AIG is primarily known for its financial services products. The company was initially founded in China in 1919 as American Asiatic Underwriters. In 1939, the company moved its headquarters from Shanghai to New York City. During the first few decades after its founding, the company grew with various companies on several continents. The year 1967 marked the integration of all of the company's holdings into the American International Group (AIG) which is commonly known today. The company is currently headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee.

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The Good

  • Coverage features

Coverage Features

Legal automobile insurance coverage requirements vary greatly by state, and in order to be licensed in any state, companies must comply by offering at least the bare minimum coverage in any state that they are licensed. AIG meets these minimums coverages as required by law, but specifics are not available from the company due to their screening process.

Some of the coverages which are usually included by other companies are as follows:

  • New vehicle replacement
  • Repairs with original manufacturer
  • Roadside
  • Collectors coverage
  • Bodily injury
  • Property damage
  • Rental car
  • Uninsured
  • Underinsured
  • Personal property

The Bad

  • Price range
  • Service coverage
  • Discounts
  • File/track claims

Price Range

The Review Team was unable to obtain a quote from agents. Each attempt to do so resulted in either the company not being able to offer competitive pricing in ---- state, or requiring significant amounts of personal information. AIG does not offer a base quote. After extensive searching, it appears that AIG only offers their automobile insurance to their Personal Client Services clientele, which includes those with significant assets.

Service Coverage

As far as reporting the number of states in which AIG offers their auto insurance, there is conflicting information which the Review Team was unable to reconcile. According to some sources, the company offers coverage in all 50 states. Other customers report receiving scripted responses to their quote requests from varying states.

At this time, the Review Team cannot confidently state that there is enough information from the company to state where they offer auto insurance to policyholders.


It appears that AIG does not offer any discounts.

File/Track Claims

AIG does not allow customers to file or track claims online.

The Bottom Line

For a company as large as AIG, it is difficult to fathom why there is so little information available about their auto insurance. The lack of transparency is adequate reason for the Review Team not to recommend AIG as an automobile insurance provider. The information which is available suggests that those with lucrative financial statements would benefit from their coverage, but for most, this product is simply not the best option.

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