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LAST UPDATED: May 6th, 2024

Dr. Kiser, a trained dentist and specialist in Mansfield, along with his staff at Advanced Dentistry & Dental Implant Center, offer a wide range of dental expertise across various disciplines. This comprehensive skill set allows patients to receive simple family dental care as well as complex dentistry or surgery without needing referrals to multiple dental offices.

The services provided include general family dentistry, cosmetic dental procedures such as fillings, crowns, and veneers, hygiene care, dental implant reconstruction, dentures and partials, implant-supported dentures, and same-day implants. Specialty procedures, such as root canal treatments and surgeries, can also be performed with the option of IV sedation for patient comfort.

The practice has dental hygienists on staff who specialize in prevention, cleanings, fluoride treatments, sealants, bleaching, and addressing gingivitis and periodontal disease. Dr. Kiser, with a career serving over 10,000 patients, provides care with a high level of professionalism and expertise.


The Good

  • Services Offered
  • Implant Specialty
  • Office Benefits
  • Affordability

Services Offered

Advanced Dentistry & Dental Implant Center, the leading dental practice in Mansfield, offers a wide range of services including general dentistry, endodontics, dental implants, periodontal surgery, cosmetic procedures, root canals, and more. The center is qualified and well-equipped to provide these treatments.

  • General Dentistry: Advanced Dentistry offers a range of foundational services, including exams, routine cleanings, cavity assessments, and other similar procedures.
  • Endodontics: Rely on the experienced team of Advanced Dentistry for root canal treatments, oral surgery, dental trauma care, implants, and other procedures.
  • Implant Dentistry: Advanced Dentistry provides assistance to patients requiring implants to replace teeth lost due to periodontal disease or injury.
  • Periodontal Surgery: The board-certified team of dentists at the practice is equipped to perform periodontal surgery, including deep cleaning to remove excessive tartar buildup.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: Individuals seeking to enhance their smile for a more confident, bright appearance can visit the team at Advanced Dentistry.
  • Root Canal Therapy: Advanced Dentistry offers root canal treatments to repair and save infected teeth.

Implant Specialty

Through its implant specialty, Advanced Dentistry aims to provide patients with high-quality, reliable tooth replacement options, restoring function and enhancing the appearance of their smiles. The types of implants available through Advanced Dentistry & Dental Implant Center include the following:

  • Root form, Zygomatic and Pterygoid Implants: At Advanced Dentistry, the skilled dental team can implant root form, zygomatic, and pterygoid implants to place artificial teeth.
  • Teeth In a Day: The practice also offers a "Teeth In A Day" service, allowing patients undergoing extractions to have implants placed on the same day. 
  • Jaw Reconstruction: For those who have experienced facial trauma or jaw infections, Advanced Dentistry provides jaw reconstruction therapy.
  • Aesthetics: The team is committed to helping patients achieve their ideal smile through expert aesthetic dentistry.

Advanced Dentistry offers a specialized implant service for patients who need to replace missing teeth. Those within the geographic service area should consider Advanced Dentistry to solve these types of dental issues. 

Office Benefits

Advanced Dentistry & Dental Implant Center in Ohio offers several benefits to patients seeking dental care and treatment. These include:

  • Comprehensive Services: The center provides a broad range of dental services, including general dentistry, cosmetic procedures, endodontics, dental implants, and periodontal surgery, allowing patients to receive all their care in one location.
  • Advanced Technology: The practice uses state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to deliver high-quality dental care, ensuring accurate diagnostics and effective treatments.
  • Experienced Team: The center boasts a team of skilled dental professionals who have extensive experience in various dental disciplines, providing patients with expert care.
  • Personalized Treatment Plans: The dental team creates customized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs and goals, ensuring the best possible outcomes.
  • Comfortable Environment: The center prioritizes patient comfort by providing a welcoming and relaxing atmosphere, as well as offering sedation options for those who may experience anxiety during dental procedures.
  • Patient Education: The practice focuses on educating patients about their dental health, treatment options, and preventive care, empowering them to make informed decisions about their oral health.
  • Streamlined Care: Patients benefit from efficient and coordinated care, with a variety of services available under one roof, saving time and effort.
  • Focus on Preventive Care: The center emphasizes preventive measures such as cleanings, fluoride treatments, and sealants to help maintain long-term oral health.
  • Convenient Location: The center's location in Ohio provides convenience for local residents seeking high-quality dental care.
  • Positive Reputation: Advanced Dentistry & Dental Implant Center has a positive reputation in the community for its commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction.

These benefits make Advanced Dentistry & Dental Implant Center a top choice for patients in Ohio seeking comprehensive, advanced dental care.


Dr. Kiser and the team at Mansfield, a top-rated family dental practice, are dedicated to offering competent and caring services to patients of all ages. The practice provides a range of treatments, from routine cleanings and general dentistry to implants and dentures, in a comfortable and safe environment. The Mansfield endodontist is a skilled specialist who also offers cosmetic and corrective dentistry services to help patients achieve a bright, confident smile. Additionally, the practice works with a variety of dental insurance plans.


The Bad

  • Potential Downsides

Potential Downsides

While Advanced Dentistry & Dental Implant Center offers numerous benefits to patients, there may be a few potential downsides for some individuals:

  • Cost: Advanced dental treatments, including dental implants and other specialized procedures, can be expensive. Patients may find that certain services are not covered by their insurance or that there are high out-of-pocket costs.
  • Appointment Availability: Due to high demand, it may be challenging to schedule appointments at convenient times, potentially leading to longer wait times for new patient consultations or specific procedures.
  • Accessibility: Depending on the center's location, some patients may find it challenging to access the practice, particularly if they live in more remote areas or face transportation issues.
  • Complex Procedures: While Advanced Dentistry & Dental Implant Center offers a wide range of services, some complex treatments may require multiple visits, longer recovery times, or additional follow-up care.
  • Communication: In some cases, patients may experience communication issues, such as difficulty reaching staff for scheduling or follow-up questions, although this can vary depending on the practice's management and protocols.
  • Variety of Services: While offering many different services under one roof can be convenient, some patients may prefer specialists for certain procedures, potentially leading them to seek care from other providers.
  • Personal Preferences: Each patient has individual preferences and expectations for dental care. Some patients may find that their specific needs or preferences are not fully met at the center.

Advanced Dentistry & Dental Implant Center aims to provide high-quality, comprehensive dental care. Potential patients should take these factors into account when determining whether the practice suits their needs. Consulting with the practice directly is advisable for any questions or concerns regarding their services.


The Bottom Line

Advanced Dentistry & Dental Implant Center provides comprehensive, high-quality dental care to patients in Ohio. The center’s experienced team of professionals offers a wide range of services, including general dentistry, cosmetic procedures, dental implants, and specialized treatments such as endodontics and periodontal surgery. By combining advanced technology with personalized care, the center strives to create a comfortable and welcoming environment for patients of all ages. Whether patients need routine cleanings or complex restorative procedures, they can rely on Advanced Dentistry & Dental Implant Center to help them achieve optimal oral health and a bright, confident smile.

While Advanced Dentistry & Dental Implant Center strives to offer high-quality, comprehensive dental care, potential patients should consider all factors in deciding whether the practice is the right fit for them. It's always a good idea to consult with the practice directly to address any concerns or questions about their services.

Patients in need of high quality care, specifically in the implant realm, should consider seeking out the dental expertise of the Advanced Dentistry & Dental Implant Center.

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