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LAST UPDATED: January 30th, 2022

Blendtec has positioned itself as a leader in the high-powered, high-performance blender market. The award-winning Blendtec product line features both commercial and residential blenders. 

Among its unique features are the flat-sided jar design, a metal drive socket in place of plastic, and blunt steel blades. Although the blender is missing the sharp blades familiar in typical blenders, the Blendtec still gets the job done by spinning at very high speeds.

Many consumers will be familiar with the Blendtec blender from the company’s popular “Will It Blend” series of videos, featuring the product's ability to effectively blend products such as iPads, marbles, and even hockey pucks. 

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The Good

  • Expanded Line of Products and Accessories
  • Offers Certified Refurbished Blenders
  • Values Community Connections
  • 30-Day Return Period

Expanded Line of Products and Accessories

Blendtec offers three product lines, each at a different price point:

  • Classic ﹘ 4 products, $299.95–$399.95 
  • Designer ﹘ 4 products, $499.95–$679.95 
  • Pro Series ﹘ 2 products, $749.95–$1,099.95 

Replacement jars and lids are available online, as well as accessories such as travel bottles, juice bags, and specialized spatulas. The company also sells a product line of dehydrated fruit and vegetable powders that can add flavor and nutritional value to anything you make in your blender.

Offers Certified Refurbished Blenders

Certified refurbished blenders come with a reassuring three-year warranty. These blenders are about $100 less than their full-price counterparts. This option may be appealing to customers who want the high performance of a Blendtec blender, but feel deterred by the high cost.  

Values Community Connections

Blendtec is based in Orem, Utah and proudly commits to designing and assembling all its blenders in the United States. The company has donated its products to the following charitable organizations: 

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Fisher House 
  • American Heart Association

30-Day Return Period

If you are unhappy with your Blendtec purchase, you have 30 days from delivery to return the blender for a full refund, minus shipping charges. Be aware that returns must first be approved by a customer service representative. 


The Bad

  • High Cost
  • Warranties Vary
  • Noisy
  • Misleading Review Data

High Cost

Blendtec products are priced similarly to comparable blenders. For example, its Designer 675 model is priced at $499.95 compared to the Vitamix 5200 model priced $449.95. Both of these brands, however, come with a higher price tag than products from KitchenAid or Ninja. 

Customer reviews reveal that many customers feel the performance benefits and product longevity are worth the higher price of a Blendtec product. 

Warranties Vary

Before you purchase a Blendtec blender, you’ll want to verify the warranty included. Some products offer a two-year while some come with an eight-year warranty. The Blendtec website includes no specific warranty information on the product page for some products. 

We recommend you verify all warranty information before purchasing a blender by calling the company’s Customer Service department.


Some customers have reported that they are dissatisfied with how noisy operating a Blentec blender can be. The powerful blending speed creates sounds that could potentially wake up a sleeping household member or disturb neighbors on the other side of thin apartment walls. 

Misleading Review Data

As a company review site, our team at BestCompany is especially aware of the importance of accurate reviews. The reviews on Blendtec’s website are all accompanied by a graphic of five stars, even if the content of the review is negative. This presentation of review data may be misleading to consumers who rely on researching consumer reviews to inform their purchasing decisions.


The Bottom Line

If you’re ready to invest in a high-powered, high-performance blender, Blendtec may be the right choice for you. With more than 30 years in business, Blendtec has a reputation for both consistency and innovation in its industry.

If the cost feels like a barrier, consider looking into a certified refurbished product. We advise you to contact a Blendtec customer service representative for answers to specific questions about warranties and return policies.

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AlisaD Salt Lake City, UT

I've had this blender for years and it still works to blend ice in smoothies.

1 year ago