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LAST UPDATED: June 4th, 2020

Kalamata Capital was founded in October 2013 by Steven Mandis, who formerly worked for Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. Kalamata Capital provides funding for small businesses. Some customers qualify for funding from Kalamata Capital directly and the company also partners with a network of other funding companies.

Kalamata Capital works with customers on a variety of funding options, including receivables-based merchant financing, Small Business Administration (SBA) loans, lines of credit, factoring receivables, using 401(k) rollovers, or utilizing luxury assets as collateral for small business loans. You must apply for funding pre-qualification and be accepted before you can determine what kinds of funding you qualify for and what the terms and cost of that funding will be. Consumers who choose Kalamata Capital should remember that they must have a credit score of 550 or higher.

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The Good

  • Simplified Application Process
  • No Pre-Qualification Application Fee
  • Variety of Funding Options

Simplified Application Process

Kalamata Capital's funding options seem geared towards small businesses that have a hard time obtaining funding from traditional lenders. The company offers a variety of funding options, including those that are obtained through the use of business or personal assets as collateral. You apply once for funding through Kalamata Capital, and you are assigned a staff member from the company who works with you to determine what financing options are available for your business.

No Pre-Qualification Application Fee

Kalamata Capital states its customers are not charged a fee to apply for funding pre-qualification.

Variety of Funding Options

Kalamata Capital can work with small businesses to determine if they qualify for secured or unsecured funding. Types of funding Kalamata Capital can help its customers obtain include:

  • SBA Loans
  • Small Business Loans
  • Equipment Leasing Loans
  • Factoring (cash advances for outstanding invoices)
  • Personal Collateral Loans

The Bad

  • Lack of Experience
  • Limited Information

Lack of Experience

Kalamata Capital has only been helping customers get funding since 2013, so it does not have a lengthy track record of business funding and may lack the expertise to identify the best and most cost-efficient funding for its clients. The company does not state on its website how many customers it has assisted with funding or how much funding it has lent to small businesses.

Limited Information

There is not enough information on Kalamata Capital's website to determine what kind of payment terms you would receive before you apply for funding or even if you are likely to qualify for funding. The company does not list the range of interest rates for its loans or specify what kinds of fees it charges.

The company's terms of service state that funding is not available in all states, but its website does not list the states it operates in. Before they apply for a loan, customers should be able to access information about the rates and any fees that Kalamata Capital charges. With the scarce information the company includes on its site, it is not possible to determine if Kalamata Capital is an affordable funding source compared to other lenders. Information the company should consider adding to its website includes:

  • Range of interest rates for different types of loans 
  • Requirements for credit score to qualify for a loan
  • Years in business and monthly income requirements to qualify for a loan
  • States where funding is available 
  • Prepayment penalties 
  • Origination fees, closing fees, and other fees 

The Bottom Line

What you don't know might hurt you and in the case of Kalamata Capital, there is a lot potential customers do not know. Kalamata Capital shares almost no information on its website about the cost of any funding it can obtain for small businesses, the payback terms, or any fees that might be included in funding packages from the company. Potential customers have to complete a pre-qualification application in order to find out what kind of funding they could receive, if they will qualify for funding.

If you own a small business that is having trouble borrowing or does not have the time to obtain funding through traditional lending companies, it may be worth your while to submit a pre-qualification application to find out more about the terms and types of funding Kalamata Capital offers.

But you should pay close attention to the cost of borrowing money from the company because one of its early customers told Bloomberg Business she though the company's founder was "taking advantage of the small-business owners because of the interest rate he charges." If you decide to apply for funding with Kalamata Capital, we recommend you compare the rates and fees with other business lenders to determine if you are getting a good deal.

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Tony Gibson American Fork, UT

Kalamata was easy to work with for short-term funding. It is expensive money, but very fast to fund and responsive to questions and needs that we had. If you need short-term money they are a good solution.

4 years ago