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This Loan Is Good For...

  • Getting cash fast
  • Small loans
  • Businesses with no collateral

If your business needs more than $35k, check out CAN Capital or Kabbage

Headway Capital has been loaning money to small businesses since 2004. They specify in offering lines of credit to small business who need a small cash flow to keep their business running. With their headquarters in Chicago, Illinois, Headway Capital offers funds to borrowers in a select 20 states. Since 2004 they have offered over $15 billion in loans to over three million borrowers.

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The Good

  • Great security
  • Funding process
  • Quick approval

Lines of Credit

Headway Capital is very distinct from other small business loan lenders because it offers exclusively lines of credit. Whether or not this is a good or bad thing, it caters to a very specific group of business owners: those who only need a smaller amount of money and who plan to pay it back in a shorter amount of time. If prospective borrowers fall in this category then Headway Capital could be a very good option.


A benefit of Headway Capital that is quickly recognizable is the functionality of their website. Their claim to having excellent technology and customer service seems verified by their website and how intuitive it is to use.


In addition to the functionality of their site, Headway Capital makes it known throughout the site that they place a big focus on security. This focus is not something that's entirely common in the industry, as it should be. With Internet security being as big of a risk as it has been in recent years, it seems that more companies should advertise their Internet security like Headway Capital has done.

Funding Process

Headway Capital offers some great benefits when it comes to their funding process. First of all, they advertise that they can disburse funding within one business day after the application has been approved. This is an impeccable turnaround time and should be valued for being faster than most of the industry.

The requirements to receive a line of credit from Headway Capital also seems flexible. While we don't have very many specifics, we do know that a business only has to be in existence for one year before they can qualify for a line of credit. They also claim to take a holistic approach to evaluating applicants instead of simply looking at credit scores. This means that applicants without flawless credit can still qualify.


When approved, each applicant will be notified of the maximum amount of credit for which they qualify. Applicants are not required to take this full amount initially, but will be able to come back for more funding (up to their maximum credit) if it is necessary. This flexibility is surely to be attractive for many prospective borrowers.

The Bad

  • Unanswered questions
  • Limited capital
  • Not available nationwide

Unanswered Questions

While these aren't very many items missing from the site, these are very important items. Prospective borrowers would need to apply before they could get answers to these questions. We should also say that even though specifics are not provided, the fact that the Headway Capital website at least mentions these items is better than some other websites we have seen. We would like to see more information regarding funding, APR range, and requirements.

Limited Capital

Aside from some missing information, one of the main drawbacks about Headway Capital is how small their funding options are. The maximum line of credit that they can give is $35,000, and when compared to other independent lenders, this amount of money is unsubstantial. This low maximum of funding availability may be the main negative aspect for Headway Capital, although for certain borrowers who require less funding, it could work perfectly.


Another potentially negative aspect about Headway Capital is that they do not offer their funding services in all 50 states. They only offer their services in these states: AL, AZ, CA, CO, FL, GA, IL, KS. KY, LA, MA, MO, NJ, NC, PA, SC, TN, VA, WA, and WI.

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The Bottom Line

The bottom line about Headway Capital is that it's a great option for a specific group of businesses. It surely won't work for businesses who are looking for large loans to buy equipment or make other expensive purchases. Yet, it could be a great option for a business who is just looking for a little extra cash during a slow period of business.

When it comes to smaller lines of credit, Headway Capital seems like a great option as a lender because of their focus on transparency, technology, customer service, and security. Of course, prospective borrowers will need to apply before they can find out the exact line of credit that they qualify for and the subsequent interest rates. If your business thinks that Headway Capital could be a good fit, it seems worth it to apply.

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