10 Holiday Decor Hacks — Use What You Already Own!

Madison Mingus

Last Updated: August 20th, 2020

This season, instead of heading to the store to buy decorations, first take inventory of your home and see if you have any of the items below to use as decor. My guess is that you will have at least a few of these items lying around your home. These instant decoration hacks can help save you money and time — use what you already have and bring some holiday cheer into your home. 

Look for expert holiday decor bonus tips along the way! I bet you've never seen the second decor tip on this list.

cocoa mug

1. Put your cocoa mugs on display

Chances are that a cute holiday mug is sitting in your kitchen cabinet right now. Yes it is great for holding your warm cocoa, but it is also the perfect subtle accessory to bring those Christmas colors into your open shelving entryway nook. Group a few of your favorite holiday mugs together with candy canes and pine branches flowing over the top for an easy, cheap, and beautiful way to decorate those smaller spaces.

christmas tree

2. Get creative

"Have a lot of hair bows? We have a ton of bows in our house with three girls, so I decided to decorate a mini Christmas tree with them! It's an easy last-minute tree decoration that every girl mom has! And if you need some more bows (or want an ornament that can be used another way) you can always pick up a 20-pack of bows online for under $12!" Annie

pile of wood and logs

3. Bring the outdoors indoors

Nothing like cozying up by the fire with a good holiday Hallmark movie cued up for the night. Instead of hauling in your logs from outside or the garage, try displaying them in a nice stack or propped up in a basket to bring that woodsy winter feeling indoors. It will save you a trip outside.


4. Don't be wreath shy

There are a lot of ways to use a holiday wreath. Have you ever thought about putting them indoors? Front doors are known for getting all the decor attention, but it's time to use the dead space on your inside doors. Wreaths willinstantly spice up your interior as you walk through your home during this holiday season. 

chalk board

5. Keep your chalkboards in the holiday loop

Chances are you have some sort of chalkboard, letter board, or whiteboard laying around your house. This is the perfect customizable piece that can be updated as holiday wall art. Don't be nervous if you think your handwriting isn't pretty enough to be displayed. Instead, have each family member write down something that they are grateful for on the chalboard. This creates a sweet, meaningful, and personalized art piece for the holidays.


6. Gather ornaments off the tree, as well as on 

"For an inexpensive way to repurpose household items as holiday decorations, try setting a tray of sparkling ornaments against a wooden coffee table. This can produce an elegant feel to rustic holiday decor. You can also incorporate more sparkle and shine by wrapping empty boxes with silver and gold paper and placing it by the fireplace to brighten the room." Emilie


7. Use wrapping paper to make your tree pop

Instead of grabbing the wrapping paper with elves and Santa Claus cartoons all over it, opt for a classy, graphic wrapping paper. You can find unique wrapping paper at craft stores, boutiques, and online shops that help to glam up any Christmas tree. Wrapping paper can be an accessory for the whole month of December, not just the thing that you bought last minute to cover your children’s gifts.


8. Say goodbye to dead bathroom counter space

Do you already have a cute basket or bowl filled with towels, soaps, or other decor on your bathroom counter? If so, you're in luck. You're already halfway through this decor tip. Take that basket and fill it with some holiday staples. Try mixing holly, ornaments, nuts, pinecones or fruit to instantly bring the holiday spirit into your bathroom.

book christmas tree

9. Use the ultimate Christmas tree alternative — books!

"I am a big fan of Christmas Tree alternatives, mainly because I am allergic to pine and prefer not to use a fake tree.  For the last few years, I have recycled books to create a tree! Up until this year, I lived in a top-floor apartment, and it was a hassle carrying anything up those 50 steps to my apartment, so I would search for items inside my pad to create a holiday look while saving space. Over the years, I have advised clients on such a tree; it is fun to read the titles, in lieu of ornaments. Sometimes we use cookbooks! I do light the 'book tree' and add eucalyptus and dried lavender for a heavenly scent." Heather

christmas living room tree

10. Choose a simple, festive color scheme

"For beautifully coordinated holiday home decor, it is recommended that you define a specific color scheme to make the decor pop! This will ensure all the decor is nicely coordinated plus it will help you avoid any unnecessary purchases of decor items where you, “can’t find anywhere to place them. If you cannot decide on just one color scheme, don’t worry — you can pick several for different areas of your house!" Lucy

There you have it — 10 simple, affordable, and classy ways to decorate your home this holiday season.

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