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LAST UPDATED: September 10th, 2019

Wall Street Funding started in 2008, and is headquartered in New York City. The company claims to be one of the nation's fastest growing small business loan providers, and aspires to help people and organizations with financial needs. Wall Street Funding helps the companies that are typically turned down for poor credit, and offers funding against business future cash flow. Wall Street Funding's cash advances do not require collateral, and businesses can get approved within 24 hours of applying. Clients don't have to worry about an application fee, or any upfront fees. Consumers that choose Wall Street Funding should remember that they must have a credit score of 550 or higher.

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The Good

  • Easy Application Process
  • Cash Advances
  • Little Business Experience Required
  • Bad Credit Options

Easy Application Process

Wall Street Funding offers the ability for clients to get a quote within just two hours. Applying is completely free, and those interested are instructed to reach out to a Wall Street Funding specialist by phone. People and businesses can then apply online, or send an email to the company. The website does not explain if the phone specialists are certified with any organizations. After the application portion is completed, applicants can get approved in less than 24 hours. For cash advances, the company has a 90 percent approval rate.

Cash Advances

The company does not provide typical business-to-business loans, but instead offers cash advances. Based on business generated revenue, clients are funded from $3k-$500k. Once the client establishes a relationship with Wall Street Funding, and builds their business credit, some business can get funded up to $750,000. The company boasts no upfront fees or compounded interest. Clients can potentially receive funding in as little as 24 hours, with no prepayment penalties. Businesses are more likely to obtain quick funding if they have a high sales volume and good bank statements. Borrowers are free to use the funding in whatever way they choose, whether that be for inventory, advertising, expansion, paying off debt, for the payroll, or for renovation.

Little Business Experience Required

Conveniently, the company only requires client businesses to be running for at least 60 days before application. This is shorter than many small business loan companies in the industry require. The average requirement is sometimes around two years. Wall Street Funding offers an advance with a fixed payback amount, and is not the typical lender. The New York company purchases a section of the business's future gross revenue receivables based on established parameters from Wall Street Funding consultants. Wall Street Funding charges an advanced amount and percentage that best fits the business's circumstances.

Bad Credit Options

Unlike many small business loan companies, Wall Street Funding welcomes people of all credit scores. In-house Wall Street Funding financial analysts do check applicant credit scores, but the website does not advertise a minimum credit score requirement. Wall Street Funding uses its own unique underwriting process to offer businesses a way to get funds quickly, even if they are in debt or have poor credit history. Clients with bad credit may even qualify for Wall Street Funding's financial aid. It should be noted that businesses must be making at least $10,000 in bank deposits per month, based on credit or ACH sales, to qualify for a cash advance.


The Bad

  • Website Lacks Information
  • Limited Customer Service
  • Limited Office Locations

Website Lacks Information

The website leaves out a lot of key information that is important to know upfront. Wall Street Funding does not explain interest rates, what the company charges on the dollar, and origination fee amounts. Wall Street Funding does not explain cash advance specifications, or repayment terms. The website also has multiple spelling and grammar errors, and does not have a Privacy Policy, or Terms and Conditions page.

Limited Customer Service

While Wall Street Funding provides a phone number, the company does not provide a contact email for customer questions or inquiries. There is also no live chat option. The fact that the company only offers a phone number for communication is challenging, since multiple customers have claimed it is hard to reach a Wall Street Funding representative.

Limited Office Locations

Wall Street Funding only has one physical office, located in New York City. It is not specified whether to not services are available in more states than just New York.


The Bottom Line

Wall Street Funding provides financial help to businesses through cash advances, rather than business-to-business loans. Cash advance approvals are not credit-based, and the company welcomes clients with bad credit scores. The company's underwriting process is flexible, and Wall Street Funding does not charge upfront or application fees. Clients can get approved in 24 hours after submitting their application, and funded within 72 hours. The company doesn't provide information on interest rates, additional fees, state availability, or repayment terms. Because Wall Street Funding does not disclose important information upfront we recommend exploring other options for small business loan services.

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