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Infinity opened its doors to auto insurance sales in 1955 in Alabama. Since that time, a small one-town office has grown into more than 2,000 employees, with over 13,000 independent agencies spread out through the nation. Infinity now provides national coverage, and offers three levels of coverage, from the bare minimum of required coverage to a level that provides all available coverage.

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The Good

  • Discounts
  • Mobile app
  • Customer service


Discounted policies are applied for the following reasons:

  • Multicar
  • Antitheft
  • Vehicle safety devices
  • Driving safely course
  • Safe driving
  • Affiliate memberships
  • Loyal customer
  • Low mileage
  • Policy prepayments

Mobile App

Customers can download Infinity's app through Google Play or the App Store to manage their policy on their device. The app allows users to make payments, display ID cards, find preferred repair shops, or update claims information.

Customer Service

Agents are standing by 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, potential customers can chat online with an agent while a quote is completed.

The Bad

  • Coverage features
  • Service coverage
  • Price range
  • Online reputation

Coverage Features

Infinity is ambiguous about coverage options and doesn't list out what is and isn't specifically covered on their three-tier levels of coverage. They have the bare-bones coverage that just provides the state-minimum requirements, up to the most protection possible - vague descriptions that leave important details out. We know that bodily injury, property damage, collision, and uninsured liability are covered. As for the rest (personal injury, comprehensive, medical payments, rental, and emergency road service), it varies from state to state.

Service Coverage

Infinity is licensed to provide insurance in all 50 U.S. states and Washington D.C., but their "focus states" where they primarily focus on for new coverage are only 4/50: Arizona, California, Florida, and Texas.

Price Range

No pricing information was provided on the website, either. No comparisons, no ball park figures. To gain a quote, one must fill out a form with all the required personal information-including phone number, driver's license, and home address.

Online Reputation

Consumer Affairs website sheds some light on the less attractive side of Infinity insurance coverage. Based on 63 ratings, Infinity currently has a 1.5 star rating. 42 consumers gave Infinity a one-star rating, while 14 gave a two-star rating. The remaining ratings broke down to 2 being a three-star rating, and 3 gave four-stars. The majority of complaints listed on the Consumers Affairs website include poor customer service and no response to car damage complaints. Many state that a response was never supplied, causing frustration among car owners.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line amounts to this: While prices aren't forthcoming, a phone call or online quote might lead to a nice surprise in the way of the coverage price. Regardless, potential customers shouldn't need to provide personal information to get a quote.

This company has solid experience and has upped their customer service game, so Infinity shouldn't completely be passed over without getting more information.

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