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    How to Capitalize on Word-of-Mouth Marketing
    Guest Post by Jessica Huhn When was the last time you had an amazing experience that you just had to tell your friends about? Did you talk to your closest friend about a breathtaking vacation destination? Post a picture of a...
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    5 Reasons Your Business Should Have an 800 Number
    Guest Post by Matt Shealy Entrepreneurs and small business owners know that having a business can take time to grow. You need resources to help cover start-up costs and overhead. But, as your business grows and expands, you ...
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    10 Best Employee Time-Tracking Apps
    Guest Post by Jane Hurst Hiring remote workers is all the rage, and it’s no wonder why. Remote workers are reportedly happier than in-house workers. FlexJobs also found that 66 percent of professionals say they would b...
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    8 Rules for Setting Your Salary as a Small Business Owner
    Guest Post by National Funding It’s one of the trickiest questions facing every small business owner — how much do you pay yourself? On the one hand, you don’t want to put the business in jeopardy by setting...
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    Do You Know Your Business Credit Score?
    Guest Post by Elizabeth Aldrich If you don’t know your business credit score, you’re not alone. A survey conducted by Nav shows that almost half of small business owners don’t even know that business credit...
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    8 Tips for Increasing Your Customer Base
    Guest Post by Megan Mosley Customers are the life of any business. Therefore, achieving a healthy customer base is key. Along with retaining current customers, many businesses find that generating new business is one of their...
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    How to Leverage Your Personal Credit to Score a Business Loan
    Guest Post by LendioAccording to, personal credit scores are “algorithms that attempt to predict whether or not you will repay your obligations in the future.” These algorithms consider numerous factors...
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    8 Tips for Picking the Best Website Builder for Your Business
    Guest Post by Jane HurstChoosing a website builder for your business can be a daunting task. There are many available to choose from, but you want to be sure you invest wisely. Here are eight tips for picking the best website...
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    Starting a Business with a Bang
    Guest Post by Dan Matthews Launching a new venture can be a thrill, but it’s easy for those emotional highs to quickly come crashing down to earth after the rubber hits the road. Here are a few tips and strategies to he...
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    4 Ways a Loan Can Expand Your Business
    Guest Post by Rebecca Lake Running a small business doesn't necessarily mean staying small. At some point, you might decide you're ready to grow and scale your business up to the next level. According to Accounting Today's 20...

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