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LAST UPDATED: April 18th, 2023

DaBella provides comprehensive home improvement services to residential clients throughout the Western region of the United States. In addition to providing high-quality bathroom remodel services, DaBella also offers roofing, siding, window, and gutter home improvement solutions. In its bathroom remodels, DaBella solely uses American-made projects which also are known to carry the industry’s best manufacturer warranties. 

The company was founded in 2011 and has rapidly grown as the DaBella reputation for quality service has spread. To date, DaBella has completed over 40,000 home improvement projects and generated over 300 awards and accolades for its work. There are over 1,100 trained professionals working under the DaBella umbrella of service. 

In 2020, DaBella was named one of the Top 500 Contractors in the country by Qualified Remodel. Qualified Remodel annually ranks the performance of contractors, and currently DaBella boasts a rank of 19th. The company was also the recipient of the Residential President’s Club Award by GAF, a manufacturer partner of DaBella. DaBella has also earned the Super Service Award from Angi. 


The Good

  • Wide Range of Services
  • Products Used
  • Broad Service Area
  • Free Consultation
  • Financing Available

Wide Range of Services

DaBella provides a number of bathroom remodel services, allowing the company to address the concerns and desires of all of its clients. Those looking for full bathroom remodels can transform the entire space with DaBella. The company offers the following specialized services to clients as well:

  • Shower remodels —  DaBella provides turnkey shower remodels and installs shower replacement products with high-quality equipment. 
  • Tub-to-shower conversions — Generally people experience some mobility limitations as they age which makes climbing in and out of a bathtub to shower difficult. Converting tubs to beautiful showers can also make the bathroom appear larger. 

Some contracting firms are solely interested in or will try to convince clients to do an entire bathroom remodel. DaBella offers a wide range of bathroom remodel services and does not discriminate on project type or size. 

Products Used

When homeowners go through DaBella for home improvement services, only American-manufactured products are used. DaBella is a premier dealer of Sentrel Bath Systems, a U.S.-based company.

Through Sentrel Bath Systems, DaBella clients will have access to the following:

  • Complete line of non-porous acrylic material
  • Choice of all styles and and colors offered
  • High-quality residential tubs and showers

By utilizing high quality products, DaBella provides a cost-effective solution to homeowners as Sentrel products are designed to last a lifetime. Many contractors will install cheap or low-quality products to meet budget or bolster overall profits. DaBella customers can rest assured that only the highest quality products will be installed in their bathrooms. 

Broad Service Area

Generally, contractors that offer bathroom remodel services are locally owned and operated operations. These companies can consist of one contractor that conducts all work or a small team that takes on projects as requested. While this is not a negative, it does limit the number of clients that can be serviced and the geographical area in which the contractor can realistically cover. Larger “contracting” providers may outsource work to cover larger geographical areas and scale business.

DaBella offers the best of both worlds. The company does not outsource work to anyone else; only DaBella contractors who are properly trained and certified provide home improvement work. Additionally, the company has expanded over time allowing it to cover a much larger geographical area than the smaller operations can. Currently DaBella services the following states:

  • Oregon
  • Washington
  • Idaho
  • Colorado
  • Arizona
  • Nevada
  • Minnesota
  • Massachusetts 
  • Utah
  • Montana
  • Wyoming
  • California

Not many bathroom remodeling firms can provide a professional “local” service while also covering a large geographical service area, but DaBella can. 

Free Consultation

Some contracting firms will charge prospective clients for a quote or a work up of the project scope. That is not the case with DaBella as the company provides quick and easy consultations and free quotes to all interested customers. Consultations only take a few moments and can be done over the phone or through email. Instant quotes are also available to clients that fill out the online form with generic project information.

This process allows potential clients access to key elements of information to make a final decision on what contractor to use in a home improvement or bathroom remodel project. 

Financing Available

Some clients in need of immediate bathroom remodels or upgrades may not be in a financial position to pay for all of the work and equipment ahead of time. Some contractors may pass on clients in this position, but DaBella is not a company that turns down clients in need; flexible financing is available.

As a result, DaBella has partnered with a number of financing organizations to provide a wide range of financing options that will not place additional financial strain on the household. Regardless of the project size or the homeowner’s credit score, DaBella and its financial partners will help all clients find an affordable financing plan. 


The Bad

Potential Scheduling Delays

As a regional provider of contracting services, the scheduling process works a little bit differently for DaBella. Most contractors that provide bathroom remodel services are small, local operations. With a much larger geographical service area, there are more logistics that go into scheduling DaBella professionals to carry out bathroom remodels.

While online reviews of DaBella’s services and craftsmanship are glowing, there is a common theme around scheduling delays. Clients that utilize DaBella may have to wait a little bit longer for the bathroom remodel project to begin, but once DaBella gets started, the project will be delivered in a timely fashion and in the manner clients expect. 


The Bottom Line

DaBella provides comprehensive and quality start-to-finish home improvement work. The company's service area spans 13 states across the western part of the United States, which is impressive for a contracting company. Typically, bathroom remodel services are geographically limited to one small area. In addition to providing whole bathroom remodel work, DaBella also offers shower remodels, tub-to-shower work, and conversions.

DaBella is known for using some of the best products on the market solely utilizing American-made equipment. For bathroom remodels, DaBella uses Sentrel Bath systems. Each client interested in utilizing DaBella can obtain a free quote and take advantage of a free consultation before any professional steps foot in the home. Financing options are available for interested clients. 

Due to the size of the DaBella reach and service coverage, some former clients have reported scheduling delays. While DaBella professionals are highly trained and efficient and can get projects done in a timely fashion, it can take a little bit of extra time to get on the installation and work schedule as DaBella’s work is highly sought after.

Residential property owners looking to make complete bathroom transformations or beautiful upgrades to particular aspects of a bathroom should look no further than DaBella. If DaBella services are available in the state, the company provides high-quality work that is backed by a number of warranties. 

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