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LAST UPDATED: September 26th, 2023

C2 is the leader in air quality as a service and is at the forefront of residential and commercial air purification system installation. The goal of C2 is to make the indoor air taken in as “verifiably pure” as it is in the cleanest of outdoor environments. This is done through designing and installing custom air purification systems and utilizing a proprietary measuring platform in an effort to provide certified results. 

While still a relatively new service, the need for air purification has existed for quite sometime. A vast majority of the air Americans take in is considered to be unhealthy air. According to C2, the average person takes 22,000 breaths each day and if most of those consist of unhealthy air contaminants, the health implications will follow. 

To help combat these health concerns stemming from poor air quality, C2 will come into residential or commercial property and determine what is needed to provide a healthy supply of air. 


The Good

  • System Creation
  • Air Measurement
  • Certified Production
  • Global Standards

System Creation

Putting in a cookie cutter air purifier or similar equipment may provide some benefits in an indoor environment, but whether it will provide real results and health benefits is another story. That is why C2 provides such a unique experience as its team of professionals are trained to create a customized air quality solution for each client while considering a number of contributing factors. 

Each C2 client can expect a full assessment, custom system designs, and tailored equipment needs provided. Regardless of what the outdoor elements or pollution numbers say, a home or office building can access clean air with a custom C2 system. 

Air Measurement

The second part of the C2 service includes its measurement service. A C2 air quality system will measure, analyze, and then compare the current status of the indoor air quality with the best known health recommendations and quality standards. Clients can ensure that the indoor air quality is certifiably of the highest quality and measured accurately on a timely basis. 

The actual measurement the C2 platform utilizes looks at a few key indicators. Both contaminates, in a spectrum form, as well as the saturation of air with ionization are measured to maintain the purest form of air quality. This constant measuring services will key air purity levels equal to that of ocean and forest quality air. There are no other air purification systems on the market providing this next level service. 

Certified Production

The C2 Certified HiPure system when installed in a home or building will provide everyone inside of it with the highest standard of air quality measured by world health organizations. With constant compliance measures and the industry’s highest standards for performance, C2 provides air quality that is simply unmatched in any other setting. 

Global Standards

Aside from the measurement and compliance aspects of the C2 platform, the alignment and recognition with global health standards truly sets C2 apart from any other competitor in the air quality industry. The C2 certification standard is aligned with the following global standard organizations:

  • U.S. Green Building Council
  • International Well Building Institute
  • World Health Organization

No other air purification system on the market can meet these same global standards and objectives, but with C2 it is a driving factor in its operation. 


The Bad

  • Unknown Cost
  • Undisclosed Service Area

Unknown Cost

With other air purification systems, prospective buyers can quickly get an idea of the cost for “clean” air. However with C2, the cost for the equipment and continued service has not publicly been disclosed, making it difficult for interested clients to determine whether it is within their budget. 

Undisclosed Service Area

Most companies make their service are abundantly clear so the targeted clientele knows that its services are available. Unfortunately for those looking into C2 for air purification services, the service area is unknown. It is unclear whether or not C2 provides a local service to those in Utah where the company is headquartered or whether it is a national service. 


The Bottom Line

C2 provides and is the leader in custom air quality solutions. Rather than simply installing a run-of-the-mill air purification system, C2 takes an individualized approach complete with the latest technology to provide the highest air quality possible. Each client will receive an individualized design through its system creation process.

C2 also provides constant, round-the-clock measurement services to ensure that air quality remains the highest quality. All production provided by C2 is certified meaning that clients can rest assured that the cleanest air possible remains the standard. Lastly, C2 is aligned with the standards set forth by world class organizations that specialize in health components related to air quality. 

While there are undeniably huge health benefits associated with the products and services offered through C2, there are key missing elements of information as it pertains to the company’s operation. It is not publicly disclosed what it will cost to have C2 provide its installation and continued services, making it difficult to determine affordability. It is also unclear what service area C2 services cover at this time. 

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We believe nothing's more vital to human life than the air we breathe.

This is why we passionately developed a comprehensive approach we call the CMC platform that creates, measures, and certifies the air you breathe, dynamically meeting a higher standard of air quality purity, made accessible to everyone through our AQaaS solution.

That's what happens when you step out and blaze your path instead of following the status quo, traditional thinking, and legacy tech. We call it pure air performance. The world will call it life-changing.

C2. Welcome to the new era of air.

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T M Saratoga Springs, UT

I got my sensor and Bi-Polar Ionizer installed shortly before school started. With young kids I hate the beginning of the school year because it’s inevitable that when one kid gets sick it always spreads throughout the entire family without question. Been that way for years. 2nd week of school a child got sick and I thought… Here we go… However, a few days went by and nobody else got sick… That never happens! 3 weeks after that, another child came down with Croup. Amazingly, nobody else got sick!… I told my husband after that… I really think this C2 solution is having a huge impact in keeping the sicknesses from spreading in the house… he laughed and said… That’s one of the things its supposed to do…

2 days ago