industry because of how much it obsesses over making its employees happy. 

Currently, Aya Healthcare has less than a 1.9% clinical cancellation rate.

Resources for Employees

If you are on the fence about signing up to be a travel nurse with Aya, the benefits might be enough to entice you. Listed below are the travel nursing benefits with Aya:

  • 401k Plan
  • Medical Plan
  • Sick Pay
  • Perks and Discounts

One other benefit that our research team discovered is that Aya offers unlimited PTO. Now be aware that there are some stipulations and a waiting period (so if this is the deciding factor to whether you work with Aya or not, be sure you know all of the details). 


Aya offers several scholarships to its employees. There are scholarships for nurses who are just starting and scholarships for those who want to continue their education. 

Aya currently provides up to ten $1,000 scholarships each year for students entering or currently pursuing an accredited nursing program. 

Thousands of Open Jobs

Travel nurses are in high demand, meaning there are thousands of job opportunities. Whether you're looking for a position in the OR or ER, or Labor and Delivery, Aya gives you access to the largest database of positions available. 

If you're looking to fill a position, you can go onto Aya's website and search through any available jobs. Each assignment states the required profession (registered nurse, allied, locum tenens, or non-clinical), specialty, location, shift time, and start date. If you are interested, simply click on the link to learn more about that specific assignment. 

At the time this article was written, there were over 25,000 open travel nursing assignments available. 


The Bad

  • Pay Will Vary

Pay Will Vary

Unfortunately, if you sign up to be a travel nurse, you shouldn't expect a steady paycheck. Aya goes into more detail on the website, but ultimately your decisions will affect how much money goes into your pocket.

Aya explains that if you're looking to optimize your pay, it's best to choose specialties that are in high demand.

Also, where you choose to work will affect your income. For example, a travel Labor and Delivery nurse in California will most likely make more than a PCU nurse in Iowa. 


The Bottom Line

As a leading provider of healthcare staffing — servicing over 1,400 healthcare facilities in the United States — Aya Healthcare stands out in the industry. The company has helped fill thousands of healthcare positions with trustworthy and qualified individuals.

The company's online platform is an excellent resource for healthcare facilities as it provides access to the largest source of contract clinicians.

Additionally, it's a great resource for travel nurses, allied health professionals, locums, and others, as they can easily search for and find open assignments that work for them.

If you are an employee, just keep in mind that your pay will vary depending on where you go and which assignments you take. This is to be expected, but it doesn't mean it won't come as a surprise when your paycheck looks different each time you open it. 

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