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LAST UPDATED: June 19th, 2023

The Law Offices of Kevin S. Neiman provides specialized law services to those facing a range of financial issues both at the personal and commercial levels. The firm’s speciality lies in chapter 11 bankruptcy cases and chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidation cases. Additionally, the Law Offices of Kevin S. Nieman provides services in other practice areas serving clients in corporate, real estate, construction, and labor law. 

Kevin Neiman has practiced law since 1996, helping a number of clients navigate a series of legal issues. While his career started in Florida, Neiman has completed most of his cases in Colorado. Neiman received his Bachelor of Science from Bradley University and his law degree from the University of Miami in 1996. Neiman’s qualifications include admission under the Colorado State Bar, United States Court of Appeals, Eleventh Circuit; United States District Court, District of Colorado; and the United States District Court, SOuthern District of Florida. 

From 1996 to 2005, Neiman practiced bankruptcy law in the state of Florida helping prominent financial clients. In 2005, Neiman made the transition to Denver in an effort to offer boutique business and bankruptcy services. Neiman officially branched out on his own in 2015 to offer the services in the same practice area. 

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The Good

  • Practice Areas
  • Pricing Structure
  • Special Counsel
  • Case-by-Case Exceptions

Practice Areas

One of the most important aspects when evaluating a law firm is analyzing the practice areas in which it offers services. This is due to the fact that an individual seeking legal advice wants a lawyer that understands the ins and outs of a particular set of laws. At the Law Offices of Kevin S. Nieman, the following practice areas are offered:

  • Out-of-court restructurings and workouts; Dispute Resolution
  • Bankruptcy - business and individual Chapter 11 reorganizations
  • Bankruptcy - business and individual chapter 7 liquidations
  • Bankruptcy litigation, including preference and fraudulent transfers claims
  • Commercial disputes and litigation
  • Bankruptcy appeals
  • Assignments for the benefit of creditors
  • Receiverships
  • Asset sales and purchases
  • Asset planning
  • Post-judgment collection matters

While the focus and specialty of the Law Offices of Kevin S. Nieman centers around bankruptcy law, the firm is able to take on cases involving and addressing a number of other legal and financial needs. 

Pricing Structure

While the specific costs and pricing for particular services is not necessarily disclosed, the general pricing structure that the Law Offices of Kevin S. Nieman uses is publicly disclosed. Not many law firms are willing to publicly disclose this kind of pricing information, but the Nieman firm does. 

On average, the Law Offices of Kevin S. Nieman claims to offer more affordable and flexible hourly rates than competitors within the Denver market. Specifically for chapter 7 bankruptcy needs, the firm will charge a flat rate and a filing fee. The flat rate will vary depending on the complications associated with the case (like whether or not it is an individual or corporate case) and how much debt is at stake. For cases where examinations and contested matters come into play, the firm will charge an hourly rate. 

Special Counsel

In an effort to bolster firm capacities and capabilities, the Law Offices of Kevin S. Nieman have a professional relationship with Denver-based Glade Voogt Lopez Felser & Smith, PC to provide special counsel. Glade Voogt Lopez Felser & Smith has serviced the Denver area for over five decades and offers special legal services in the following areas:

  • Civil and Complex Commercial Litigation
  • Business Law, including Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Construction Law
  • Compliance, Internal Investigations, Corporate Defense
  • Environmental Law
  • Real Estate Law

Not all law firms take the initiative to create these professional relationships and contract out special counsel, but the Law Offices of Kevin S. Nieman has done just that to better serve clients of varying legal needs. 

Case-by-Case Exceptions

Most law practices will limit legal services strictly to its offered practice areas. If a client needs any sort of help just outside the realm of practice areas, most firms will turn them away. That is not the case with the Law Offices of Kevin S. Nieman. Clients who do not fit the perfect description of certain practice areas but need help in related fields can still be eligible for legal services through the firm. 

On a case-by-case basis, the Law Offices of Kevin S. Nieman will consider providing legal help in other areas of law in conjunction with its special counsel partner. These exceptions can be made if the firm truly believes it can be a legal asset. 


The Bad

  • Service Area
  • Firm Size

Service Area

Due to the nature of state-by-state bar requirements, not many law firms offer services on a broad scale ranging from coast to coast. There are undoubtedly some providers who meet this criteria, but more often than not, a law firm will be limited to a certain state or region of states to abide by all requirements. 

While the Law Offices of Kevin S. Nieman has tried cases in the state of Florida; the transition to practicing law in Colorado has forced the firm to solely focus on cases in the greater Denver area. This limits the geographic service area that the Law Offices of Kevin S. Nieman can provide services in. 

Firm Size

While various legal firms provide a number of different legal services, the reality is that the size of a legal practice directly influences the caseload that can be taken on. The bigger the firm, generally the more clients and cases that firm can handle. That is why some clients in need of legal assistance are drawn to the larger firms in terms of capacity.

One of the only downsides of the Law Offices of Kevin S. Nieman is the size of the practice. That is why the firm has developed a relationship with special counsel to offer a number of services. Since the firm is relatively small, its ability to take on a larger caseload is not on par with the larger firms in the same space. 


The Bottom Line

The Law Offices of Kevin S. Nieman helps clients navigate the legal complexities oftentimes associated with issues relating to bankruptcy. In addition to helping those in bankruptcy type cases, Nieman is qualified to handle cases in a wide range of practice areas including restructurings, appeals, disputes, litigations, and more.

To further benefit clients and particular case needs, the Law Offices of Kevin S. Nieman has a partnership with Glade Voogt Lopez Smith & Felser, PC to act as special counsel. Lastly, the Law Offices of Kevin S. Nieman will provide case by case exceptions for clients in need of legal services that do not fall under the traditional umbrella of practice areas. 

While there are a number of reasons to consider Kevin S. Nieman for legal help, there are limitations to the practice that should be pointed out. The service area, while technically available in two states, primarily services the Denver, Colorado area. Additionally, the size of the firm is limited thus limiting the scaling abilities the law offices can take on with an influx of caseloads

Considerating all that the Law Offices of Kevin S. Nieman provides its clients, those looking for specific help relating to bankruptcy or related legal needs should consider utilizing the firm for legal guidance.  

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