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Quick and Easy Funds LLC is a joint venture of Noble Financial Corporation and Quick & Easy Funding. Launched in 2005 by a team of financing professionals who wanted to provide a fast and efficient loan process for businesses, they have since provided over $250 million in loans to businesses of many sizes. Funding is available through business loans, lines of credit, and cash advances.

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The Good

  • Easy requirements
  • Options
  • No collateral


Quick and Easy Funds provides a number of loan options that cover an impressive array of funding amounts. Easy Term Loans seem to be their most popular option, providing up to $350,000 with an interest rate starting at 9.99 percent. This should cover most needs for small businesses, including expansion, inventory purchases, and new equipment. Best of all, there is no collateral required, and there are no prepayment penalties, so customers can pay off the loan early if they want.

Business Cash Advance

Their Business Cash Advance loan is a much shorter term loan, but it offers up to $350,000. This loan has fewer requirements than traditional loans and is intended for those businesses that need funding but might not be able to get it for a variety of reasons. Credit scores of 550+ are accepted, and few documents are needed to apply. Most of the time, no personal guarantees are necessary, and these loans are available even to businesses with prior bankruptcies or tax liens.

Asset Lending

Asset Based Lending offers a truly impressive range of funding, with loan amounts as high as $35 million. Designed specifically as an inventory advance, it has what might very well be the highest advance rate on the market. This is a great choice for companies that are growing rapidly and don't want their credit capped. Interest rates are an impressively low 4 percent per year.

No Collateral Required

Quick and Easy Funds does not require collateral in most cases for any of their loan services, though the language on the website does leave the door open for personal guarantees in some instances. Their loans are instead based chiefly on annual sales. Also, the whole loan process is efficient and much faster than traditional loans. For loans under $90,000, funds can be available on the same day the application is approved. For loans in the range of $91,000 to $350,000, the process typically takes one business day. Quick and Easy Funds truly lives up to its name in this regard.

Fewer Requirements

With less paperwork, low monthly payments, no collateral, no prepayment penalties, reasonable interest rates, and a wide range of loan amounts, Quick and Easy Cash is one of the more competitive loan companies on the market, and unlike other non-traditional loan companies, they are not limited to providing funding for small businesses.

The application process only takes a few minutes, and the only initial paperwork required are bank statements from the last four months. Closing documents are delivered via email, and funds are wired directly into the business's bank account. It is difficult to imagine an easier or faster loan process.

The Bad

  • Questionable company
  • Small operation
  • Not for startups

Questionable Company

The biggest drawback of Quick and Easy Funds might be the company itself. The name, the website, and the lack of information about company history might make it all seem a little bit shady to some people. Although it is a legitimate company that has apparently provided a massive amount of funding through its loan programs, it is almost impossible to track down customer reviews or objective information about the company.

The validity of the company is verifiable through websites like Zoom Info, but it takes some investigation. This is going to be a turn-off for many potential customers who might be afraid to get roped into an obligation with a questionable organization.

A Small Operation

For the amount of money that is flowing out of the company, Quick and Easy Funds is a relatively small operation, with fewer than 20 employees at their single location in Boca Raton. Some people might feel safer taking out a loan from a large company with a widespread reputation.

Only for Established Businesses

Quick and Easy Funds loan services are not intended for start-ups, so businesses have to provide some financial evidence that they are already established. Typically, this takes the form of bank statements. This means a company that is just starting out will have to look elsewhere for help.

Compare to Other Business Loans

The Bottom Line

Quick and Easy Funds is a good way to get funding fast, as they have one of the most efficient loan processes in the industry. They also offer some truly impressive loan amounts, going much higher than many of their competitors. Having said that, the company itself is a bit of a mystery. Quick and Easy Funds does not have an established reputation like larger and older financial institutions. Nevertheless, they seem to be completely legitimate, and they offer a nice range of loan options to cover most business expenses for all but the largest corporations.

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    February 27th, 2016 Mandeville, LA

    They said you have to make 10k the last 3 months and I did 11-12k monthly but was told I didn't make enough when clearly you can see deposits