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    12 Ways to Keep Your Business Strong in Crisis Mode
    Guest Post by Vincent Sevilla Few anticipated this global pandemic to affect our modern world at such scale. No fewer than 212 countries have been affected. Now, thousands of people are stuck at home, fearing the virus, with...
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    When and How to Register a Trademark When Going Global
    Guest Post by Lori Wade If you are in a place where you can start to think about taking your business global, you should congratulate yourself and your team. You must have worked very hard to grow your business to become st...
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    How to Approach Financial Planning During COVID-19
    Guest Post by Michael Deane COVID-19 has caught many business owners unprepared. Small businesses are particularly vulnerable in this crisis as most are not as well established and might have already been struggling prior to...
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    Paycheck Protection Program 101: How to Get a Business Loan under the CARES Act
    Note: The Paycheck Protection Program closed August 8, 2020. As is the case with nearly all aspects of the COVID-19 pandemic, new updates and decisions are being made every day. But amid many unknowns, small business owner...
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    Do Business Loans Affect Personal Credit?
    You may make every effort to keep your personal and business finances separate, including registering your business as an LLC with its own TIN and using another bank account for all company finances. But would these measures...
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    3 Little-Known Financing Options for Business
    Guest Post by Kali Geldis There are more small business financing options available today than ever before, but small business owners need to be a little more savvy than they were a few years ago, when the bank around the co...
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    Which Industries Secure Business Loans? Biz2Credit’s Industry Sector Study
    A majority of small businesses fail in ten years; only half make it to the five-year mark. Is that hard to digest? Those are findings by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and they mostly remain steady through strong and weak ...
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    Small Business Cash Flow Crisis: The 9 Best Solutions Available
    Guest Post by Natasha Lane The simplest rule of running your own business is knowing that in order to make money, you need to spend it first. Most of the time, this will be a real balancing act, so you’ll need to educa...
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    Advice on Interest Rates: Business Loan Tips from Lenders and Experts
    When you’re trying to find a business loan, you’re trying to balance your risk with your reward. Naturally, many entrepreneurs value low interest rates because of this. While a low interest rate shouldn’t ...
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    6 Entrepreneurial and Innovative Traits to Look For in Your Next Hire
    Guest Post by Angela Ash Innovation is the name of the game nowadays, no doubt about it. While this is a well-established fact, the mechanisms by which things change for the better are not easily defined and established. Tha...

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