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In 2012, United Capital Source helped businesses get more than $30 million. Future forecasts suggest that UCS can provide $4 million on the monthly level within the coming years. One recent press release that United Capital Source published says they helped over 100 businesses during a one-month period in 2013, injecting over $3.95 million into businesses that needed short-term cash. That number includes the company's direct and indirect funding sources.

While these stats are impressive, the company is missing too much information on their site for us to recommend them. Read our United Capital Source review below to see why.

Typical Borrowers

Typical borrowers can be those with bad credit needing small loans, or those with good credit looking to get a large amount of quick funds.

Best Uses

The company provides funds to increase cash flow. Many companies use the loans to buy supplies, pay additional employee wages, cover unexpected costs, and more.

The Borrowing Process

United Capital Source offers a team of business lending specialists to discuss requirements and the best options for funding.

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The Good

  • Fast funding
  • No collateral needed
  • Referral rewards program

Service Features

  • It only takes five days to get funding
  • They approve both start-ups and established businesses
  • Borrow up to $2 million

No Collateral or Personal Guarantee Needed

With a loan from United Capital Source, you do not need a personal guarantee or collateral. This may mean that the interest rates are higher, however, small businesses with no credit history or collateral will always need to pay higher interest rates.

Referral Rewards Program

Additionally, UCS has a referral program for both its financing and POS customers. The benefits of using this referral service include, competitive pricing for business referrals, referred businesses get to work closely with a dedicated sales representative, and online login options and reporting for business referrals.

The Bad

  • Limited information
  • Factoring for MCA loans

Limited Information

There are some key pieces of information missing from their the data UCS makes public.

  • There is no information about interest rates on UCS's website
  • There is no information about additional fees on UCS's website
  • There is no information about loan term lengths on UCS's website
  • There may be prepayment penalties
  • Requires a minimum revenue of $10k per month to be considered

UCS Uses Factoring for MCA Loans

Factoring is when a business sells your loan to a third party. This allows funds to be transferred to your account quicker, but it comes at a price. Fees from a lender that uses factoring are typically much higher than bank interest rates; a typical 4 percent monthly fee is roughly a 48 percent APR.

Factoring borrows money from future anticipated invoices, meaning that your long-term cash flow can be put at risk of being seriously undermined.

Unsecured Lending Means Higher Rates

Another problem with UCS is the lack of secured lending available. An unsecured loan (meaning you don't put up any personal or business collateral) is great for business owners who have no collateral. But, it also means that interest rates will be higher (to make up for clients potentially not paying loans back). In most cases, it is best to secure a loan with your business' collateral.

Missing Key Pieces of Information

Our biggest concern with with United Capital Source is that they do not disclose key pieces of information on their site - and it's information that is widely available by the top business loan providers. While we do know the requirements to apply for a loan with UCS, we don't know how long their loans are offered for. We wish they would tell us how many years (or months) loans need to be paid back in.

UCS also does not disclose any information about fees. This includes interest rates, APR, origination fees, and closing fees. We assume that because these rates are not shown online, they are higher than other companies.
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The Bottom Line

There are several things to like about United Capital Source, including their easy-to-meet loan requirements. However, the bottom line is that we cannot recommend a company that withholds as much as UCS does. They do not show their fees or specific information (including terms and interest rates) about each product.

Also, we would warn businesses to be wary of factoring as a means of short-term income. If you are looking for a more traditional small business loans from a transparent company, check out our top recommend companies for small business loans - CAN Capital or Kabbage.
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