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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

Since 2018, 4 Pillar Funding has been working with small businesses to secure loans and credit needed to grow and develop products and services. As a family owned and operated business, 4 Pillar Funding understands the growing pains associated with growing a small business venture.

The leadership at 4 Pillar Funding is composed of brothers with experience in helping businesses receive the capital needed to grow and succeed. Brothers Ryan and Sean Hurley have financial backgrounds with experience in helping both startups and small businesses. 

4 Pillar funding is built on the following principles: trust, transparency, teaching, and tailoring. The mission of the company is to establish trust between firm and client, provide a transparent funding process, teach and inform clients about lending options, and tailor to individual businesses needs.


The Good

  • Lending Options
  • Qualified Businesses
  • Application and Funding Process
  • Small Business Experience

Lending Options

4 Pillar Funding offers five different lending products to small business owners and startup operations (that meet minimum requirements). With multiple funding options, businesses in need of capital are likely to find what they need in the 4 Pillar Funding realm of expertise.

Funding Products include the following:

Line of Credit

With a revolving line of credit, small businesses can qualify for up to $100,000 and can receive access to that credit on the same day as approval with 4 Pillars Lending. Rates start at just .4 percent a week and the line of credit can be used for payroll, inventory, cash flow, or a remodel. In order to qualify, businesses must have the following:

  • 600+ FICO score
  • Been in business for at least 6 month
  • Have an annual revenue of $100,000+
  • Complete and submit application
  • Provide 3 months of business bank statements

Businesses that obtain a line of credit through 4 Pillars Funding can receive adjustable amounts of working capital, access to funds almost immediately, accumulated interest only on the funds that are used, and the money is approved for all business purposes.


Invoice factoring is where a business sells invoices or accounts receivable to a third party at a discounted rate in exchange for working capital. With 4 PIllars Funding, businesses can receive up to 100 percent of invoices in amounts exchanged in a matter of pne to three days with rates starting at just 8 percent. In order to qualify for invoice factoring through 4 Pillars Funding, businesses will need to mee the following criteria:

  • 600+ FICO
  • Be in business for 1+ year(s)
  • Boast an annual revenue of $130,000+
  • Review and submit application
  • Provide the 3 most recent business bank statements
  • Release outstanding invoices

Factoring can provide small businesses with the immediate funding needed to support and increase business in the present moment. Fees associated with factoring will be based on the time the invoice needs to be paid in full.

SBA Loan

The SBA Loan is one of the most common types of small business lending. Through 4 Pillars Funding, small businesses can receive up to $5,000,000 with a term of 10 years and rates starting at 6 percent. Funds can be received within 4 to 10 weeks depending on a number of circumstances. Qualifications for an SBA Loan include:

  • 660+ FICO score
  • Business must not have any outstanding collections or open tax liens
  • Have to have been in business for 2+ years
  • Prove an annual revenue of $150,000+
  • The application along with 3 business bank statements must be provided
  • Any and all additional documentation (situation requirements)

SBA loans are financed by the Small Businesses Administration, a federal agency in the United States, designed to support small business efforts. These types of loans have lower payments, lower interest rates, and longer terms than other funding options. In order to acquire a SBA Loan, small businesses will go through a more extensive process but 4 Pillars Funding can help.

Merchant Cash Advance

A merchant cash advance is a financing option that is structured around future sales. Small businesses can apply for up to $600,000, receive the money within 24 hours, lock in rates starting at 1.15 percent of the factor rate, and terms that last 4 to 18 months. In order to qualify, small businesses much have:

  • 500+ FICO score
  • Prove an annual revenue of $100,000+
  • Been in business for 6 months or longer
  • Submit an application
  • Provide 3 most recent business bank statements

With a merchant cash advance, businesses can expect fixed terms agreed upon upfront. It is important to note that cash advances are unsecured and require minimal documentation. Businesses will not have to pay late fees or pre-payment penalties.

Term Loan

Term loans are the in-between of SBA loans and merchant cash advancements. Businesses can apply for up to $200,000, secure rates as low as 6.99 percent, receive funding in as little as two to four weeks, and will have two to five years to pay the loan back. In order to qualify, businesses will need:

  • 660+ FICO score
  • Show an annual revenue of $100,000
  • Been in business for 2 years or more
  • Submit completed application along with 3 most recent business bank statements

Term loans allow for longer payback term lengths, lower cost of capital and require additional documentation in order to qualify. 

While most small business loan providers offer a variety of loan types, 4 Pillars Lending offers varying types of funding in hopes of finding a solution for nearly every small business client that wants to do business. The products available to 4 Pillars Lending clients will allow for higher chances of securing a loan that works best for each and every small business.

Qualified Businesses

The variety of funding options provided by 4 Pillars Lending creates an avenue of capital for almost every small business or startup. In fact, 85 percent of small businesses that have used 4 Pillars Lending have secured at least one of the company’s financing programs. That percentage of qualified businesses with 4 Pillars Lending is high for the small business loan industry setting the company apart from other financing providers. 

Application and Funding Process

While the application process and extensive nature of approval will vary depending on the financing program selected, 4 Pillars Funding has provided a straightforward option to determine qualification for a particular financing product.

Small businesses can apply for a financing program online with 4 Pillars Funding personnel ready to assist in the process. The team at 4 Pillars Funding will help small businesses throughout the application process and set up clients for the best chance at success. 

Additionally, 4 Pillar Funding helps businesses get the money they need and fast. While turn around on funding will depend on which loan type a small business is pursuing, 4 Pillars Lending offers some of the fastest funding rates in the industry. 

Small Business Experience

A major draw for prospective clients is the experience the leadership at 4 PIllars Funding offers to customers. The owners of the company have had first hand experience in assisting small businesses and startups secure financing — and they were doing it before forming 4 Pillars Funding.

Due to the expertise of leadership, 4 Pillars Funding offers an educational aspect for business owners helping them understand how to best utilize alternative lending. Most small business loan providers just want to get businesses the loans they need and fast. 4 Pillars Funding goes the extra mile in assisting clients along the way.


The Bad

  • Undisclosed Fees
  • Small Operation

Undisclosed Fees

Unfortunately, there is no way for a small business owner to know exactly what 4 Pillars Funding services are going to cost in the long run. Each situation, loan type, and financial needs are different, which means costs and fees are going to be different. As a result, fees for 4 Pillars Funding are undisclosed.

Small Operation

As a family-owned and operated business that is realistically new to the space, 4 Pillars Funding is still a relatively small operation in comparison to other companies in the industry. While that does not mean the company cannot provide a quality service, the volume at which the company can operate is not the same as other funding firms.


The Bottom Line

Despite being a relatively small firm, 4 Pillar Funding has the capacity to offer solutions for most small businesses and startups looking for working capital. With multiple funding options, a straightforward application process, and fast funding, 4 Pillar Funding is an excellent option for small businesses owners looking for financial support and guidance.

Small businesses in need of funding fast with council given along the way would likely find 4 Pillar Funding to be a reliable source of financial help and expertise.

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