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LAST UPDATED: February 20th, 2022

BetterAir is a biotechnology company that has pioneered the development of an Environmental Probiotics-based purification system, which restores ecological balance to the indoor environment, by nourishing it with Enviro-Biotics™. 

BetterAir's patented technology works at a microscopic level. It repetitively releases billions of micron-sized probiotics to purify the air and clean surfaces and objects, resulting in a healthy indoor microbiome, odor elimination, and enhanced well-being.

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The Good

  • First Indoor Probiotic Air and Surface Purifier
  • Safe for Humans, Infants, and Animals
  • 1-Year Warranty
  • Health Benefits

First Indoor Probiotic Air and Surface Purifier

BetterAir is the innovator of the world's first and only probiotic air, surface, and object purification systems.

The company found a way to apply probiotics into the environment using natural intelligence to balance indoor living and work spaces. 

BetterAir's patented technology repetitively releases microscopic-sized Environmental Probiotics known as Bacillus ferment. These micron-sized probiotics form a protective layer of microflora that coat and shield surfaces and objects, resulting in a healthy microbiome. 

The Environmental Probiotics also deplete the resources that allergens, pathogens, and mold thrive on, creating an abundant environment in good bacteria. This minimizes pathogens resulting in an environment where your immune system is not overwhelmed by contact with pathogenic organisms.

Safe for Humans, Infants, and Animals

According to the company website, "BetterAir's Enviro-Biotics™ (probiotics blend) have undergone and passed all the required safety tests in complete accordance with EPA standards at our labs and at certified third-party GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) labs. Due to their naturally occurring biological nature, all BetterAir products are safe for human, pet, and animal contact. They are also environmentally friendly, 100 percent natural and organic and biodegradable."

BetterAir has undergone (and passed) the following safety tests:

  • Passed all 8 EPA safety requirement protocols
  • Passed testing of dermal eye contact
  • Passed a lung challenge test on the effect of inhalation
  • Passed testing of oral impact

You can find the complete list of safety studies on BetterAir's website. 

1-Year Warranty

BetterAir's Biotic800 is warranted to be from defects in manufacturing for one year. In order to be eligible for a return or refund, customers will need to contact and get an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) form. If the product is returned within 60 days from the date of purchase, customers will be issued a full refund.

To receive a refund consumers will need to return their product in the same condition as it was received. The product should also be returned in the original packing with all the accessory parts properly packed. However, if the original packaging isn’t available, BetterAir asks that its products be placed in a box or wrapped in protective bubble wrap to avoid damage during the shipping process. Customers are responsible for all return shipping costs.

Health Benefits

BetterAir claims to be the world's first environmental probiotic purifier that can actually boost your immune system. The purifier filters toxic pathogens in the air but on surfaces and objects where they breed.

BetterAir also claims that its product is superior to other air purifiers since it kills the good bacteria (probiotics) and the bad. BetterAir attacks bad bacteria at the source, reducing the likelihood of harmful pathogens, viruses, and allergens. BetterAir's probiotics consume the food supply of pathogenic bacteria, deplete mold spores, engross dust mite fecal matter, and more. 

BetterAir is 100 percent natural and organic (making it a safe solution for people, infants, and pets).

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The Bad

  • Initial Price Shock
  • Life Expectancy

Initial Price Shock

Consumers may be surprised to see that BetterAir's Biotica800 Probiotic Surface and Air Purifier is $399.99 and just a refill cartridge retails at $98.95. This is a pretty steep price, especially if you need to buy both the air purifier and the cartridge. Additionally, the company states that one cartridge only lasts three months or 90 days. You'll need to spend close to $100 for a refill cartridge every three months. 

While there are a number of health benefits to using BetterAir's Biotica800, the high starting price may deter some consumers from purchasing the product.

Life Expectancy

When it comes to the Biotica800, BetterAir simply states, "With proper care, the product will last for many years." While this is good news, it would be nice if the company disclosed a ballpark range for how long the unit will last.


The Bottom Line

Founded in Israel in 2010, BetterAir has spent nine years researching, developing, and testing its proprietary blend of environmental probiotics specifically for indoor use. We love BetterAir because the product is composed of 100 percent natural and organic probiotics that are derived entirely from soil and plants (meaning there are no chemicals or unnatural additives). Plus the company offers a one year warranty and a full refund if the product is returned within 60 days from purchase. While the initial cost may come as a shock, there is no denying that BetterAir is a quality company that produces a quality product.

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Hannah Barth Tallahassee, FL

I love BetterAir air purifiers. They are well worth the money. I am not as stuffy or congested anymore.

2 years ago


Review Source

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Keely Mahaffey Buena Vista, VA

Machine is quiet, small and does not take up much space, lets you know when it is purifying air.

1 year ago