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LAST UPDATED: June 27th, 2019

Credit Masters Corporation is an alternative business loan lender located in Redwood City, California. Credit Masters operates by connecting businesses to funding that is offered by willing investors and other funding sources in order to provide funding opportunities for businesses who would not qualify for loans from banks. Credit Masters also offers services to help businesses build their credit histories in order to qualify for loans in the future. Consumers that choose Credit Masters should remember that they must have a credit score of 550 or higher.

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The Good

  • Variety of Funding Options
  • High Maximum Loan Amounts
  • Additional Services

Variety of Funding Options

One of Credit Masters' biggest advantages is that they offer a number of different loans and lines of credit for all types of business purposes. Some of these types of funds include:

  • Unsecured Business Finance
  • Unsecured Business Lines of Credit
  • Business Revenue Lending
  • Merchant Advance and Merchant Card Credit
  • Inventory Financing
  • Secured Small Business (SBA) Loans
  • Equipment Financing and Leasing
  • Commercial Real Estate Financing

Whether a business is just starting, has bad credit, or already has some business collateral, there are a number of different options for each individual circumstance.

High Maximum Loan Amounts

Although each different type of loan has a different maximum amount, Credit Masters offers high loan amounts when compared with many of their competitors. They offer maximum amounts of up to $12,000,000. Potential borrowers needing a large loan may find exactly what they are looking for with Credit Masters.

Additional Services

Credit Masters also offers credit building services for businesses who may have poor credit. Their services allow businesses to build credit while gaining small cash flows-an opportunity that most businesses do not offer. For more information, inquiring businesses will need to contact Credit Masters directly by telephone or by their contact page on their website.


The Bad

  • Lacking Background Information
  • Website Issues
  • Lack of Transparency

Lacking Background Information

Although our team typically tries to provide more background information on the companies it reviews, Credit Masters' website does not offer very much specific information into their history or business credentials. Because of this missing information, potential borrowers should make sure to verify the validity of all their online transactions through their own methods.

Website Issues

The most troubling thing about Credit Masters, as far as we can tell, is their insufficient website. Although Credit Masters attempts to prove that it has an "outstanding reputation" for providing business loans, its website has the opposite effect by making the company appear outdated and unreliable. The site overall is very difficult to sort through due to extremely long paragraphs and a lack of emphasis on specific information.

Lack of Transparency

Along with occasional spelling errors, Credit Masters' website lacks basic functionality expected in current loan lenders today (e.g. loan calculator, online chat tool, etc.). They even lack an online application process, instead offering only a phone number and message service through their website (no email is even listed on the site). In addition to its lack of functionality, there is also a substantial amount of information that is undisclosed through the website, leaving potential borrowers without the necessary information they need to make comparisons with other lenders. Here is a list of some information we would like to see on the Credit Masters' website:

  • Details about business requirements (minimum length of time in business, minimum annual revenue)
  • More specific information about how long it takes to get funding
  • Details about how long loan terms are
  • Information about the application and approval process
  • Details about where where the loans are offered, how they are distributed, and repaid
  • Information about potential fees (pre-payment penalties, origination and closing fees, late fees, etc.)

The Bottom Line

Unfortunately, the lack of information on the Credit Masters' website makes it incredibly difficult for us to give an accurate summary of their loan offerings. While there are definitely good claims that they make throughout their site, these claims are practically invalidated because of the lack of professionalism on the site. If users have the ability to borrow money through other, more verified, options, they should choose to borrow from lenders elsewhere. We do not recommend Credit Masters at this time.

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