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LAST UPDATED: September 10th, 2020

Since 1919, Kitchenaid has been making kitchen appliances, from its popular stand mixers to refrigerators and stovetops. The company’s comprehensive range of products support its cause — making the kitchen a place of endless possibility. Kitchenaid has four series of blenders ranging from more affordable to its expensive pro line series to fit various blending needs of consumers.

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The Good

  • Range of Pricing from Affordable to Expensive
  • Additional Accessories Available
  • Color Options Available
  • Soft Start Feature
  • Simple Controls
  • 5-Year and 10-Year Warranties

Price Range from Affordable to Expensive

Kitchenaid, unlike other blender companies, sells blenders in a price range from affordable to expensive. The K150 is $99.99 to $149.99, the K400 is $249.99 to $259.99, the High Performance series blender is $399.99, and the Pro Line series blender is $449.00. The company’s price range gives consumers with various budgets more options while being able to shop within the brand.

Additional Accessories Available

The K400 and K150 series blenders have additional accessories available: the personal blender jar and the small batch jar. These accessories may appeal to consumers who like to take a single serving smoothie on the go without the hassle and additional cost of owning a separate personal blender.

Color Options Available

Kitchenaid is unique in that it offers its blenders in different colors ranging from classics such as black and white to blue velvet or pistachio. Most blenders offered by other competitors are black. For a consumer that leaves their blender out on the counter, Kitchenaid’s color options may be more incentivizing as it can match or enhance a consumer’s kitchen esthetic. 

Soft Start Feature

Kitchenaid blenders come with a soft start feature. This feature starts the motor at a slower speed to pull food into the blade, then quickly increases the speed to the selected speed to create a smoother blend and avoid splatter. 

Simple Controls

The controls on all of Kitchenaid’s blenders are simple and user friendly. The blenders are not inundated with programs. With just two dials and two switches in its most high performing blenders, consumers have the range of power and functionality needed to power healthy blends. 

5-Year and 10-Year Warranties

Kitchenaid offers a five-year and ten-year warranty on its most expensive blenders: the K400, the High Performance series blender, and the Pro Line series blender. The K400 blender has been compared to its competitor Ninja. Although the price of the K400 is more expensive than the Ninja, Kitchenaid offers a five-year warranty, while Ninja only offers a one-year warranty. These warranty lengths may prove to be cost effective for consumers who can afford the upfront cost.


The Bad

  • Not as Versatile as Other Competitors 
  • 1-Year Warranty for K150 Blenders

Not as Versatile as Other Competitors

Kitchenaid’s High Performance and Pro Line series blenders have similar price ranges as its competitor Vitamix. Vitamix blenders boast versatility in its blenders with capabilities including, but not limited to, nut butters, doughs, and non-dairy milks. Kitchenaid’s High Performance and Pro Line series are not as versatile as Vitamix blenders and are limited to soups, smoothies, juice, and sauces.

1-Year Warranty for K150 Blenders

When buying a blender, consumers may look at the warranty to have a general indication of how long the blender may last for. The Kitchenaid K150 blender only has a one-year warranty while the other Kitchenaid blenders have five-year and ten-year warranties.


The Bottom Line

Kitchenaid offers a range of blenders in affordability, function, and aesthetic to fit various needs of consumers. While Kitchenaid does offer similar robust warranties for its high-performing blenders, the high-performing blenders are not as versatile as other blenders on the market. For consumers that are not interested in using a blender to create food such as dough or nut butters, this may not be a problem. The K440 blender, with a more affordable price tag, has a notable five-year warranty that sets it apart from other affordable blender competitors. 

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